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ExplorOz is a wholly owned Australian subsidiary of I.T. Beyond Pty Ltd. We are a small family business specialising in I.T. solutions and efficiencies. Our management & web-development office is located in Perth. Our warehouse is located in South Australia. For help using any part of this site, please refer to the extensive list of FAQ's below first. If this still doesn't help, we request that you create a post in our Forum as generally help can be provided by other site users.
Article By: ExplorOz Team
Created: June 2011
Revised: August 2016
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q. How do I update my email address?

A. All registered users have an account profile that you can edit. To access your profile, you must login/sign in. Once you are signed in, you will see a Profile button on the top right of the screen - click this and then in the drop-down list click “Edit Account”.

If you are not able to update the email address, this means there is something missing from your account details so check for any boxes highlighted in red. NOTE: if your profile is more than 3 years old the issue could be that your password is not long enough – we previously only required a 4 character password, however we now require at least 6 characters, so try adding a new longer password into the password field.

Q. I can no longer login to my account, why?

A. The ExplorOz system will automatically (but temporarily) delete an account if it receives a bounce (reject) from any email sent to your email address. This can happen in response to an email send such as the newsletter or a membership renewal reminder, or even a Forum Response Alert and this is why it is important to make sure you keep your email address up to date in your account. If you find your account has been temporarily deleted DO NOT register again with the same email address. Instead, you may send us an email requesting we restart your account.

Q. Why is my account showing I am a Visitor when I am a Member?

A. If your account has been automatically deleted (such as in the scenario above) then any further attempt to create a login with the same email address with create a new Visitor account but this will not be linked to your Member account and cannot be fixed. The Visitor account needs to be deleted and contact with us is required to reset your Member account.


Q. How do I set-up EOTrackMe?

A. All of the answers are on the All of the answers are on the EOTrackMe page under Documentation, just open the “Settings for” tab that relates to your device type.

Q. What is my User ID?

A. Go to the EOTrackMe page under Documentation - “Settings for” (your device type). The section for "Initial Setup" will state your unique User ID. The text on the page is customised for you based on your ExplorOz profile login.

Q. EOTrackMe Android/uTrackMe says that my Member Profile no longer exists, how do I fix this?

A. First of all, click on the “Profile” Button, then click your Screen Name (with home icon). Check that your account status still shows as Member. If not, and you believe you are financial then refer to one of the reasons above. If your profile is correct however, you should check that you have entered your User ID into the correct field on the settings screen of your app (refer to question above for solution).

Q. EOTrackMe isn't showing my devices most recent tracking, why is this?

A. First of all, you need to make sure that you have travelled outside your device’s GeoFence area, this is automatically set to a 2km radius around your home address (you can edit this from your “Public Profile” page if needed). If you have travelled outside this area, and are using EOTrackMe Windows, Android or UTrackMe for iOS, your device may not have had sufficient internet access to submit your tracking data. Make sure you have had access to the internet for at least one hour before contacting us for assistance.


Q. I have ordered the EOTopo Download product, and received confirmation via email, but the system is saying I haven't purchased this product, why is this?

A. You need to be logged in to the profile you used when you placed the order, this is how our system recognises that you are allowed to download the product. If this was your first time using the site, you would have been sent an ExplorOz Registration email advising you on how to complete your profile set-up/login. If you have forgotten your login, click on the “Sign In” button and just enter the email address you used when you placed the order into the appropriate field then click “Forgot Password”, we will then send you your password via email.

Q. I want to update via download but the system is saying I haven't purchased this product, why is this?

A. If you originally purchased EOTopo on hard media (either SD card, or USB drive) then the download page does not recognise your purchase as the download product is a different product. You can still obtain your upgrade but you will need to do it via the Shop. Go to the EOTopo 200K product in the shop and select Buying Options. Select the Download option and Add to Cart. Your Lifetime Upgrade Plan allows you to obtain the entire latest version in any format you prefer however you need to enter the Promo Code: "EOTopo Upgrade". NOTE: Ensure you are logged into your ExplorOz Profile when making your purchase, as this code only works when logged into the same profile linked to your previous EOTopo purchase/s.

Q. I've purchased EOTopo but my computer won't open it. Why not?

A. The operating system of your device will determine what files you should be attempting to use and if any additional software is required. Go to the EOTopo Help page and read it carefully! EOTopo comes in many different file formats - you simply select the format that is compatible with your device.


Q. I want to download a Trek Note, but don't know which format applies to me?

A. To be very clear, a Trek Note Download is a Zip File with navigation files, these can be utilised by some GPS units and Navigation Software, are you sure this is what you are after? If so, OziExplorer format is for use with any version of OziExplorer, Hema Navigator format is for use with all Hema Navigators, GPX is for most other devices/software that will accept plot and waypoint files, but it is up to you to determine which file format is compatible with your device (or if they are compatible at all)– check your GPS manual or the help files for your software, if that fails contact the supplier and ask them.

If you just want to get the Trek Note information as shown on the website for reading offline, click on the print button shown next to the Facebook and Twitter buttons, then print the page as a PDF (this will expand all the tabs into a nice offline document for you to save to your device and take with you on your trip).


Q. I am having a problem using OziExplorer, can you help me?

A. Although our names are similar, WE ARE NOT OziExplorer. You can contact them direct for help - just Google them.


Q. I've purchased a Westprint Digital Map/EOTopo but my computer won't open it?

A. You must have a compatible software to do this. Westprint Digital Maps are only compatible with OziExplorer, and we state this very clearly on the product page. EOTopo can be opened in several ways - depending on the device you are using. Please go to the EOTopo Help page and read it carefully! It will tell you exactly what version of the product you should purchase and what other software may be required dependant on what type of device you want to load the maps onto.

Staff Profiles

Sales Administration

Adele has been an integral part of the ExplorOz Staff for the past 8 years. Adele initially worked in the Perth admin office but now has her own office in the Pilbara. Adele handles all sales functions within the ExplorOz business operations. This includes stock management and coordination of product procurement from suppliers and day-to-day management of our warehouse (located in South Australia) for order despatch. She handles all phone sales/enquiries, maintenance of the online shop, and all other transactions, including Membership, Classifieds, & Advertising.

Content Administration

Michelle Martin

Michelle is the joint-owner of ExplorOz and I.T. Beyond Pty Ltd. Michelle is very hands-on with site content and site administration and is Editor/Author of site Articles, Trek Notes, and Places. Michelle maintains the site's ongoing PR, marketing and brand presence and also focuses on the usability of the website tools and features. She was closely involved in the EOTopo map product & the development of the ExplorOz Traveller App. A constant focus for Michelle is refining business efficiency. Michelle is located in the main admin office in Perth, WA.


Day-to-day Forum management is handled by volunteers, all of whom are ExplorOz Members, external to the I.T. Beyond/ExplorOz office. All contact with Forum Moderators is handled directly via the Alert Moderator button located immediatley beneath any post. All moderators receive a copy of your enquiry and the first available moderator will review and coordinate a response if necessary. Please be aware you may not receive a personal reply due to the volume of activity.

Managing Director

David Martin

David is the technical guru behind the ExplorOz operations. Originally a network/hardware engineer and now a software and app developer, David spends his time coding javascript, .NET, AJAX, jQuery, C#, VB, T-SQL, Angular & Ionic. With an IT career spanning over 30 years, with the most recent 17 years dedicated to web programming & e-commerce, this is a significant area of expertise that is the backbone of the I.T. Beyond Pty Ltd company.

Advertising Service Agents

In addition to staff employed directly by I.T. Beyond, ExplorOz & TriathlonOz have arrangements with a number of third-party organisations in regards to faciliating the advertising services made available to our clients.

Swan Advertising handles graphic design requirements for ExplorOz advertisers who do not have acces to their own graphic designer. This arrangement offers advertisers a simple and cost effective method for being able to provide images to the specification of the Production Guidelines without the hassle of outsourcing. Swan Advertising has been working with us for the past 9 years. This enables us to offer you a reasonable fixed rate, which we trust you'll find more than competitive if you compare elsewhere for this service.

For details about rates, and options please see further information on our Advertise with Us page.

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Contact Details

The website is managed by I.T. Beyond Pty Ltd. in Western Australia.
For Advertising enquiries, or for shop order queries and payments, please call the administration number listed below. Please note that we do not provide computer support for general site issues. FAQs are listed above on this page so please check those tips first. Alternatively, create a thread in our Forum for a response from the ExplorOz community.


(08) 9467 4025


Mailing Address:

I.T. Beyond Pty Ltd.
PO BOX 967
Hillarys, Western Australia 6923


(08) 9403 3738

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