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Saturday, Dec 14, 2019 at 15:36

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Oodnadtta.... the last southern fuel stop for a West/East Simpson crossing (you can also enter from Mt Dare) is also home to The Pink Roadhouse, who hasn't heard of it?
The Plates (Adam and Lynnie) really made their presence felt in the early eighties. The outback was a lot more 'outback' than today and Adam and Lynnie were in the vanguard of tourism for this desert region of Australia.
Adam offered to mark your map, since any adventure through the Simpson needed ex army/oilfield maps which were short on tourism details hehe.
Adam's signage and the Pink Roadhouse itself were the major reason for tourist growth in that area, IMO, as far as I could see, no one else could have given a diddley. All the usual waste of space organisations were far too busy doing what they did best(nothing..... and it appears they still excel at that)
Fast forward to a fading 2019 and Adam (RIP) and Lynnie (who recently visited for the first time since selling on) are still pleasant memories for a lot of us.
The roadhouse appears to be currently thriving and capably run by the current owners, best wishes to them for the future.
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