Week 1 Kimberly Trip

Saturday, Jun 28, 2008 at 08:26

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Week 1:
Day 1: 21 June 2008

7am left Broken Hill. Very overcast. Coffee at Yunta. Fruitfly station at Oodlawirra was closed. Went through Peterborough to Port Augusta. Lovely drive through Horrock’s Pass. Filled up from jerry cans about 10 kms out of Pt Augusta just off the side of the road. Rubbish everywhere and syringes. Petrol jerry can was leaking about 100kms out of Glendambo.

Stayed at the Glendambo Caravan Park. $18 per night. Too tired and too late to go to Kinguna. 5pm tea at pub Forgot our meal but garlic prawns and chicken carbonara was worth waiting for. Hayd couldn’t find the towels so pulled everything off the roof rack looking for them.

Day 2: 22 June 2008

Up at 6am. Hot shower and packed up. 7:15am filled up. Bacon and egg sandwich and coffee at the Mobil. On road by 8am. Nice sunny day. Took turns driving. Pulled up at Coober Pedy. Yiros lunch at the roadhouse. Stopped at Marla for a spell. Wedgetail eagles everwhere. Crossed the NT order and pulled off about 1km on the left. Made camp off road. Sitting with a fire and beer within 45 minutes. BBQ tea but breezy every now and again. Hayd found the towels on the roof rack and the tool kit he couldn’t remember putting in. Hayd checked and greased bearings. Bed by 9pm. Cold.

Day 3: 23 June 2008

Up at 6am. Ice on everything. Left camp at 8am. Busted plastic food box. Must have been brittle from being left out in the cold overnight. Fuelled up at Kalgura Roadhouse. Nice friendly people. $3 for nice hot shower. On road by 9:15m. Coffee and Bacon and egg sandwich for brekkie. Pulled up at K Mart in Alice Springs. Flat front left tyre. Changed it and bought new plastic tub from K Mart and coffee from Coles. Only place to get tyre fixed was Tyrepower. No one else had time. Half hour wait so fuelled up and grabbed a pie while we waited. Great service at Tyrepower. (or so we thought). They are in the process of selling.

Hit the Tanami Track by 2:25pm. Dead cars all along the road. No wildlife only a dead camel on the side of the road about 15 kms from Tillmouth Roadhouse. Arrived at Tillmouth Roadhouse around 5pm. $9 per person and $8 power. Nice grassy site. Took tyres of the top of the trailer and tyre was still flat. Hayd mended it and couldn’t find leak so came to the conclusion that Tyrepower hadn’t sealed the bead when they mended it. $38.50 for stuff all. Hayd rang his mum, his dad not going too well again. PB and Deb brought an electric jug, toaster and fan heater for when we are at a powered site but the jug keeps tripping everything out. Had steak, schnitzel and chips and onions on gas bbq $2 to use. Nice set up. Cold, no wood for fire and in bed by 9pm. Blew throughout the night.

Day 4: 24 June 2008

Up at 6am, shower, coffee and packed up. Cold. Brekky at the roadhouse and left by 8:10am. Clear day, corrugations are pretty bad but most parts are OK. No wildlife. Tyre pressure 36 all round. Seems to go smoothly. Different opinions about pressure from 28-38. Took ages to get fuel at Yuendumu. Bloody cold. Mongrel dogs everywhere. No photos allowed. Horse laying on the side of the road opposite the police station. Corrugations ½m apart and 4” high on road to Yuendumu. From there to Goldrush Mines road was smooth. 100km/hour. 5kms past mine, corrugations were terrible. Camped on the right hand of the road in a claypan clearing. Nice and quiet. 3pm pull up. Bit windy but filled up with the jerry cans. Got wood for the fire and heated up leftovers from last night’s tea. In bed by 9pm. Truck went past about 4am the next morning. Could hear it coming for miles.

Day 5: 25 June 2008

Up at 6:15, coffee and headed off at 7:50am. Pulled up about 5kms later. PB’s air filter seems to be blocking. Pulled up at WA border to fix front left hand wheel guard. Fixed it with cable ties. Diesel had leaded in the back of PB’s car as well. Fixed that up but 10 – 15km down the road PB called up to say his back window of the canopy had smashed. He hadn’t shut it properly. Drove past the Wolfe Creek turn off.Gate was shut but both out maps said there were two road in. Turned around and went back. Grader was on the road and it was pretty good. 2 cars were pulled up in the middle of a one track road with their doors open and they were across the flat. Had to go bush to get around them. Wolfe Crater is magnificent. Climbed to the top. Hayd and PB walked down to the centre. Bit windy on top. Headed off and got phone coverage about 10km out of Halls Creek. Rang both mothers to let them know we were ok. Hit bitumen and 8kms out of Halls Creek, blew rear passenger tyre. Changed tyre on the side of the road. Police drove past and asked if we were OK. Yep. Fuelled up at Halls Creek and got ice. Camped at Old Hall’s Creek. $12 each. Had tea at the Lodge. Bed by 9:30 (CST). Good sleep.

Day 6: 26 June 2008

Up at 5:45am (WA time) coffee, shower and packed up. Had a look at China Walls. Extraordinary. Brekky at the roadhouse and on towards Fitzroy Crossing. 3 stockmen on horses moving cattle just out of town. Walked the Geikie Gorge track. It was nothing startling but we did miss the boat ride by about 2 hours. Went to take photos of some of the cliffs and the batteries in the digital camera were dead. I had charged about 8 before we left and bought a new pack of rechargeable ones but they were flat. Put them on charge while we were driving along. Boab trees starting to appear now. Some are enormous. Good run to where we were to meet friends who are working there. Pete met us at the main gate and we followed him in. Great property. 1½ million acres running cattle, sorgum, creek just from the homestead with hundreds of fresh water crocodiles. Set up camp behind their ‘hut’. Great set up for the workers.Recreation room, ATCO huts for rooms, showers, laundry and a kitchen like a city restaurant. The managers are lovely people. Had a few drinks in the Rec room and met the workers. Tandori Chicken And VEG for tea. Had to take the torch to the showers as they have a big python living under the dongas.

Day 7: 27 June 2008.

Up before sunrise and could hear the brolgas down by the creek. Cattle are in the paddock right next to our camper. Did a couple of loads of washing. Haydon mended the 2 tyres. They have a mad bull terrier bitch who chases a ball all day. If you ignore her she puts it in your lap or in your chair behind you. Pete took us for a tour of the property. Holds 7 000 cattle just in the feed lot. Had a tour of the OldHomestead. Built on a hill, excellent view. Went across a water crossing which had a lovely sandbar of both sides of the river. The boys had a swim and we met a couple from Cairns who had been there for 2 days. Drove through Camballin and then 40kms to the weir on the Fitzroy River. 5 freshies sunning themselves on a sandbar in the middle of the river. Hayd chucked a line in but didn’t do any good. Fish and chips for tea.

Fuel prices along the way.

Glendambo $198.9
Coober Pedy $198.9
Kulgura $2.14
Alice Springs $1.98.9
Tillmouth Well $2.25
Yuendumu $2.40
Hall's Creek $1.95.9
Fitzroy Crossing $1.99.9


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