Great Central RoadGreat Central Road
Part of the "Outback Way", the Great Central Road is the main thoroughfare through Central Australia and links WA to NT. It is widely used by buses, trucks, 4WD and occasionally 2WD vehicles.[Feature Story]
This article discusses how Inverters work and why they are so desirable to many travellers. It explains the difference between modifed sine wave inverters and pure sinewave inverters; contains a table showing the inverter requirement for a range
Oodnadatta TrackOodnadatta Track
If you’re a history buff you’re going to go nuts crossing the Oodnadatta Track. The track follows the orignal Ghan line from Marla to Oodnadatta and then on to Marree. There's stacks of ruins, mound springs,
ExplorOz Traveller AppExplorOz Traveller App
Coming soon for iPad/iPhone and Android devices, the ExplorOz Traveller App has been developed specifically to provide navigation and tracking using ExplorOz resources on any platform, anytime, anywhere.
EOTrackMe is an online tracking application for travellers. This page shows the position of registered devices. Colour coding shows the status of tracking activity. Numbered coloured icons show clumps of travellers in the same area.
Solar PowerSolar Power
This article covers every aspect of solar and its design and installation in RVs (camper trailers, caravans and motor homes). It shows how much power solar panels really produce,
The Tanami TrackThe Tanami Track
The Tanami Track is essentially a great short-cut linking the Red Centre to the Kimberley. Although once a notorious 4WD track, it is now a graded dirt highway.
Simpson DesertSimpson Desert
The Simpson Desert can be crossed via the French Line, WAA line or Rig Road. This trek provides a route using a combination of all 3 routes.
Newsletter 434Newsletter 434
23 May 2016. New product information available for our new iOS/Android app ExplorOz Traveller App; See our 2016 Buyers Guide; and see our new FAQ page.
Plenty HighwayPlenty Highway
Part of the "Outback Way", the Plenty Highway is the most direct route from central Queensland across to Alice Springs in central Australia. It is a wide stretch of very red sandy soil that when wet can be impassible - 4WD only.
Pilbara Road ConditionsPilbara Road Conditions
Road conditions information for:
Kimberley Road ConditionsKimberley Road Conditions
Road conditions information for:
ExplorOz Traveller App ExplorOz Traveller App
The articles in this section cover ExplorOz Traveller App
Simpson Desert via Geosurveys HillSimpson Desert via Geosurveys Hill
From the stone workings of our ancient aboriginal past to the routes undertaken for the old oil exploration surveys, this very remote one-way trek starting at Mount Dare to Birdsville is for experienced desert travellers ONLY.[Feature Story]
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13 May 2016. $45 Camp Oven deal; Quarantine Facts Update for Travellers; Voting tips for travellers; Are your power leads legal? 7 good reasons to become a Member; Waste Disposal - who's responsible?
Quarantine Regulations & CheckpointsQuarantine Regulations & Checkpoints
Regulations and restrictions are in place throughout Australia relating to the transporting of fruit, fruit boxes, honey, vegetables and so on across state borders. Many people are unaware of these restrictions and are disappointed to have to
Strzelecki TrackStrzelecki Track
The Stzrelecki Track is strictly the route from Innamincka to Lyndhurst, however our trek note is for travellers going between Innamincka and Arkaroola Village in the heart of the Flinders Ranges.
Contact UsContact Us
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Permits for Western AustraliaPermits for Western Australia
This article highlights areas of interest to 4WDrivers and campers within the state of WA where a permit or pass (with or without fee) is required for access and/or camping. These areas include National Parks & Reserves, and Aboriginal Lands.
Permits for Northern TerritoryPermits for Northern Territory
This article highlights areas of interest to 4WDrivers and campers within the NT where a permit or pass (with or without fee) is required for access and/or camping. These areas include National Parks & Reserves, and Aboriginal Lands.
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6th May 2016. ExplorOz Traveller App Progress; Places Photo Tagging Tips; Permits NT Update; Ampfibian Deal Continues; Why to Become an ExplorOz Member.
Australia’s Native WildlifeAustralia’s Native Wildlife
Taking time to discover and observe native animals is a popular activity for many travellers around Australia. Whether you're visiting the tropical rainforests of the country's north, inland through the vast Outback,
Mereenie LoopMereenie Loop
Linking the West MacDonnell Ranges and the World renowned resorts of Kings Canyon and Yulara, the Mereenie Loop Road gives visitors to the Red Centre a chance to see some spectacular scenery,
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Bloomfield TrackBloomfield Track
The Bloomfield Track offers a delightful Trek though the World Heritage listed Rainforest area of Far North Queensland on an unsealed track and provides a link between Cape Tribulation and Cooktown.
Access, Restrictions & PermitsAccess, Restrictions & Permits
An overview to explain the various restrictions and permit requirements in place in Australia. Contains links (related pages) to separate pages per state for all permit details with links to applicable authorities.
Newsletter 431Newsletter 431
28 April 2016. Advanced tips for tracking; Permits made Simple; Ampfibian Deal; Reasons to be a Member, Office Closed.
Battery PowerBattery Power
In this article we explain why you might need an additional power source independent of the starting battery installed into your vehicle and we look in detail at types of batteries, how and where to mount them,
Recovery Gear NeedsRecovery Gear Needs
The majority of situations that will stop a 4WD from moving are tyre punctures or getting yourself bogged in mud or sand - and these can happen in the simplest of situations, and for no real fault of the driver.
4WD vs AWD4WD vs AWD
What is the difference between 4WD & AWD Vehicles? Over the years, the lines have blurred for consumers in terms of what is understood by off-road capability.
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