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Tuesday, May 12, 2015 at 18:56

Member - Jim B8

Well we eventually left Yetman, and made it the whole 60klms over to Goondiwindi a bouncy bit of road, but all good. We met some awesome people over there, sad to leave
The big 4 park here cops a bit of flak, but I reckon its all good so far.
We have a fairly long rig, and we had no issues with park up etc.
The town looks pretty cashed up, lots of ladies of all ages, dressed up, and hanging around. Must be money in cotton?
Going to take the camera down the wetlands here tomorrow, saw some pelicans looking like they needed some harassment.
Next move is West, this is our last "civilised town"
I sealed the vent on the door on the BT, hope that works?
Bit milder here with the temp, hope it holds?

I hope we can catch a few more klms bouncing along the border without incident, see what happens
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