Kimberley Trip Week 2

Saturday, Jul 05, 2008 at 23:06

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Week 2:
Day 8: Saturday 28 June 2008

Had a look down the levee and all along were crocodiles. Helicopter took off a couple of times rounding up cattle. Bit of a bludge day. That night we went cherabin fishing. Hayd learnt how to throw a net. Crocs in the creek. BBQ tea with a big bonfire. Went back to Garry and Jenny’s place and boiled some and the others we pan friend in garlic butter. Very meaty but bit tougher than yabbies.

Day 9: Sunday 29 June 2008
Packed up and left by 9am. Went back down the highway for a kilometer to have a look at the giant boab tree. Arrived at Broome. Booked into Roebuck Bay Caravan Park. Booked 2 sites. We had to move onto PB’s site as they had given us a bus site. (cement covered with gravel). Couldn’t put pegs in. Went for a walk down the beach and had a look at the Pioneer’s Cemetery. Walked to the Beer and Satay Bar down the road from the Caravan Park about 4pm. Few beers and roast night. $15 each. Very nice. Crab races to raise money for St John’s. Lady in the caravan next to us said that the GRR was rough as guts. Asked on Exploroz about the GRR conditions. Bed early. Coaster bus parked on the other side of us with 4 toddlers. One screamed most of the night and loud music coming from across the road from the PCYC. Must have had a concert. Bats were noisy as well. Amenities are clean though.

Day 10: Monday 30 June 2008
Up at 6:15am. Had a quick shower as they were turning the water off from 9 to 12 to do repairs. PB and Deb going to see about getting their back window fixed. Did the touristy bit and shopped for pearls. Bought a dark pearl on a silver necklace and matching earrings. Had lunch at the Lustre Bar and Restaurant. Biggest burger I’ve ever seen.
Home Hardware was the only place we could get the gas bottle refilled. Only charge for what they put in. Drove to Cable Beach. Lovely. Coffee on the balcony overlooking the sea. Had a laugh at the old farts laying in the sun naked.

PB’s turbo rubber hose kept coming loose so went to Nissan (Broome dealer). Had it done with no fuss (still under warranty) within half an hour with a complimentary car wash thrown in. Nibblies for tea as we were still too full from the burger we had for lunch. The backpackers behind us got a bit restless and a few disagreements occurred that night.

Day 11: Tuesday 1 July 2008
Up early again. Did a load of washing and then headed out to the Port. Sea Princess had pulled in and we walked down the walkway of the jetty to have a closer look. After that we drove to Gantheaume Point where the lighthouse and dinosaur footprints are. Climbed the rocks for a beautiful view. Then off to the Malcolm Douglas Croc Park for a tour. Had lunch at the Target Plaza and then back to the Caravan Park for a spell. Did a second lot of washing. PB and Deb had bought a lamp from Home Hardware. It didn’t work so took it back for an exchange. Bought a cooked chook and some rolls and went to Cable Beach to watch the sunset. Hayd and PB went for a swim. Too cold for Deb and me. Sunset was absolutely beautiful. Came back to get the Caravan Park and went to get the washing off the line and some bleep had put the sprinkler on so everything was still wet. Pete rang and told us Cape Leveque was booked out so tried to ring Middle Lagoon. No answer. Will try again in the morning. Downloaded the second low of photos onto computer. 181 this time.

Day 12: Wednesday 2 July 2008
Packed up and left Broome by 8:45am. Rang Middle Lagoon and booked for 3 nights. Dirt road was good for 40 kms then rough, corrugations to just out of Beagle Bay. Called in and had a look at the church. Very well built with Mother of Pearl everywhere. Put our donation in the box and took off for Middle Lagoon. Saw a donkey on the side of the road. Arrived at 1:30pm. $15 per person per night. Nice shady spot. Hayd was disappointed as he had been told that you could charter a fishing boat here but it turned out to be wrong according to the Park Manager. 2 sea eagles had made a nest in a tower just behind our camp. They were feeding their babies for ages so we could watch them through the binoculars. Had a BBQ tea. PB and Deb went to bed early so we visited the camp next door as they were getting the State of Origin scores. Only phone reception was to stand in the middle of the road at night. Stayed for a couple of hours. Camp comprised of 3 couples, 1 couple owned a caravan park near Mannum SA, 1 couple from Bendigo who knew Hayd’s friends an another young couple who were traveling around Australia working their way around. State of Origin final score QLD 16 NSW 10. Couldn’t believe the fog that we had that night. Very thick mist. Heavy condensation from 5pm to early the next morning.

Day 13: Thursday 3 July 2008
Up and had bacon and eggs for breakfast. 3 Aboriginal kids (under 7) walking around going through everyone’s camp. Made sure everything was locked away before we left camp. Hot again. Went to One Arm Point. Paid our money ($10 per car) at the office and they gave us a mud map of the area. Went to the boat ramp. Beautiful clear blue water with rocks around the edge. Hayd went into the water up to over his knees and Deb saw 2 shadows coming toward him. They were 2 bronze whaler sharks around 4-5ft long. Watched them for a while. They were rolling over and swimming over the rocks and blending in very well. Tide was coming in so we went to round Rock Lookout. Massive rock cliff and looked over the side there were 3 massive sharks about 6-8ft long swimming among the rocks catching fish. Watched them for about 20 minutes and then on to the Hatchery. Very interesting. From there we went on to Middle Beach were Hayd and PB had a dip. Took the back road to Cape Leveque and had lunch at the restaurant. Very humid. The boys had a swim again at the beach. PB and Deb drove back to camp and we went into Lombadina for fuel. $2 litre. Beautiful little community. Clean, neat, tidy and lovely green grass. Could live here. They have a bakery where they bake fresh bread every Monday, Wednesday and Friday but you have to order it as it sells out quickly. Didn’t have time for a good look around so will come back tomorrow.
Bev, Pete and Wayne were at the camp when we returned. Watched the sunset and had a BBQ tea and a few drinks.

Day 14: Friday 4 July 2008.
Did a couple of loads of washing and then went to have a look at Lombadina Community. Didn’t get any bread as they had sold out. Had a look at the Craft Gallery and brought a couple of post cards and a stubby holder. No fuel today as they had run out that morning. Asked about them starting up the Caravan Park. Yes soon. Left our details and they are going to give us a phone call and ask for more details but as we haven’t got much reception we should ring them next week. Went for a drive down the beach and PB got bogged. Photos later. Pulled him out with a snatch strap. PB picked up a coconut and brought it back to camp and munged into it. He reckoned the coconut milk tasted like crap. Went to La Djardarr Bay on the other side into King Sound. Back to camp for another BBQ tea and a couple of drinks. Another night of heavy dew.
Alcohol may be man's worst enemy but the bible says love your enemy
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