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Friday, Jul 14, 2017 at 09:31

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Well here we are a week to go before the sale of our house settles and we make the big move to Scone.

Louise finishes up at work today, (I finished last week). So the next 6 days will be spent getting everything packed up for the move next Thursday. Once we get to Scone we will have about 8 days to get ready for our big trip to the Kimberleys, Pilbara and beyond.

While I have done the planning we still have to pack the Patrol (Clive) and get the Tvan (Connie) ready with the aim to hit the road on Sunday 30 July. This is about 3 weeks later than we intended so we will be heading straight to Alice Springs and then up the Tanamai track to Halls Creek (with a stop over at Wolfe Creek) where the real adventure will begins.

At this stage we are planning about a month in the Kimberleys and then a month in the Pilbara and then another month for southern WA.

Since our last trip we have done many small sorties to test the equipment as we now have a campervan for comfort. For those that are interested it is a Track Trailer Tvan Firetail which is made for Australian off road conditions. Wherever the Patrol goes the Tvan will follow.

The great thing about this trip is that the itinerary is open ended so we can spend as long or short as we like at any one spot. The only contraint is to leave northern WA before the wet/cyclone season starts.

The next two weeks I will be sorting out our gear and making sure we have everything we need to survive in the wilderness.

This time I will try to add more photos to the blog so keep an eye out for the next update, which is likely to be in two weeks.
Wanting to explore our vast wide land
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