Showing 6 wildflowers from the MacDonnell Ranges region

Desert or Native Poplar

Desert or Native Poplar

Classification: Gyrostemonaceae - Codonocarpus - cotinifolius

Spread right across the arid inland the native poplar is a pyramidal shrub or tree, 2-10 m high. Flowres are yellow-green and occur between April and October. Grows in Red sand, loam or gravel,

Updated: 17 Aug 2014
Gidgee or Stinking Wattle

Gidgee or Stinking Wattle Overall Rating: 2/5

Classification: Fabaceae - Acacia - cambagei

A very slow growing gnarled small tree of desert areas growing to about 8m. Heartwood is heavy, dark red and durable though will be attacked by termites. Phyllodes are grey-green 6-8cm long.

Updated: 11 Jun 2015
Honeysuckle Oak or Spider Flower, Desert Grevillea

Honeysuckle Oak or Spider Flower, Desert Grevillea

Classification: Proteaceae - Grevillea - juncifolia

A small tree or shrub 2 to 7 mts tall, grows throughout inland Australia (not found in Victoria). Rush like leaves are 10 to 30 cms long Flowers are bright orange and yellow and produced most of the

Updated: 29 Apr 2015


Classification: Portulacaceae - Calandrinia - polyandra

Succulent, decumbent annual, herb, 0.1-0.4 m high. Fl. pink-red, Jul to Oct. Sand, loam. Floodplains, stony plains.

Updated: 19 Nov 2014
River Red Gum

River Red Gum Overall Rating: 3.50/5

Classification: Myrtaceae - Eucalyptus - camaldulensis

Medium to tall tree with a thick trunk and major branches. Grey flaking bark on trunk and lower branches. Young trees and minor branches have smooth mottled bark.

Updated: 23 May 2014
Satiny Bluebush or Golden Bluebush

Satiny Bluebush or Golden Bluebush

Classification: Chenopodiaceae - Maireana - georgei

Compact rounded shrub to 50cm high, leaves 8-20x1-2mm, fleshy. It is the golden or reddish tinted fruiting body that attracts attention the wing of which is 15-20mm across,

Updated: 03 Feb 2015