Lake Nuga Nuga to Port Douglas

Monday, May 19, 2014 at 21:30

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Now isn't this a bizarre

and wonderful thing to find in Port Douglas!!!!!

Thanks for your feedback on the first blog and for those that said there was not enough Vanilla Slice talk this missive should see you right.
One would think that outback Queensland would be perfect territory for the slice, we did....but after scouting five cafes in Charters Towers with not one whiff of a slice we began to doubt the substance of these banana benders.......... luckily we made a last chance run into a bakery and found:

Looks OK you might say.......but what's with the extra pastry layer down the middle and those brown wavy lines.......strangely Emerald had turned up a slice with the very same lines.........then even stranger moving on up to Ingham and we found more of these crazy brown lines and they're not even maroon??

Ingham is slap bang in the middle of the cane fields so you have to excuse them "plating" the slice with every kind of sweet is in their blood....literally......but it took all our composure to refrain from an HG Nelson style rant. Lots of good Italian and Albanian descendants up in Mareeba maybe they know how to make a slice.....we will find out shortly
But back to our travels....we left you on the wonderful Lake Nuga Nuga .... a spectacular sunset....with campfire roaring.....great place

and in the early light

Carnarvon gorge was a mere flit away and we were back on the grey nomad highway with dozens of vans with signs saying things like " Adventure before Dementia".
Its great country....very similar to the Blue Mountains with a tropical edge

From there 1000Ks north through the mining towns of Emerald, Clermont, Charters Towers............the more you travel the more you realise this country was built on holes in the ground with sheep and cattle on top......a very tough life just a generation or two ago.
Met more characters in the caravan parks who were spending a few months fossicking in the gold fields....a very happy bunch.....there must be something of the optimistic gambler in us.....
Beautiful BIG skies as we drove north

and long straight roads stretching to the horizon

Then after days of big empty highways out west we cruised into Townsville and found shock horror....traffic lights and worse still traffic ....yikees.....we then made a really excellent choice of a caravan park....situated right and I mean RIGHT next to army side of the airport.....the helicopters kept us safe from invasion all night so we slept :) really well.
For the naturalists.........rainbow bee eaters near Ingham

and a very together couple of woodswallows

Up the coast through the sugar cane lands and Tully...the wettest place in Australia........I believe there are some really impressive mountains above there....that rumour has been passed down through the generations from the last person who saw them without cloud and rain.
Then beautiful Port Douglas and the rain cleared............a spectacular road up from Cairns like the Victorian Great Ocean road and the beach in the morning was perfect for a long ride

We also found Port Douglas sailing club hidden in the undergrowth.....check out the Lasers....the bottom one looks to be earth rendered by the last couple of cyclones.

Carnivale the big event for the Port Douglas calendar is on .....not quite like Rio but at our age that would be dangerous. Now of all the things that one might expect to see up here yabusame (Japanese horseback archery) is pretty low on the list. But it was a cracker!!!! Far too many good snaps to include but check this out.

Over 3200Ks now
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