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6000 Campsites Australia wide
If it's campsites you're looking for, ExplorOz has pretty much got every listing that has ever been documented with over 6000 listings Australia wide (and that's just the camps & accommodation POIs). But first - here's a few tips for how to use Places to find these listings.

Using a computer to find campsites before you go

If you are trip planning from your home computer you can Browse "Places by Type" from the Places home page (selecting “Camps & Accom”).

The page defaults to show all the camps on the map but its very easy to quickly zoom in on an area or to select a state and then a region from the panel on the right of the map to pin-point the exact location of campsites by name on the map.

Once you've found a camp you're interested in, you can obtain further details by clicking the "Open Place" link. The full page for that Place will then appear – which shows a description, photos, reviews, other nearby Places etc.

Alternatively, you don't have to use the map to browse the database of campsites. Simply click the blue tab above the map to "View by Text".

This will provide an alphabetical listing which you can then resort using the Sort pull down list.

Finding Campsites when you're on the road

If you are travelling, you can use the camps finder using your current GPS position (from your smartphone, or tablet), although you need a mobile data connection to connect to ExplorOz (an offline app is planned for release). This means you don’t need to download any data as the system will guide you to the location.

Free GPS Downloads of Camps

Members can download the GPS positions for all these campsites (and any place in the entire Places database) directly off the website at any time, which you would then load to your navigation device.
Add/Update Places via Email
ExplorOz Places now supports the ability to directly email your updates whilst on the road. So forget the computer - simply take a photo using your phone (eg. iphone, Blackberry etc) and send to the places email service at places(at)exploroz(dot)com.

There are a few rules about how these updates are accepted so follow these simple guidelines and your updates will be automatically applied:
  • The name of the place needs ot be entered into the subject of your email.
  • Use Plain Text email. Dependant on your email program but look for options and ensure your email is being sent in plain text - this is the default for most mobile devices but will need to be checked on desktop systems.
  • The email address used by your device must match your registered visitor or member profile email address on ExplorOz.com
  • To determine the position of the place update the email must contain an element which has the GPS position. If using a GPS enabled phone (i.e. iPhone 3GS) all the photos taken will contain the GPS location automatically so you do not need to do anything else. If you are sending the email from a system that will not include the position in a photo element you can manually provide the position by adding a line to the email body as follows:
    Position: -xx.xxxxx yyy.yyyyy where -xx.xxx is the latitude and yyy.yyyy is the longitude in decimal degrees.
  • Only ONE place update per email. Do not send in more than one place in any single email. If you send in multiple photos for one place the position will be determined to be the mid point between all photos.
If you have any problems in using this system please contact us and we will provide assistance.

Basic iPhone Procedure

If you have an iPhone you can simply use the camera app and take a shot, then open up the camera roll and select the photo, then click the sharing button and select send via email. In the to address enter the places(at)exploroz(dot)com email account, in the subject type the name of the place in the photo, in the text area of the email you can type a description of the place and then simply send the email.
Existing Place is not Correct
If you suspect a place is incorrect for whatever reasons such as the place has the wrong coordinates or the details are old and outdated - please feel free to press the ‘Alert Places Admin’ button and fill in the appropriate details so we can make the changes for you.
Going Back to a List
After navigating to a particular place page, you can go back through the selection levels of the Place using the links at the top left hand corner of the page. For example, after viewing a Place page in a particular region, you may want to go back and look at a list of all places in that area, to do this just click on the region name.
How to Create a New Place
If you know of a place - why not plug it into our Places system.

Before pressing the button that says ‘Create a New Place’, please find out if the place you want to create is NOT already in our database by doing a thorough search. If the place does already exist, just update the existing place instead.

UPDATE: We now have a new and much easier way to create a new place. You first need to have the 'New point at click' checkbox turned on.

Now you can click anywhere on the map, and doing so creates a Marker icon where you clicked.

You now have the choice to click the Add New Place in the right hand pane. This will bring up the Place Add/Edit page where you will find the Lat Long values automatically added.

Please fill out all the details of your new place. To successfully add a place to our database, you MUST fill out the place: Title (the official or common title the place is named), State, Latitude and Longitude (which is usually auto-generated from your place marker), a Description and a Place Attribute/s.

It is desirable but not crucial to fill out the place: Reference (another name the place can be searched on), Altitude and place photos. Once you have the required and/or desirable fields filled in - simply press the 'Add this Place' button.
How to Delete a Photo
We allow you to delete photos that you have uploaded to Places (for example if you accidentally upload the wrong image). Simply click on the Photos tab, then the Edit icon found in the bottom right had corner of the image (only appears to the image "owner"), then click on the Delete button found in the bottom right hand corner of the edit box.

If for some reason you wish to have photo deleted that you did not upload (for example if the image is incorrect or inappropriate) - simply click into the Place in question and press the ‘Alert Places Admin’ button, state the photo to delete and your reason for the deletion. We will either delete the photo as soon as we get the chance or contact you via email for any further correspondence.

iMapPlot Reference Image
After clicking into a Place, the white map image of Australia with the red circular cursor is shown in the top right hand side of the page. It provides a quick look at the approximate location of the current place in Australia.
Latitude Longitude Formats
The software that calculates the coordinates for the place can handle different lat/long formats with DD representing Degrees, MM representing Minutes and SS representing Seconds.

Examples are shown below:
DD.DDDD such as: 21.93528
DD MM SS such as: 21 56 07 and even 21 56 7.01
DD MM.MM such as: 21 56.1206

Although the software that processes these coordinates are rather robust, please do not use degree symbols, directional letters such as ‘S’ or ‘E’ or additional spaces.
Made a Mistake Creating a Place?
If you made an error such as a typo error or the latitude or longitude is not correct and you only realized after pressing the ‘Add this Place’ button, then no problems! - Just press the ‘Alert Places Admin’ button and fill in the appropriate details so we can make the changes for you.
Printing the Page
In the bottom right had corner of the introductory place information box you should see a small grey and white printer icon. Pressing this icon will open a printer friendly version of the place page, expanding the information from all tabs into one document and clearing unnecessary features such as hyperlinks, the ExplorOz site menu and the columns on the left and right-hand sides.
Related Shop Items
This section provides information on products that we currently stock that may be somewhat related to the current place. The Related Shop Items box is displayed below the main tabbed information box. Simply scroll through the products, and click on an item to go to its shop item page. All the products shown in this section are automatically generated by software looking for coordinate polygons (for map products) and text matches in the product title and description. That said however, there should be some very relevant maps and/or books that relate to the current place.
Understanding Place Type Attributes
Each place has a primary attribute and sometimes sub features and additional attributes. When you create a new place, you will have a lot of primary attribute types to choose from. Selecting a place attribute such as ‘Point of Interest’ will NOT let you choose any further sub features or additional attributes.

However, choosing ‘Populated Place’ will reveal some sub features such as ‘Town’, as well as additional attributes such as ‘Caravan Park’, ‘Fuel’, ‘Police Station’, etc. Please choose wisely because Places can be searched based on these primary and additional attributes. Also, the place type will be represented by a picture icon, which you can hover over to reveal the attribute title.

Unsure of Place Spelling
If you are unsure how to spell a place, then truncate the place title into the group of letters you definitely know are right. In other words, if you don’t know how to spell ‘Maroochydore’, then just type in say ‘rooch’ and you should see a few results. If you need to narrow your search down even futher - you could then select the state and place type.
Uploading and Tagging Photos and Files
Firstly, you must be logged into ExplorOz to use this feature. Once you have created a new Place, or opened an existing Place page, click on the Photos tab. Click on the "Upload Photos and Files" button.

An "Open" box will appear so that you can navigate to the location of the image on your computer. Click on the required image, then click "Open". If you want to select more than one file to upload hold down the Ctrl button when clicking.

The ExplorOz "Load Gallery Image" box will then open. You can now give the image a name (and Decription if relevant). It will be automatically tagged to the Place Page you are currently on, however if you wish to have the image appear on additional relevant Places pages (for example you may wish to tag a geographic location and the campsite nearby), you can use the Tag Feature.

Start typing the name of the additional place in the "Tag" field, and select the correct place from the drop down list. If you make the wrong selction, just click on the X that appears to the right on the tag that has been created Once the correct tags are displaying, click "Save".

Tagging Existing Images

On the relevant image, click the "edit" button. Start typing the name of a relevant Place in the "Tag" field. Select the Place Name from the drop down list, then click "Save"
* NOTE Do not delete any existing tags unless they are incorrect.
This is a fully automated data table that display up-to-date weather information for the closest weather station to the current place. It displays the distance and direction from the current place in the top right corner and monthly averages for the maximum and minimum temperatures (°C) and the rainfall (mm).
Why Can't I Create a New Place?
The only reason you cannot create a new place is because you MUST be logged on to the ExplorOz website. Please register and logon if you are a first time visitor and wish to create a new place.
Why Can't I Update a Place?
There are a few reasons why you may not be able to edit a place. You are either not logged on to the ExplorOz website or you have pressed the ‘Update this Place’ button and the fields in which you wish to change are locked out.

Firstly, to update a place, you must be logged in to the ExplorOz website. Please register and logon if you are a first time visitor and wish to update a place. If the place you are trying to update has locked out fields, this means an administrator can only make the changes and you should press the ‘Alert Places Admin’ button and fill in the appropriate details so we can make the changes for you.