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Wednesday, Nov 23, 2016 at 11:00

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Picture a moment in time where you have not planned the next day yet. You do not have to go to work and you do not have to worry about doing shopping. There is plenty of drinks in the fridge and you know you will have a beautiful campfire in the evening with your favorite food. That is ‘no worries’ camping for me! But every time when it is Sunday evening, you start thinking about the next (working) day again. Would it not be nice to live in pure freedom without a destination?

After some years of full-time study and work, I found that it was time to hit the road for a year. This was not an easy decision because my career was going well and you cannot predict how a pause will be perceived by future employers. But sometimes you just have to take a risk. The last couple years I have saved every cent I could and then sold all my possessions except for my car and camping equipment. It felt liberating though that there is nothing locked-up in storage and that all I own is reduced to a car and camping equipment.

So what is the plan for hitting the road for a year?

I will drive around 50.000km in 12 months around Australia by 4WD and will take my mountainbike and fishing/kayak gear along. In these 12 months I will visit the best camping spots, historic towns and indigenous communities. I did not wanted to plan the route too much as you cannot predict the weather and I prefer a stress-free approach rather than a congested itinerary. The plan was kept simple, as the trip would start in December, I would first head south. I divided Australia in four equal portions and decided on approximately 3 months in each portion.

Buying the right car

You do not need a fancy car to explore Australia but I wanted a capable 4wd that allows me to tackle off-road tracks to get those special places. I decided on a Nissan Patrol GU TB45 dual-fuel wagon which I kitted out in a great remote explorer. Unfortunately, the engine gave me a lot of problems which seemed difficult to fix. After many mechanic visits, I decided to give up on the car and change directions. I opted to go for an ex-Telstra Nissan Patrol TD42 Ute with a GVM upgrade. The canopy has room to sleep in and being a diesel car, it would give me more freedom in the remote areas. More details on the car and how I build it up will follow soon in a separate post.

Stay up to date of my adventures

During the trip, I will keep you up to date with posts and multimedia material of Australia’s beautiful nature. I will also provide you with historic information of some of the little towns I visit. This will not only help you, the reader, getting to know places you have not heard of but will also help remote towns to get more exposure. Especially with the decline of mining, these towns are relying more and more on tourists. In addition, all over Australia, my plan is to also meet indigenous communities and to request permissions to restricted areas, getting a taste of their culture. You will read about all my adventures and see all my amazing photo’s and video’s on this website and social media, so keep an eye out ??

Do you have any place you like to share with me, comment it under this post or head to the google map and add it to the map. Also, if you have any questions about my trip, feel free to hit me a message. For now I am heading of to the road less traveled and I will keep you up to date of my travels!

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