Day 24 of our Big Trip of the Simpson and now the Flinders Ranges

Friday, Jul 17, 2015 at 21:04

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Well we woke up this morning to a lovely blue sky and things were looking good for about 1 hour. Then the clouds rolled in again and the temperature dropped and the wind was bitter again. At about 9.30am I went down to find out if the part for the truck had come in as I had heard nothing despite promises to call me. I was met with " well you were told yesterday that the part hadn't arrived".... well I made it quite clear that was not good enough. Then the spare parts man arrived and gave the thumbs up to say the part had arrived...really. I then asked if the truck would be fixed today to be told that "maybe Monday or Tuesday" as they were very busy and had a lot of work on. "But I have been waiting since Tuesday" I exclaimed. The answer, well "we only book the job in when we get the parts". Now for some serious negotiation. I Told them we were in a tent, frozen ( with Louise by my side looking frozen) and a plea that I would really appreciate if the job was done today. The answer, "maybe but we don't think so. I went out side and rang the NRMA who upgraded our accommodation to an ensuite site and extended it for 4 days. They told me that they would try and see if they could get our truck fixed today and then rang back to say it would most probably be Tuesday.
Hell we have seen everything in Broken Hill what are awe going to do for the next four days.
We limped off dejected and Louise started to scan the tourist map for things to see. Off we went and looked at the golf course (Broken Hill Country Club).Wish we had our clubs, it looks really nice, grass greens and lush fairways and an emu in the middle of the 18th while players play up to the green.
We then visited the race course, and found a few galleries to have a look at but nothing that turned our attention. On the way back Louise found a reference to a living Museum so we deiced to have a look. Pulled up outside and there was a sign that cameras were welcome. Every other place in Broken Hill has a sign to the contary so we had to go in, camera in hand. Well what a treat.
After we paid the admission we were led into a room with some miniature (to scale) recreations of the underground mine to watch a video of the history of the Line of Load. As the video came to an end in came a man and turned it off and said follow me. He led us into another room and started to talk about how ore was mined in Broken Hill, describing the various methods used over the decades. He had worked in the mines and created art from the minerals that he had mined.
What a story.
Here we had history related by someone who was part of it, it was absolutely intriguing. His art didn't turn us on, but the passion that created it did. We went away knowing that we had just had a unique experience. I bought his book because I felt I needed to support what he was doing. He autographed it for me, and then got his wife to do the same. If this wasn't enough his wife has amassed an incredible collection of dolls and teddy bears. And that is all part of the story. The problem is that this history will most probably pass when he does. Another loss of our heritage because he is relating stories that everyone else has forgotten. WE are most glad that we have experienced this.
When I came out I realised that I had left my phone in the car. Checking it there was a message saying that Clive was fixed, well and ready to go. Whoopee. We went straight down and picked Clive up and then dropped off the rental car. Went to the supermarket and stocked up and arrived back at the caravan park and got the truck ready to leave to Mutawintiji National Park early in the morning. We rang the people who run tours out there and they have one to the sacred sites tomorrow that we can join, so the day has finished well.
In the morning we set off to Mutawintji and then on top Tiboburra and Innamincka and then down to the Flinders Ranges. Phase two of our trip is about to begin.
Wanting to explore our vast wide land
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