Take a Walk in Victorias National Parks

Take a Walk Books Walking Guides, Take a Walk in Victorias National Parks
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Take a Walk
AuthorDaly, John & Lyn
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Around 3000kms of walk note in 35 national parks describe 100 easy, 83 moderate, 25 hard and 16 overnight walks. Track notes for the 250km Great South West Walk are an added bonus. Information on history, features, plants and animals, road access and park facilities accompany walk notes, 130 sketch maps and 280 colour photographs.

This book provides walkers of all fitness levels with guidelines and the information necessary to experience our unique national parks and reserves.
From the peaceful parks of the Mallee, walkers are encouraged to cross the state discovering the scarps and wildflowers of the Wimmera; rainforests and breathtaking views along the Great Ocean Road; the history and diverse vegetation of Melbourne and surrounds; the newly-protected, unique and precious Box-Ironbark forest; the High Country's spectacular alpine scenery; Gippsland's popular holiday destinations; and East Gippsland's rich variety of plants and wildlife.

Soft Cover,
Contains colour photos,
367 pages.

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