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Anne Beadell Highway Anne Beadell Highway
An inland alternative to travelling the Nullarbor, the Anne Beadell trek offers remoteness, isolation and unique vegetation and wildlife. [Feature Story]
Winches Winches
All travellers should be capable and equipped for winching so in this article we will discuss the various winching methods and equipment on the market. Written in conjunction with one of Australia's most noted experts in winch gear,
Flinders Ranges Flinders Ranges
The Flinders Ranges is semi-arid, harsh yet beautiful. There are many unique features here including gorges, ramparts and dry creekbeds.This is the region that Hans Heysen loved to paint and is a popular part of the Australian outback.
Plenty Highway Plenty Highway
Part of the "Outback Way", the Plenty Highway is the most direct route from central Queensland across to Alice Springs in central Australia. It is a wide stretch of very red sandy soil that when wet can be impassible - 4WD only.
West Great Victoria Desert West Great Victoria Desert
This trek covers the western section of the Great Victoria Desert and is definately 4WD country. If you take this route you will follow in the footsteps of explorers Frank Hann, The Elder Expedition and Len Beadell.
Inverters Inverters
This article discusses how Inverters work and why they are so desirable to many travellers. It explains the difference between modifed sine wave inverters and pure sinewave inverters; contains a table showing the inverter requirement for a range
Buying a 4WD Buying a 4WD
This article focuses on the major considerations when choosing a 4WD vehicle for the purpose of travelling and camping. We give some brief definations of the various terms used to categorise 4WDs,
Solar Power Solar Power
This article covers every aspect of solar and its design and installation in RVs (camper trailers, caravans and motor homes). It shows how much power solar panels really produce,
Battery Power Battery Power
In this article we explain why you might need an additional power source independent of the starting battery installed into your vehicle and we look in detail at types of batteries, how and where to mount them,
Savannah Way Savannah Way
This transcontinental road trip, stretches from the historic pearling town of Broome on the northwest coast of WA; travelling past Katherine in the heart of the NT, and finishing at the tourist hotspot of Cairns in the northeast coast of QLD.
Newsletter 348 Newsletter 348
29th August 2014. Father's Day Gift Ideas; New Recipes Competition (Dips & Condiments); National Gathering Raffle Tickets; Find 6000 campsites Australia-wide; National Gathering Supporters; Hakeas in Flower Now; New Shop Product - A Woman's Look
GPS Units, Navigators & SatNav GPS Units, Navigators & SatNav
In this article we look at ready to go navigation devices and satnav units. You'll learn how different devices work, their limitations and advantages plus we include a section on hybrid navigators,
Kimberley Road Conditions Kimberley Road Conditions
Road conditions information for:
Digital Basics Digital Basics
This article unravels the basic fundamentals of digital photography. Whether you are contemplating buying your first digital camera or if you are struggling to understand some of the terminology associated with digital cameras and digital [Feature Story]
EOTopo EOTopo
EOTopo is the latest and most accurate Australia-wide topographic map set on the market. Developed by I.T. Beyond and exclusive to, it is an evolving map set which has already undergone a major roads update.
Camps & Accom Camps & Accom
This section includes all places of type: Commercial Camping Area, Bush & Free Camps, Caravan & Tourist Parks, Motels, Hotel & Resorts
Camps & Accom Camps & Accom
This section includes all places of type: Commercial Camping Area, Bush & Free Camps, Caravan & Tourist Parks, Motels, Hotel & Resorts
Camps & Accom Camps & Accom
This section includes all places of type: Commercial Camping Area, Bush & Free Camps, Caravan & Tourist Parks, Motels, Hotel & Resorts
Camps & Accom Camps & Accom
This section includes all places of type: Commercial Camping Area, Bush & Free Camps, Caravan & Tourist Parks, Motels, Hotel & Resorts
Newsletter 347 Newsletter 347
22nd August 2014. Pre-Order National Gathering Raffle Tickets to Win One of a Kind Artwork; Preventing Double-Ups in Places and Wildlower Sections; Wattle Day 1st of September; Forum Help; Changes to Selected SA National Park Bookings; New
Googs Track Googs Track
A most adventurous short-cut for those travelling from the west to Coober Pedy & the Alice. Excellent views and plenty of wildlife, featuring memorials dedicated to Goog and Dinger, Goog’s Lake and Mount Finke.
HF Radio HF Radio
HF Radios are a wise consideration if you intend to travel throughout remote regions of Australia. In this article we discuss the usefulness of HF radio in practical situations and explain the many features and services available to enhance your
Road Conditions Road Conditions
ExplorOz has access to main roads, shire council and national parks road condition reporting facilities and compiles this information into an easy to read report.
Trek Notes Trek Notes
ExplorOz Trek Notes contain detailed trip planning information including online topo mapping, driving notes, & GPS route files for download.
Simpson Desert French Line Simpson Desert French Line
The French Line is the most direct route across the desert and traverses directly across the tops of over 1200 red sand dunes, with Big Red being the major challenge.
Newsletter 346 Newsletter 346
14th August 2014. How to share photos off your phone to ExplorOz; Where the Orchids lie; Celebrating Ellis Rowan; Tips for Recipe Comp; Sell it Faster in the Classifieds; 3 New Map Releases from Hema; Clearance Sale Continues - with lots of
Driving Lights Driving Lights
If you plan to do any night driving in the outback then a strong reliable light source is a must. Bad weather, night driving and the possibility of stray animals all demand the need for a clear view of the road and the standard vehicle high beam
Corner Country Corner Country
Follow the Cobb & Co and Charles Sturt routes from Broken Hill, where the bitumen gives way to dirt as it heads deeper into outback NSW. Discover old towns like Milparinka and Tibooburra, before finishing where NSW,
Birdsville Track Birdsville Track
The Birdsville Track runs south from Birdsville to Maree and passes through the Sturt Stony Desert. It is an extremely remote region but is strikingly beautiful in its harshness.
Innamincka Memorials and Markers Innamincka Memorials and Markers
This trek which lies purely in the Innamincka Regional Reserve follows the memorials, markers and waterholes along Cooper Creek and includes the 15 Mile Track, and Nappa Merrie Road.
Outback Communication Requirements Explained Outback Communication Requirements Explained
Communications equipment is especially handy whilst travelling and often essential. It is considered necessary that each vehicle venturing into the outback should be equipped with a UHF radio combined with one emergency long-distance voice
Working Holiday Around Australia - with Kids Working Holiday Around Australia - with Kids
When Ian Hookway started planning what would became a 3 year working holiday around Australia with his family, he discovered there aren't any "how to" guides. Thanks to his experiences,
UHF Radio UHF Radio
If you are considering a trip into Australia’s vast outback, then a UHF Radio is an important communications device to have. Besides the entertainment value, such as chatting with other travellers,
Business Member Newsletter 51 Business Member Newsletter 51
10th August 2014. Opportunities exclusive to ExplorOz Business Members.
Caravan & Camper Battery Charging Caravan & Camper Battery Charging
Our modern lifestyle and need for electric and electronic products to accompany us on holidays and on our travels has brought us to have independent power in our caravans and campers when away from mains supply.
Cape York Cape York
This is the true 4WD journey to the tip of Cape York following the Old Telegraph Track (OTT) and its many challenging river crossings.
Map Viewing Software Map Viewing Software
Mapping Software is used by several different types of Navigation Devices, including Laptops/Netbooks, Smartphones, Tablets, PDAs and all in one GPS Navigators (in off road mode).
Pilbara Road Conditions Pilbara Road Conditions
Road conditions information for:
Newsletter 345 Newsletter 345
7th August 2014. Do you know how to toggle base maps? Now's the time to find the electrifying Blue Lechenaultia; Launch of new recipe competition; New editon Mid-West WA map from Hema in stock now; 47% discount sale still on; plus 3 great super
Simpson Desert Simpson Desert
The Simpson Desert can be crossed via the French Line, WAA line or Rig Road. This trek provides a route using a combination of all 3 routes.
Travel Etiquette Travel Etiquette
Etiquette is a word describing the norms that we as society should adhere to, in regards to consideration and respect. When travelling in the outback, it's very easy to perceive that the land is vast enough to do anything one wishes.
Travelling with Dogs Travelling with Dogs
This article highlights the precautions and planning considerations that go into a making a holiday away with your dog comfortable and safe - for them, your family, and other people you might encounter.
EOTrackMe EOTrackMe
EOTrackMe is an online tracking application for travellers. This page shows the position of registered devices. Colour coding shows the status of tracking activity. Numbered coloured icons show clumps of travellers in the same area.
Personal Membership Personal Membership
Whilst you can register to be a "visitor" of ExplorOz and pay nothing, you are missing many of the unique features, tools and services offered by this website. By paying a small annual fee to become a Member you can enjoy all the features and
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