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1 June 2017

Hung around the Booroloola today - so will add to this blog one more time.

Drove the Fair Maid down to TJS One Stop, walked back to where we were at the caravan park. Took it easy. A couple of hours later, walked back and picked it up. We had some brunch and did some chores.

We went to the local museum and there was a marked tree by Leichhardt there.

I had a nanna nap for a couple of hours. This was our first day off - or easy day since 13 May.

Went out to Bing Bong, Mule Creek Boat Ramp. Then back and around to King Ash Bay. Here was a nice camping area/ complex by the Mcarthur River. We head east just a bit further to Batton Point, which was also a camping area. There were many people here and at King Ash Bay.

Went back into town and readied ourselves for another day on the track tomorrow.

Oh yeah - I had trouble pronouncing this town's name however someone told me an easy way to remember:
"Borrow Lula", when you finish, bring her back :-)

31 May 2017
A couple of pigs (at least) running around camp at various times during the night.
Went into town - all quiet - the riot did not eventuate. Re-fuelled and head west along the road until Hells Gate Roadhouse; had a coffee and a look at the gate.
Stopped at the NT/Qld border. I tried to find an official survey mark here but could not find one. Had lunch up the road at the Calvert River. There was some flow across the road but not much.
The road is generally in good nick, though a few corrugations here and there. There was more water in the Robinson River, and even more in the Wearyan River - here, a crew were working on the crossing with heavy machinery.
Arrived in Booroloola about 4pm. We will stay here a couple of nights; I have booked the Fair Maid in for an oil change etc in the morning.

30 May 2017
Left Normanton along Burketown/Normanton Road to the west. Stopped at Burke and Wills Camp 119 for a look.
Continued on to Leichhardt River. Very nice views of river near the falls.
Road was quite good. There a are lot of roadworks happening near the M River crossing. Most of the road to the falls had been recently graded.
Onto Burketown. Visited the old bridge, Artesion Bore and the cemetary where apparently is an unmarked grave with Australia's biggest registered mass grave.
Had a great chat to the lady at the information centre.
Water was flowing over the road at Gregory River, only slightly though.
Just before Doomadgee had a look at Caroline Pool.
The police had the entire town of Doomadgee cordoned off. All shops were closed. There was a funeral today, "sorry business". The police said they were prepared for riots. We are currently camped by the Nicholson River a couple a kms back. We'll pop in in the morning and see how things went.

29 May 2017
We left our bush camp and continued along the Dixie Road. It is a bit of a long and lonely road. There are numerous dry creek crossings and some wet ones. Though all were crossable, caution is advised on some as the road has washed away and damage could possibly occur to your vehicle if taken at high speed.
There are many small lagoons and ponds along this road - only four cars passed us going the other way.
Alice River is a big crossing, the Mitchell River even bigger.
Past Dunbar on the Burke Developmental Road to Normanton there is much cattle on or near the road.
Arrived at Normanton. Had a look at the wharf and local museum.

28 May 2017
Left campsite at about 8:45am and refulled.
Another fairly uneventful day this one. South on the Peninsular Developmental Road until Archer River Roadhouse. Had a late morning tea there before lunch at Coen pub. We were the only people there yet the lady still gave us a table number sign - perhaps just in case it got really busy quickly.
Just prior to Coen we passed the quarantine station but it was closed.
Onto Musgrave Roadhouse where we refuelled again - I think I had enough fuel to get to Normanton but a bit extra wouldn't go astray.
Then onto the Dixie Road - shortcut to Normanton where we should be tomorrow if we manage to cross all the creeks OK. Camped in the bush about 10 km south/west of New Dixie.

27 May 2017
First up grabbed some pancakes with maple syrup and cream for breakfast.
Then refuelled and headed out to the airport to the south east of town. In this vicinity lie two plane wrecks from the second world war. At the airport itself is a memorial to Jackey Jackey from the Kennedy expedition.
We then head back down south on the main road and our first stop was Fruit Bat Falls. A nice low waterfall it was and a couple here were swimming - the woman was quite attractive, she had no top on but couldn't see me through the bushes.
There were isolated showers (of rain) throughout the day. Stopped for lunch at Bramwell Roadhouse.
Onto Weipa then. We used the shortcut road through Batavia Downs. Stayed in the caravan Park - it was absolutely packed.

More Pics here (facebook) : HERE
Looking for adventure.
In whatever comes our way.

<<- CSR

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