EOTopo 2019 Raster Version

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This product is strictly only for use in some older third-party raster mapping software programs available on Windows CE and Android such as Track Ranger, Hema HN7, OziExplorer etc. These programs require map files in the ECW file format or the OZF4/map format. Not compatible on iPads or iPhones.

This a licence to access the download server on the EOTopo webpage of this website to obtain Raster map files extracted from the EOTopo 2019 mapset for the whole of Australia in the ECW file format and/or the optimised file format for OziExplorer (OZF4/map). Please check your user manual to ensure your device allows importing of 3rd party maps in the ECW or OZF4 format.

The product comprises the following:

  • 1 x 144K whole of Australia map file (ECW)
  • 12 x 144K state maps (6 ECW, 6 OZF4)
  • 8 x small scale whole of Australia map files (10M, 5M, 2.5M, and 1M) each in ECW & OZF4 format
  • 3 x small scale whole of Australia map files (10M, 5M, 2.5M) in TIF format
  • An OziExplorer name search database containing over 90,000 POIs (extracted from ExplorOz Places at at June 2019)
  • A CSV file copy of the name search database for use on other mapping programs that support CSV import.
  • Legend pdf file
  • Supporting technical text files

HOW TO INSTALL MAPS: After purchase of this licence, you will receive an email with a link to the EOTopo downloads page. Accept the TOU and select the 2019 folder and then make your selection of files you wish to download (for OziExplorer you need a pair of 2 files for each map file - ie. select both the .OZF4 and the .map file with the same name). You can download these to any computer and then move to an SD card to use in your navigation device. You can come back at any time to download files.

BONUS: if you are also a user of our app ExplorOz Traveller, this EOTopo 2019 map licence will be validated in the app.

NOTE: This licence does not provide any upgrade pathway to any new releases of EOTopo, such as the new EOTopo 2021 with an ETA of March 2021. A raster version of EOTopo 2021 will not be made available, only Vector and will only be available to purchase for use in the ExplorOz Traveller app.


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