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Whilst you can register to be a "visitor" of ExplorOz and pay nothing, you are missing many of the unique features, tools and services offered by this website. By paying a small annual fee to become a Member you can enjoy all the features and benefits of Membership as listed on this page. Join Now and Don't Miss Out!
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Article By: ExplorOz Team (July 2008)
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Go to top Why Join?

Membership is an optional service you can purchase in addition to your site registration. The reason for offering Membership is to provide specific additional features/services on a user-pays basis. We see Membership as the life-blood of ExplorOz and put all our energies into developing and maintaining site features to encourage those who desire the optimal service from ExplorOz to subscribe as a Member.

There have also been many people that have felt uncomfortable using our site and having access to such a wealth of free information and these people have chosen to pay for Membership without ever using some of the features and service that come with it. Of course, we genuinely appreciate that and respect this is done as a donation.

Why do we need to pay for it?

If we could cover our operating costs from other means - shop, classifieds, and advertising, then we wouldn't need to charge our users. However the site has massive visitation numbers, and the site itself utilises significant complexities to manage user-profiles, enable public contributions and downloads, run multiple, large databases, a mapping system that is integrated into almost every page of the site, and a full e-commerce system. All this requires a very advanced web infrastructure and our monthly web hosting charges are significant. At the end of the day however, the site does not gain any "profits" because all earnings are put back into the site operations (staff and operating expenses).

Go to top Cost & Options

To become a Member, you can choose from either Annual Membership or Lifetime Membership. You can also automatically qualify to earn a free Membership if you purchase over $150 in a single transaction in our online shop.

Personal Membership may not be used by businesses. If you are a business, please join as a Business Member - more information here.
To join as a Personal Member now, simply click the item below and finalise your payment through our online shop. Alternatively, call our office on (08) 9403 3737 or (02) 8003 7371 during Perth business hours (GMT+8) and Adele will take your details by phone.

Why aren’t you a Member? Sponsor Message
Get the full ExplorOz experience when you become a Member. You are currently missing out on so much! Join the ExplorOz community from just $49.95 (12 month Personal subscription).

Go to top Membership Entitlements

  • Free downloads of GPS data (track files and POIs) from Places, User Treks and Trek Notes.

  • Discounted Members pricing on everything in our Shop. Plus, free overnight courier delivery for orders over $150.

  • Access to view & claim specials/discounts advertised by ExplorOz Business Members.

  • Unlimited free Display Ads in the Classifieds (save $19.95 each).

  • Access to contact other ExplorOz Members directly & privately via Member Messaging.

  • Access to contribute content to other areas of the site where non-members cannot (eg. Blogs).

  • Sign up (free) for the EOTrackMe online tracking service. (Additional costs may be applicable if you require client software for your device).

  • Receive your own Member Profile Page with features to help your friends/family stay in touch when you travel.

  • Automatic tags and links will appear on your site contributions to show your Member status and to help promote items you may have listed in the Classifieds.

  • Opt-in to read your Forum responses via email.

  • Opt-out of some on-site advertisements.

  • Get free ExplorOz stickers.

When your Membership is processed, we create an account record for you. You'll receive an email confirming your login details and how to setup and customise your Member Profile Page, and how to utilise all the site features of Membership. We'll also send you a Membership Package (Membership Card and Sticker) in the snail mail.

Go to top How to earn Free Membership

Free Membership can be obtained automatically by making a purchase of $150 in a single transaction (can contain multiple items) from our online shop. Your free membership will be allocated to your shopping cart when you qualify. Renewals can also be obtained free through the shop in a similar way, more information is provided to you via email just before your Membership expires.

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