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New options & rates just announced! Find out how to have your business/products featured on ExplorOz.
Article By: ExplorOz Team
Created: June 2008
Revised: July 2014
Latest Feedback: January 2016

3 Good Reasons to Advertise on ExplorOz

Through a combination of being the most respected & most popular publisher in the self-drive tourism market, with a socially engaged audience, you can dramatically increase the awareness of your brand, product or service by advertising on

Reason 1: is an environment where consumer purchase decision occur frequently, with peer advice and social networking occuring at various levels through site services, such as Blogs, Forum, Profiles, Classifieds, and Places.

Reason 2: reaches a massive audience - exceeding all our competitors. See our ExplorOz Site Statistics page to see for yourself.

Reason 3:

Advertising commitments start from just $150, and you get to choose exactly where to place your ads.

Can you really afford to miss out?

Direct Bookings

Whatever the size or nature of your business, you can book direct with us. The entry-level option is Business Membership, an annual subscription to use the site and its interactive features, providing you with a Business Profile page hosted on ExplorOz, and a Blog to allow you to engage with the audience. Prices start at $150 for a 6 month trial, or pay only $200 when you sign up for a 12 month Business Membership. Simply take this link for online booking & payment.

In addition to Business Membership, you can select other advertising opportunities. The good news, is all these can be customised to suit your budget, and the product/service you provide. Options include: Graphic Display (banners), Page Sponsoring, and Keyword campaigns, plus advertorials and Graphic Display (Island) in our fortnightly newsletters sent via email to over 50,000 subscribers. Take this link to view all rates & options in our 2014 Advertising Kit. Please call us to discuss your needs and we'll make it easy for you.


When you join, we'll place a link on our Home Page to your Business Profile. This is an exclusive feature position to promote our "latest" Business Member. In addition, we'll also mention your business in our next newsletter. Join our Member Rewards & Loyalty Program - simply include a "Member Reward" offer and we'll promote this on our Member Rewards page (edit/change as often as you need through your online account).

Booking via Google Tools is now serving AdWords & Graphic Ads via Google DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP). This means that in addition to being able to take direct bookings, which we manage on your behalf, you can alternatively book and manage your ads yourself, provided your business or agency uses a campaign management program (such as Google DoubleClick for Advertisers or Google Adwords). Simply purchase ad inventory as a part of your next ad campaign.

Site Stats

The ExplorOz website has proven itself a leader in Australian online tourism for the last 10 years. With a dynamic audience of typically well over 1500 users on the site at any time, we offer realistic opportunities for vendors and brands to gain exposure on a site where consumer purchase decisions are frequently made. To better understand the scale of our audience please ensure you view our Site Metrics .

Artwork Specifications

For those advertisers that need help, we can offer artwork design/finished image production services if required via Swan Advertising. As a special service to ExplorOz clients, experienced graphic designers at Swan Advertising have agreed to create artwork to ExplorOz specifications at a reasonable fixed price with a quick turn around time. All you need to get your artwork design started is a draft of your requirements, text, high resolution images, logo etc. and we will do the rest for you. We will handle all correspondence with Swan Advertising on your behalf, ensuring that you only deal with one person for your entire booking and avoid unnecessary complications and delays. You will be emailed the Artwork Proof for your approval before production. Fees for this service are just $140 ex gst from design to finish and come with a satisfaction guarantee.

If preferring to design and provide your own artwork, simply download our Advertising Specs Sheet. There are no additional fees for clients that provide their own completed artwork.

Classifieds Advertising

Private sellers of second hand items, or commerical dealers, may advertise products for sale or wanted by purchasing a classified listing in the Classifieds section of this website. Setup and payment is only available online, however if you require assistance you may contact Adele Scala.

The ExplorOz Online Shop

Through this website, we also operate a shop. We carry 20 different categories of products, with a total inventory of around 900 items. Products for our shop are hand-picked based on a set of criteria that we've developed throughout the past 13 years of online sales operation.

If you would like to review distribution opportunities for your product(s) via the ExplorOz Shop then please download the following two files Online Shop Wholesalers Agreement and Online Shop Retail Distribution Terms and Conditions and submit the completed request form to Adele Scala.

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