Showing 3 wildflowers from the Pine Creek region

Australian Kapok Tree

Australian Kapok Tree

Classification: Bixaceae - Cochlospermum - fraseri

A small deciduous tree that grows in rocky areas across northern Australia. Lobed leaves fall from the tree during the dry season so that the bright yellow flowers are easily seen.

Updated: 03 Nov 2017

Dryander's grevillea

Classification: Proteaceae - Grevillea - dryandri

Spreading to erect shrub, (0.3-)0.6-2 m high. Fl. white/red/red-purple/orange-red, Jan to May. Sandstone. Rocky hillsides or ridges.

Updated: 21 Nov 2014
Polygala orbicularis

Polygala orbicularis

Classification: Polygalaceae - Polygala - orbicularis

Annual, herb, 0.04-0.2 m high. Fl. blue-white, Apr to May. Clayey sand. Pool edges, swamps, sandstone outcrops.

Updated: 19 Nov 2014