Beatit on the road - Day 15

Tuesday, Aug 21, 2012 at 20:53

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Rising at 7 is fast becoming the norm as this is when the sun seems to be low on the horizon and the day is young. Mt Bundy has a lot of bird and animal life to amuse us and a flock of black cockatoos squabbled in the trees above this morning.

The call of the peacocks made us look in their direction, they were on the top of the toilet block. Being unpowered meant no smoothy this morning as there was no power to run the stick mixer so we settled for serial.
I had some packing up to do but we were not in any hurry as it was only around 100K to Darwin. As we were driving out of the driveway of Mt Bundy we saw flocks of whistling ducks and a couple of rainbow bee eaters.

The road was as good as it has been previously except for some roadwork but we got a green light as we reached the sign. We noticed the Douglas hot springs turn off and decided that we spend a night there when we head back to Mataranka.
We arrived at the Malak Caravan Park at lunch time and it is not your glistening new establishment, it is somewhat dated. Its saving grace for us is that it allowed our bird. Two or three that had no pet policies also specifically said no to the bird, rather odd and annoying but it tells me business is good for these parks and they can do what they like. The parking space here is generous and there are a lot of semi-permanent residents with additional structures to shade their van, boat and cars. We had a brief look about and ordered a shade mat as we had none and it is vital here – it will be ready on Wednesday. What was interesting as that a neighbour here directed me to a trailer/van/boat spares place at Palmerston and they did not quite have what we wanted so they directed us to the manufacturer in a nearby industrial estate – all easy.
No plans for the week except for going to the Mindil beach market on Thursday from 5pm
A new way of life is emerging.
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