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stuff for sandy

Created: 21 Jul 2014 12:41  BlogID: 6053  Comments: 0  Views: 87 

stuff for sandy 1

Created: 21 Jul 2014 12:41  BlogID: 6054  Comments: 0  Views: 155 
Our local area.

Don't always trust your GPS folks!!! Or a map for that ...

I hope that lots of our potential visitors have a look at this blog, cause it could save them a bit of grief! See that little track that appears to come up to Kilcowera from ...
Created: 20 Jul 2014 20:43  BlogID: 6049  Comments: 0  Views: 357 
Loading up

Channel,Gulf, Desert. Kimberly Country in a Defender and Tvan,...

Member: Defender110  
So today was the day, first day on the road. Exciting to be finally off, even though first leg is through familiar surroundings....
Created: 20 Jul 2014 11:53  BlogID: 6048  Comments: 3  Views: 178 
The beautiful beach at Fraser

Our small lap around the East Coast and Central Australia ...

Fraser Island My favourite part of Fraser Island was seeing the dingoes and catching fish, I realy loved the dingoes, they were the coolest looking dogs, we saw about 17
Created: 20 Jul 2014 11:29  BlogID: 6051  Comments: 0  Views: 109 
Inskip Point boarding the barge

Our small lap around the East Coast and Central Australia ...

Fraser Island, 15 mins off the ferry and we were bogged in soft sand. i felt pretty overwhelmed at first as this wasnt a great start....
Created: 20 Jul 2014 00:00  BlogID: 6052  Comments: 0  Views: 100 
Beautiful lakes of Fraser

Our small lap around the East Coast and Central Australia ...

Day 16 Today we packed up at Rainbow Beach, and started to prepare our car for Fraser Island, George got up early and wa
Created: 19 Jul 2014 11:00  BlogID: 6050  Comments: 0  Views: 94 
The End

Cape York June/July 2014 Last Day

Member: D-Max Dave  
After a good night sleep in the bunker we got up to a very chilly morning, it was 4 degrees outside but in the bunker we were warm without any heating of any sort,...
Created: 19 Jul 2014 05:35  BlogID: 6046  Comments: 1  Views: 227 
Possum Park 1

Cape York June/July 2014 Day 27

Member: D-Max Dave  
As suspected no one wanted to get out of bed early so we didnt get going till 0900, so one more night it is. After consulting the maps we decided to try and get to Miles,...
Created: 18 Jul 2014 09:11  BlogID: 6045  Comments: 0  Views: 160 
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from here to there and back again 1 1

Member: walynda  
Back in Range for a few days so this is what we have been up to, I'm still having trouble posting photos but I won't give up 3rd July Woke up to a beautiful morning ...
Created: 18 Jul 2014 08:16  BlogID: 6043  Comments: 1  Views: 141 
Our camp site view

Cape York June/July 2014 Day 25 & 26

Member: D-Max Dave  
Day 25 Monongle Creek to Clairview "Barracrab Caravan Park" Headed off this morning aiming to do around 400k, had no real idea where we were going to stop,...
Created: 17 Jul 2014 09:19  BlogID: 6042  Comments: 0  Views: 191 
Mt Dare

The Binns Track - Mt Dare to Tennant Creek

Member: Navigator 1 (NSW)  
29th June – 13th July 15days Bill Binns, who worked for NT Parks for 32 years blazed the Binns Track which traverses some of the most untouched parts and unused Parks in ...
Created: 17 Jul 2014 05:13  BlogID: 6041  Comments: 1  Views: 338 
News Flash

Huge Price Reduction on all Genie exhausts

MOST PRICES REDUCED BY 20% to 30%! Great news ... we've dropped our retail prices across the board. Now genuine Genie 409 stainless exhaust systems prices start below ...
Created: 16 Jul 2014 23:29  BlogID: 6040  Comments: 0  Views: 141 

DIY Project Anderson Plug cable end fitting.

Covered in this weeks newsletter is a simple DIY fitting instruction for the Trailervision Anderson plug cable end cover. 50A Anderson. Newsletter here: http://www....
Created: 16 Jul 2014 04:32  BlogID: 6036  Comments: 0  Views: 295 
Molongle Creek pontoon

Cape York June/July 2014 Days 24 & 25

Member: D-Max Dave  
Day 24 Carns to Molongle Creek We left Cairns this morning aiming to travel for about 4 hours, we had no real plans in regards to where we would stop but were consulting the ...
Created: 15 Jul 2014 09:40  BlogID: 6034  Comments: 0  Views: 230 
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Our Small lap around the East Coast and Central Australia Day ...

Day 15 Today we got up extremely early, we were on a mission to get to Tin Can Bay to feed the Wild dolphins, they start coming in at 7am and they feed them at 8am....
Created: 15 Jul 2014 00:00  BlogID: 6035  Comments: 0  Views: 128 
Defender front

Channel,Gulf, Desert. Kimberly Country in a Defender and Tvan

Member: Defender110  
We've entered the final week before heading off. Spent the weekend checking over the 110, tightening a few things adding loctite etc. Packed away all the spares and tools,...
Created: 14 Jul 2014 01:18  BlogID: 6031  Comments: 0  Views: 396 
roller caoster

Our Small lap around the East Coast and Central Australia Day ...

Day 13 Today was awesome at Dreamworld and white water world, the first ride was the Cyclone it had 2 loop the loops,...
Created: 13 Jul 2014 10:02  BlogID: 6030  Comments: 0  Views: 177 
Amongst the dunes

Western Deserts – Anne Beadell & Sandy Blight Junction

Member: The Landy  
Photos and story: Baz – The Landy There is something very satisfying about heading down the driveway, out of the “rat-race” and into the heart and soul of this great country ...
Created: 13 Jul 2014 06:59  BlogID: 5954  Comments: 3  Views: 1063 
Jo and the boys on the train to Kuranda

Cape York 2014 June/July Days 20, 21, 22 & 23

Member: D-Max Dave  
Cairns Day 20 Arriving at Cairns The drive from Mossman to Cairns was very short so we arrived at the Big 4 mid morning, at a glance the park looked great,...
Created: 13 Jul 2014 05:33  BlogID: 6028  Comments: 0  Views: 253 
The green room

Our Small lap around the East Coast and Central Australia Day ...

Day 12 This morning was quite strange because we all woke up firing, the only diagnosis we could think of was that we were super excited to go and explore 'White Water ...
Created: 12 Jul 2014 20:30  BlogID: 6029  Comments: 0  Views: 155 
Little Beach

Two Peoples Bay and beaches to the east of Albany

Member: Motherhen  
Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve is unique that not just one, but two fauna species previously thought to be extinct were discovered here....
Created: 12 Jul 2014 14:16  BlogID: 6026  Comments: 0  Views: 104 

Channel, Gulf, Desert and Kimberly Country in a Defender and ...

Member: Defender110  
Like most avid travel or adventure types, I've read, watched and basically absorbed all these wonderful places and sights over the years... and never been....
Created: 11 Jul 2014 15:42  BlogID: 6022  Comments: 0  Views: 264 
john(ruthie)from unlock australia

Bramwell Station Show

Gunny and i have just spent the last week at Bramwell station where we attended there annual show. A bit about Bramwell Station before the pics and details about their ...
Created: 11 Jul 2014 04:15  BlogID: 6021  Comments: 2  Views: 276 
Trip outline

Channel, Gulf, Desert and Kimberly Country in a Defender and ...

Member: Defender110  
Well its a little over 1 week to go to launch day, getting excited!! The plan: 9 Weeks on the road; Traveling West: Leaving Brisbane 19th July,...
Created: 10 Jul 2014 13:26  BlogID: 6020  Comments: 1  Views: 233 
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