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Friday, Jan 08, 2016 at 07:34

Baz - The Landy

Story and photos: Baz - The Landy


A few days back, TomO, the Crown Prince, came home sporting a new haircut even though it was only a couple of weeks since his last one…

Seemingly, being a teenager heralds in a new found attention on appearances, let’s call it grooming…

Mind you, this new found focus on grooming, that is creating "gridlock" in the family bathroom, has its genesis in the fact he catches a train "packed to the brim" with Cheltenham High girls most days...

If he was a peacock out in the scrub there would be no mistaking him, that's for sure!

But hey, we were all a teenager once…

Yes, okay, that was some time ago for me, and nice of you to bring that up!
Anyway, I asked him...

“What do you talk about as the scissors are snipping away”

“Oh, just barber talk”…he quipped!

“Yeah I get that”...musing to myself,

As a kid I always looked forward to a haircut, still do mind you to ensure I avoid that ageing rock star look.

You know, long hair, bordering on a mullet, and slightly greying…
Oh my gawd!

Mind you, the bill for Mrs Landy’s hairdo is ten times more than mine every other month...

Yep, that's right, a couple of "grey nurses".

Now you will understand why I can’t retire to travel this great country of ours full-time.

But hey, Mrs Landy always looks immaculate, even in the bush without her prized hair-dryer!

But it got me thinking…

I talk the leg off the barber’s chair for my fifteen minutes and twenty bucks in the snip shop, so I am left wondering what you get for a couple of hundred in the parlour.

Mrs Landy must talk herself hoarse in between all those lattes!

Yep, barber talk, where would we be without it, hey?

Just in case you were wondering “Baz – The Landy” came about as a consequence of owning three Land Rover Defenders, but as you can see this has now changed...

And yes, thank you, I've recovered fully from the experience!

But “Baz – The Landy” reference has stuck...!

Cheers, Baz – The Landy, Outback Australia…
“Those who don’t think
it can be done shouldn’t
bother the person doing it…”
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