Showing 4 wildflowers from the Australian Alps region

Grey Guinea-flower

Grey Guinea-flower

Classification: Dilleniaceae - Hibbertia - obtusifolia

This common species is found in woodlands and forests, and even persists in cleared areas. It is a small shrub growing to about 30cm high.

Updated: 23 Feb 2015
Hakea microcarpa

Hakea microcarpa

Classification: Proteaceae - Hakea - microcarpa

A shrub with cylindrical, sharp pointed leaves up to about 6cm long. The seed follicle is smooth, slender, dark coloured and usually less than 2cm long. Common on stony slopes in the mountains.

Updated: 16 Mar 2015
Snowy River Wattle

Snowy River Wattle

Classification: Fabaceae - Acacia - boormanii

A small suckering shrub to about 3m tall that can form thickets. Smaller spherical lemon yellow flowerheads are clustered at the ends of branches. Phyllodes are narrow and blue-green.

Updated: 02 Sep 2014
Thysanotus patersonii:

Thysanotus patersonii: 'Twining Fringe Lily'

Classification: Asparagaceae - Thysanotus - patersonii subsp. manglesianus

Perennial climber: Roots tuberous: Leaves annual but infrequent: Delicate flowers have three distinctly fringed petals held upon short branches. Flowers and stems dieback to regrow in Winter.

Updated: 02 Feb 2015