Beatit on the road - Day 12

Friday, Aug 17, 2012 at 20:45

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This camping life is tough, we got up at about 7-30 had a shower and a civilized breakfast. I watched as a young couple were packing their Kimberley Camper whilst I ate and considered how much easier the van was for travelling. I watched as they loaded and loaded stuff on top including firewood I thought what a pain in the A, I’m sure we won’t look at our camper trailer the same way ever again. We had a short drive to the Barkly Road House for morning tea and changed drivers with Lis at the controls from there.
The road was straight and long so we got to talking about why we seem so slow at getting away and Lis had a hypothesis which was that we were not traveling with others like in the past and that this took away the competition of not being last to be ready. I like this theory and think it is spot on. We should be ready to go in a nod when free camping as just about everything is self-contained in the van. That brought us to the loo it was three quarters full so I asked Lis if there was a problem and she took me to task as it wasn’t her! It wasn’t me either and we both looked at Ikky. We then discussed the whole toilet thing; I told you it was a looonnnnggg straight road. Like what should be the normal period between unloading the contents for two people under normal circumstances (wasn’t that a nice way of saying someone not having the runs), OK I need to do some checking.

We arrived at the Three Ways around lunch and decided to stay for nostalgic reasons. This was a stopover in our 2005 Kimberley trip on that trip we had four vehicles and had arrived after driving from Mt Isa. We needed to buy fuel on both occasions and at a $1-89 I’m sure it’s a lot dearer today than it was back then. After lunch of left over pancakes (from last night) we walked around and had a look at the Flynn monument as well as about 20 APC’s heading for Adelaide I guess they are expecting trouble down there!

Sitting in the shade of the van we discussed tomorrow’s tactics and felt that we wouldn’t mind getting to Mataranka but that is about 550K from here and that would mean a long day – so that became the plan with about 4 stops amounting to about 170k short of that our plan B. My previous memory of being at the Three Ways is that it was here that I noticed the warmer climate starting and that jumpers became obsolete.
A new way of life is emerging.
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