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This product can only be used with the ExplorOz Traveller app (purchase separately)

EOTopo is a whole of Australia topographic mapset. This product is a licence that will allow you to download EOTopo into the ExplorOz Traveller app for use of offline maps anywhere in Australia. Once you purchase this licence, simply open the app, log in with your ExplorOz user account and the map packs will be available for download within the app. The map data is provided as 4 downloads, consisting of the 577K map tile pack (447MB), and 3 sets of 144K map tile packs (East 1.6GB, Central 1.1GB, West 1.1GB). Once installed, this provides for whole of Australia map coverage offline at a scale of 144K. The app will automatically compile the map files for seamless viewing and zooming within the map screen. No fuss, no complication.

Maps are the latest whole of Australia EOTopo map data providing offline zoom to 144K map scale, which is the perfect scale for driving and exploring in those regions where you don't have internet service. These maps show a combination of topographic details (contours, shaded relief, natural landforms) together with man-made structures, major and minor roads, and of course minor tracks and 4WD trails. When used in urban areas you will enjoy street level road data and when in outback areas you will see exceptional detail showing terrain features such as rivers, creeks, mountains, rocks, as well as boundaries for Reserves, Parks, Forests, Aboriginal lands, plus Infrastructure such as bores, mines, ruins, survey markers, railway tracks, airstrips, fences, gates, pipes, together with the road data level including outback tracks, station tracks, 4WD trails and desert routes.

The map screen in the Traveller App also features an Overlay tool for selecting other features to display on the map as desired - this includes the ExplorOz Places POIs, which are Towns, Rest Areas, Campgrounds, Bush Camps, Caravan Parks, Stations, Roadhouses, Heritage Sites, Pubs, Dump Points, Water Supply, Lookouts, Walk Tracks, etc.

This licence is for the life of the product, meaning there is no further cost or subscription charges to use the EOTopo 2019 mapset (app version).

HOW TO INSTALL MAPS: You will require the ExplorOz Traveller app to be installed on your device (purchase separately from Apple App Store, Google Playstore, or Windows Store). If you are logged in with your ExplorOz account and open the Data Manager the download buttons for the 577K, and 144K map packs will be active. If you have previously installed 2018 maps - you will need to delete these first (go to Advanced - press Clear DB Maps). 

For queries & support go to the ExplorOz Traveller Webpage


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