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Monday, Aug 13, 2012 at 19:18

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5 August 2012

The day of our departure had finally arrived and it was with some excitement and reservations that we finally hit the road at 2 pm. Most seasoned travellers would be pulling up for the day but we were determined that a Sunday arvo departure against the traffic would be far better than going into peak hour in the morning – what an ugly thought that was! We had spent months getting ready but still there were things to be done and we concluded that there would always be things left undone, it was a refreshing state of mind!
Heading north for the winter seems to be a popular past time with the grey nomads though many started much earlier than us and we saw many vans already heading back south. Our first night is a free camp at Tiaro, a nice little park behind the pub just off the main highway. Given our late departure it was only to be expected that we would have a late arrival but the Camps 6 books described the place as heaven on earth and all for free.
To say that the marketing hype oversold the place would be a small under statement! The promise of showers and toilets were an exaggeration – there were none but we were not the only ones that were caught by this appealing destination (edit, there were these facilities available in an attached park, fellow travellers don’t always tell you the correct information!). The park was almost filled to capacity on our arrival but a kind gent got us organised though and here we sit wedged between a giant motorhome and another large van. Off course with little choice available we did not consider our orientation for satellite tv reception and would you believe it but there was this bluddy big tree between us and the satellite. So much for winding down watching master chef, so Lis is not a happy camper. It is always nice to be off on a good start but I expect an improvement tomorrow.
The world for our pet conure (Ikky) has not been perfect either. He is most happy in our (Sorry Ikky I meant your) kitchen and he feels most uncomfortable just about anywhere else – this will be a fun three and a half months for him! He has just cried himself to sleep and all is quite in his cage. We bribed him with pecan nuts (his favourites) until he just couldn’t eat any more- wait a minute, maybe I can get more chocolates this way! I just had immediate feedback on this idea from Lis when I asked her for more chocolate so that I would feel better too – she told me to “suck it up sunshine”! OK I already knew where I stood in the pecking order but it was worth a shot.
It is only fair that I finish this glowing report on our first day (it was just an afternoon really) on a high note. The weather was just superb, a big improvement on what we had experienced in Mittagong last week. The temperature is improving as we head north and the promise of tropical weather is calling us.
A new way of life is emerging.
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