beatit to Innot Hot Springs day 71

Monday, Oct 15, 2012 at 01:00

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Before we left Mt Surprise we stopped in at the Gem Den as my hope was to do some fossicking whilst travelling – I haven’t done much to date. The proprietors were just delightful and full of information so it was a worthwhile stop. My plan for today was to drive to Innot Hot Springs and camp there for the night as I had heard that there was some fossicking there. It is only 150K from Mt Surprise to Innot and we arrive about 11 which was just in time for some morning tea set up the camp and find out about fossicking.
The publican (Garry) has a 200 square kilometre station directly behind this little town and you have to have his permission to enter the property to fossick. I spend about an hour yacking to Gary about cattle of all things, do you know that cattle gestation is 9 months or that cattle reach their ideal market size in 2.5 years or that there is a 60 to 70% insemination rate when the bulls are introduced and that you need 1 bull for every 40 breeders. It was just a fascinating conversation and it certainly was an experience for which I feel much richer as a result. Anyway I digress he was happy for me to do some fossicking and gave me directions on how to get there he also dragged out a couple of stones that he collected all very nice.
Gary made sure that I had a 4WD as it is needed to get there, it is only 5 or 6K but it took me close to an hour! Getting stuck in a creek bed had me wishing that I had connected the winch and not continued on without hooking up the electrics – what a slack bastard I am. Luckily the diff locker helped me out and I get a reprieve from ridicule! There were 4 nasty bits on this journey and the track had me reminiscing about it looking like the Old Telegraph Track. It was a good test for the car and the lazy axle and I am pleased with how it worked. Whilst there was much concern about the driving wheels being hung up by the lazy axle this did not occur. One of the benefits I noticed was that where I had to cross a rut the two wheels bridged the rut which was not the case in a single axle where it was possible to have wheel spin in the bottom of the rut.

The track is rough and I was very grateful that the car has generous clearance as there were some large rocks to drive over and it would have been easy to bottom out without high clearance. I didn’t spend a long time at the dig as I had spent so much time travelling this short track but I found some nice looking rocks but being a complete novice I filled up a small container and took them back. I popped into the pub later to thank Gary and show him the stone that I found and he told me it was Topaz so I was happy that I had actually found something hahahaha. There was only one thing left to do and that was to immerse myself in the hot springs. There is one hot one medium and a cool pool, well the hot was hot and I had to get out after about 20 minutes as I think I was cooking. A very relaxing day but no satellite TV and phone service.
A new way of life is emerging.
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