Fussell Family Simpson Adventure - Wanaaring to Louth

Sunday, Jul 05, 2015 at 03:00

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This morning when packing up Katie found a gecko hiding in her seat.

The sheep came past our campsite munching on the new green growth. Nice big merino sheep.

During the day we spent a lot of time driving down rutted dirt roads with deep red soil. When people drive on wet dirt roads it destroys the roads for everyone else until the grader can redo them. That can take months.

The general store at Wanaaring had lots of stuff. Even Tony's favourite coffee. Happy Tony.

We got to trilby - a great outback station. It's 320,000 acres with the Darling river running through it. It has 17,000 sheep.

We're camping on the river bank, nestled amongst a lot of big old river red gums. The fireplaces are about 2 m wide and backed by corrugated iron. There's star pickets in the middle of the fire with hooks to hang your billy off. As there is plenty of dead wood here just laying on the ground nearby, we've got a big fire tonight.

We've taken the opportunity to have hot showers here this afternoon. My hair felt like a birds nest this morning, and it took me half the day to get through the knots. So I put it in plats after my shower.

Katie is hoping to go fishing tomorrow.

Jacqui & Tony Fussell
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