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This clear vinyl sticker with white or black lettering "www.ExplorOz.com" is designed to fit any size vehicle windscreen, rear window, side of your caravan, camper trailer or boat!

To offer this product postage free, you'll receive this sticker folded in a standard sized envelope. Please ensure you unpack and lay flat as soon as possible when received to minimise any creases.

Application instructions are as follows:

For best results, prepare a cool, clean windscreen. Wet the glass with mild soapy water, completely peel the backing paper off and place the sticker in the desired area. The soapy water will enable you to slide the sticker to the desired position. Once in position, simply remove the soapy water from beneath the sticker using a window squeegee, or soft cloth working from the centre to the outside edges.

Dimensions: 970mm x 70mm


ExplorOz Windscreen Sticker White

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ExplorOz Windscreen Sticker Black

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