Sick of 12 volt compressors

Monday, Mar 28, 2016 at 13:57

Member - Jim B8

Well I tried a few, but without spending a lot of money, I couldnt find a solution to a good air supply for my rattle gun. So I made one. I dont know if it is all approved, but its a beauty. A 2 kg CO-2 bottle from the local brew shop ($175 from memory)
a CO2 regulator from CIGWELD, the hi flow one, and I get around 31cfm at 90 psi. The rattle gun howls!! Beading tyres, no worries. Lasts forever as well, and cheap to refill. Very portable, its easy to carry it over to where its needed, I love it. All up, maybe 8kg's? and immensely powerful. Total cost, from memory, would be close to $800, bottle and regulator. I already had hoses and the inflater.
Not everyones cup of tea, I know, but I have electric diff lock, so why not?
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