Beatit on the road - Day 4

Monday, Aug 13, 2012 at 19:49

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It seems that an 8-15 start is as good as we can do right now, it sure is nice getting around when the sun is up! Another green smoothy for breakfast and I’m feeling more relaxed by the day I’m ready for whatever the world will throw at me today. The road from Bowen to Townsville is relatively straight and not too many hills but even more importantly there were few road works to slow us down. We stopped at Ayr for morning tea with van parking behind the main street, just follow the info signs. We also stopped at a fruit barn and a fish monger along the way. We have local King Salmon and Coral trout for dinner over the next two nights – Lis was hankering for a steak so that was dinner tonight. Our car freezer froze everything rock solid and it is nice to know that is working well.
Our overnight stay is at the Bush Oasis Caravan Park and we have a spot right under a giant tree. Great shade but as we found out a solid barrier to tv reception of any kind. It was not a good time to remember that we forgot to pack our DVD’s. Lis is watching the only tv channel we can get here which is SBS showing a wild life documentary, I think if someone offered root canal therapy as an option she would take that right now. I also realise that we have no wireless reception either so we are hatching a plot to go to Macca’s for free wifi tomorrow.
The one thing that attracts me to the caravanning lifestyle is the people, they all seem so friendly. We had a good chat with our neighbours – One is from Victoria heading home and the other is in Townsville from Brisbane visiting their daughter. There has been one observation and that is there is a less social element, they can be easily identified on the road, they tow smaller vans behind Ford Falcons almost exclusively. They seem to be of advanced age and will never wave and we have come to know them as the grumpy old men.
The park is right next door to the Billabong Wildlife Sanctuary which we plan to visit in the next couple of days. It is less the 2 minute walk from the van so I went over to see if we can come and go for the day on a single ticket – no problem. They have a range of shows in the morning and afternoon but we can go home for lunch in between.

A new way of life is emerging.
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