Coffin Bay national park

Wednesday, Sep 25, 2013 at 00:00

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Today, we had to move early. The tides on Coffin Bay National Park seven mile beach are low at 8:30am.

Up at piccaninnie dawn (just before sunrise) and away.

We stopped at Black Springs campsite. Nice beach and would be a good backup, but we wanted to head up to Morgan's Landing.

Although we are late (11am), there's plenty of firm beach left so we head up the 7km beach.

It's a pretty easy beach drive with our Patrol's tyre pressure at 15psi.

At the other end of the beach drive we found lots of emus and quite a few chicks.

The Morgans Landing campsite (pics) looks good. No one else here and a hop and a skip to the beach. An emu checks us out as well. A few horse flys gets a competition going as to who can swat the most.

Tonight there's a bit of light rain so we're sitting under our new fox wing, with the wind extensions keeping us cosy. Jacqui cooked fresh fish fillets in beer batter with fresh veggies.

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