Beatit on the road - Day 8

Monday, Aug 13, 2012 at 20:58

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We said goodbye to Hughenden with Lis at the wheel. This is her first time ever towing a caravan and let me say from the outset she did a marvellous job! The road was not all that good but had a speed limit of 110KPH which seemed a joke on some stretches. We had barely left town when we hit our first whoopy doo, a rise and fall over a small viaduct that caused the car to become almost airborne! This was at about 70KPH we could only imagine what might have happened if we had been going any faster – there were many more before we hit Richmond.

Our morning tea was enjoyed at about the half way mark in an area dominated by large expanses of grass plains. There was very little wildlife to be seen even though there was no civilisation to speak of anywhere. The ever present black kite at this stop meant we have to be vigilant for Ikky to make sure he does not end up as a snack. Fellow travellers we met there also mentioned that they were down to about 50KPH on some sections.
It was lunch time when we arrive at Richmond and with no viable free camp we decided to stay at the van park. The park was friendly, they welcomed the bird and there was a drive through site – all positives for us. After parking we had some lunch in the van before visiting the information centre at Kronosaurus Korner where we got the low down on where to find fossils for ourselves as well as have a coffee.

About 12 K out of town there are two areas where to dig for fossils but even before we got there we ran into two small flocks of brolgas near the road – so we took some photos.

Our digging was successful and we found some unidentified bits of dead animals – but we had a win hahaha. After toasting in the sun for about an hour and staring down some serious hamburger meat we were on our way back to town to fuel up and commence the evening ritual of cooking showering etc.

We decided to have a look at the Bush Tucker Garden right next door and Lake Fred Tritton just next to that. The lake is stocked with Barra and when a local showed that these fish are just sitting there in the warm bore water coming out of a pipe the urge was just too great. I had to fish even though he said that they are uncatchable he’s been trying for some time but that wasn’t going to stop me! Needless to say we still had pork chops for dinner.
No Optus reception –again so no means of doing our emails and blog. Since Townsville we have not had reception on Optus however my next G phone is showing full reception also in Townsville and Hughenden. We may need to reconsider our internet connection, very poor indeed.
A new way of life is emerging.
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