Beatit on the road - Day 9

Wednesday, Aug 15, 2012 at 07:29

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A very cool morning today, somewhere around 3 degrees I reckon. The heater went on about 6-30 and I headed for the shower block – man it was cold. We were hoping to reach Mt Isa today which was a touch over 400K away and would have us passing through Julia Ck and Cloncurry. We took turns driving today and it seems that the worst sections were encountered on Lis’s section! Now Lis has this conspiracy theory that I had been checking up (secretly) with those guys next door last night to work out which section to let her drive – not true off course!
What was particularly noteworthy of this leg was the number of feral cats we saw and they also made up the main part of the road kill. I saw feral cats eating a whole Kangaroo and anything that fell to the traffic. Most concerning was that these cats were also eating other road kill cats. One can only imagine how much devastation they must cause to the local wildlife.
We saw very little wildlife except for big flocks of black kites and a couple of flocks of cockatiels. Our morning tea was at Julia Ck and I was really amazed and pleased how well we going time wise. It seems that we were getting the benefit of a serious tail wind, someone at Mt Isa told me that he was going the other way and that the head wind was killing his fuel consumption.
Before we arrived in Cloncurry for Lunch we passed a highway patrol car and motor bike cop they must have had the loneliest stretch of road and I can only assume that they would be looking for any law breaking to ease the boredom! We had lunch in the van near the town loos, a good arrangement as we can have the bird with us.

Almost forgot to mention he took a turn driving as well, gees we are multitaskers. Decided to ring Mt Isa to book a site given that we had been told this may be hard, the first came up blank and the second we supposedly got the last spot.
On arriving in Mt Isa we dropped into the Information Centre to get the gossip and what was happening then driving on to unhook the van. The “spot” was tight and awkward but I’ve become philosophical so just parked it and went to town. We booked a mine tour for tomorrow afternoon and decided to eat out, maybe at the Irish Club. On our return we were surrounded by other last spotters and I lost my parking spot – it was starting to look very poxy! I made friends with one of the neighbours as I may need him to move his car when I want to get the van out. He told me the restaurant here was very good value and a good meal as well - Lis came back from checking it out and said the same thing so seeing that it was in between mining shifts (it caters mainly for miners) we had dinner straight away. The meal was fantastic and we both agreed that we’d be going there again tomorrow.
We bought fuel on the way back from town and managed to fill exactly 100 litres and we had travelled 423K for the day. This equates to 4k/ltr which is a lot better than the about 3 we had been getting coming up the coast. I guess that this may well have been as a result of the tail wind – so we got a 25% improvement.
A new way of life is emerging.
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