Outback Safety And Survival Kit Manual

Bob Cooper Outback Survival Outback Survival, Outback Safety And Survival Kit Manual
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Bob Cooper Outback Survival
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This pocket sized book contains essential outback safety and survival information for travellers. The contents of this book have been developed by outback survival expert Bob Cooper, and includes facts about the outback environment (such as the identification of poisonous plants and trees), and methods to deal with a survival situation. The manual also outlines all of the different uses for the items included in the MKIII Survival Kit (available separately).

This contents of this manual include:
- What is in the Mark III Survival Kit?
- Assessment
- Planning your actions
- Planning considerations
- Shelter
- Signals
- Water
- Warmth
- Food
- Directions
- Emergency note
- Emergency note sketch
- Note paper or diary
- The author
- Emergency contact numbers
40 pages, soft cover

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