Showing 4 wildflowers from the Ord Victoria Plain region


Dryander's grevillea

Classification: Proteaceae - Grevillea - dryandri

Spreading to erect shrub, (0.3-)0.6-2 m high. Fl. white/red/red-purple/orange-red, Jan to May. Sandstone. Rocky hillsides or ridges.

Updated: 21 Nov 2014
Eremophila maculata subs. maculata

Eremophila maculata subs. maculata

Classification: Scrophulariaceae - Eremophila - maculata subs. maculata

Wide spread rounded shrub about 2 mt tall. Multi branched at ground level. Branches weave through the body of the shrub, leaves dark green with semi gloss surface Flowers are about 3 cm long with a

Updated: 27 Apr 2015
Prince of Wales Feather

Prince of Wales Feather

Classification: Amaranthaceae - Ptilotus - polystachyus

Erect or ascending annual or perennial, herb, 0.15-1.5 m high. Fl. green-white-yellow-brown, Apr to Nov or Jan. Red soils, sand, sandstone. Stony hills, plateaus.

Updated: 08 Dec 2014
Silver Box

Silver Box

Classification: Myrtaceae - Eucalyptus - pruinosa

A small tree with rough box-type bark. Adult leaves retain their juvenile form, they are large about 15x8cm, waxy-grey (glaucous) and the same colour on both sides, opposite and sessile.

Updated: 04 Jan 2015