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Forum Rules Forum Rules
The Rules of our Forum may be different to other Forums you visit so you are encouraged to read these before posting to avoid moderation. [Feature Story]
The ANZAC Legacy The ANZAC Legacy
The legacy of the ANZACs fighting at Gallipoli is said to have shaped the nature of the Australian identity. This article gives a brief summary of Australian's involvement in war, including the Gallipoli campaign,
Pilbara Road Conditions Pilbara Road Conditions
Road conditions information for:
Kimberley Road Conditions Kimberley Road Conditions
Road conditions information for:
EOTopo EOTopo
EOTopo 2015 is the latest Australia-wide topographic map set on the market. EOTopo is available to use online (vector viewing system), or can be purchased as a raster map set on SD/USB or download ready to load onto any compatible device.
Camps & Accom in NSW Camps & Accom in NSW
This section includes all places of type: Commercial Camping Area, Bush & Free Camps, Caravan & Tourist Parks, Motels, Hotel & Resorts
Driving Lights Driving Lights
If you plan to do any night driving in the outback then a strong reliable light source is a must. Bad weather, night driving and the possibility of stray animals all demand the need for a clear view of the road and the standard vehicle high beam
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Cape York Cape York
This is the true 4WD journey to the tip of Cape York following the Old Telegraph Track (OTT) and its many challenging river crossings.
Embed User Trek on Your Site Embed User Trek on Your Site
Any user that uploads User Treks can embed their treks to their own websites. Find out more on this page.
User Treks User Treks
User Treks is a collection of user submitted GPS data files and descriptions. These are available for view and download.
Newsletter 382 Newsletter 382
22nd April 2015. New Embed User Treks feature for website owners; New Travel Sacks from less than $7; Outback Queensland, Super Specials and ANZAC Day.
Trip Planning User Treks Trip Planning User Treks
The articles in this section cover Embed User Trek on Your Site
Cargo Drawers Cargo Drawers
This Article looks at gearing up for a 4WD camping trip and the need to find a sturdy, compact storage solution that won't rattle, break or allow loose items to fly around the cabin.
Plenty Highway Plenty Highway
Part of the "Outback Way", the Plenty Highway is the most direct route from central Queensland across to Alice Springs in central Australia. It is a wide stretch of very red sandy soil that when wet can be impassible - 4WD only. [Feature Story]
The Tanami Track The Tanami Track
The Tanami Track is essentially a great short-cut linking the Red Centre to the Kimberley. Although once a notorious 4WD track, it is now a graded dirt highway.
Solar Power Solar Power
This article covers every aspect of solar and its design and installation in RVs (camper trailers, caravans and motor homes). It shows how much power solar panels really produce,
Newsletter 381 Newsletter 381
15 April 2015. ANZAC Day and Mother's Day are fast approaching. Get 50% off top quality hiking poles. See the perfect gift from 4WDrivers for your Mum. Get involved in our April Camp Oven Recipe Comp. Destination highlight - Cape York.
Food & Water Food & Water
One of the most important considerations when planning an outback trip is the selection of foods to take and the amount needed to keep everyone healthy and happy. The kinds of foods that will keep fresh and the time travelling in the outback and
Kidson Track - WAPET Road Kidson Track - WAPET Road
The Kidson track from 80 Mile Beach to Near Well 33 on the Canning Stock Route. This route is also know as Wapet Road.
Savannah Way Savannah Way
This transcontinental road trip, stretches from the historic pearling town of Broome on the northwest coast of WA; travelling past Katherine in the heart of the NT, and finishing at the tourist hotspot of Cairns in the northeast coast of QLD.
Roof Racks, Luggage Trays & Boxes Roof Racks, Luggage Trays & Boxes
In this article we look at the pros and cons of using the roof of your vehicle for storage when travelling; discuss what not to carry on your roof; provide some helpful packing hints and finally some useful buying tips.
About Us About Us
Everything you ever wanted to know about the site - what we're about, how to join, who we are - and our story.
Road Conditions Road Conditions
ExplorOz has access to main roads, shire council and national parks road condition reporting facilities and compiles this information into an easy to read report.
All Terrain (AT) Tyres All Terrain (AT) Tyres
When you are looking for a compromise between off-road capability and good on-road manners, an All-Terrain (AT) tyre is the way to go. These tyres offer good versatility by offering capability on a wide variety of surface types,
EOTrackMe EOTrackMe
EOTrackMe is an online tracking application for travellers. This page shows the position of registered devices. Colour coding shows the status of tracking activity. Numbered coloured icons show clumps of travellers in the same area.
Portable Fridges Portable Fridges
The debate over which fridge is the best on the market is one of the most contested discussions in the camping recreation. In this article we look at the range of features and the major issues to consider when comparing brands and models.
Vic High Country Vic High Country
This is a great trek through the Victorian High Country where you'll experience some of our most spectacular mountain areas. See high country huts, spectacular views and participate in challenging four-wheel driving.
Generator Power Generator Power
The generator, which was discovered by Michael Faraday, is an ingenious device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. Today’s popular camping generators use fuel powered engines to create this energy.
Trek Notes Trek Notes
ExplorOz Trek Notes contain detailed trip planning information including online topo mapping, driving notes, & GPS route files for download.
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Articles Index Articles Index
We've prepared these articles to enrich your knowledge, and highlight important issues to consider when taking a trip.
Places Places
Places contains Australia's largest database of waypoints featuring points of interest to suit the recreational traveller.
All Shop Items All Shop Items
This page is the new and updated sinigle item output view for the shop system. You cannot navigate directly to this page.
Blogs Blogs
Create new blog entries as often as you like to share information, thoughts, experiences, photos, documents, video and youtube clips and more!
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Tyre Size Calculator Tyre Size Calculator
Use this page to work out the radius, circumference and diameter of any size tyre. You can also run comparisons between different tyres and work out the differences in size and odometer corrections.
Outback Survival Outback Survival
One thing you soon realise as you travel the more remote roads around and through Australia, is that if there is an emergency, you're more or less on your own. It is absolutely imperative that you understand some of the basic rules of survival
Explorers Explorers
This article lists the main achievements of the key explorers of the 19th Century. It includes references to their later life pursuits, and for each explorer you can find out where they are buried,
Cape York via Bypass Roads Cape York via Bypass Roads
This is an alternative route to Cape York that bypasses the challenging 4WD river crossings found on the Old Telegraph Track (OTT). The Peninsula Developmental Rd (PDR) still requires 4WD and may be closed at times during the wet season.
Bunyeroo Gorge Scenic Drive Bunyeroo Gorge Scenic Drive
If there is just one drive in the Flinders Ranges that you have time to drive, then the Bunyeroo Gorge Scenic Drive is one of the finest scenic routes not to miss. It does not matter how many times you drive this route,
Buying a Camper Trailer Buying a Camper Trailer
For many campers the decision over the 'living quarters' poses the greatest quandary in the pre-trip planning. Other than a wide range of trailers, which can be purchased 'off the shelf' or custom-made to your specifications,
Canning Stock Route Canning Stock Route
The Canning Stock Route is a long-distance remote stretch of track through the Gibson and Great Sandy Deserts. No longer in use as a stock route this is now a vehicular track allowing access to the wells constructed as stock watering holes.
Camp Cooking Camp Cooking
Whether it's cooking a stir fry on a gas powered fry-pan or brewing up a hot stew in a camp oven over hot coals - this article will provide you with some great outback cooking tips.
How to Plan a Trip How to Plan a Trip
Getting ready for the road, be it a three week trip or a three year trip might seem something of a daunting task, whether you are a 4WDriver, tow a camper trailer or caravan or drive a luxurious motorhome.
Caravan & Camper Battery Charging Caravan & Camper Battery Charging
Our modern lifestyle and need for electric and electronic products to accompany us on holidays and on our travels has brought us to have independent power in our caravans and campers when away from mains supply.
Battery Power Battery Power
In this article we explain why you might need an additional power source independent of the starting battery installed into your vehicle and we look in detail at types of batteries, how and where to mount them,
Travelling with Dogs Travelling with Dogs
This article highlights the precautions and planning considerations that go into a making a holiday away with your dog comfortable and safe - for them, your family, and other people you might encounter.
Compact Caravans Compact Caravans
Caravans come in many styles, shapes and sizes but have you ever wondered how compact a caravan can get? The small caravan market is intended for those wanting a caravan that’s light,
Newsletter 380 Newsletter 380
2 April 2015. Easter office closure. March Prize Draw Winners. April Camp Oven Cooking Competition. New Business Members - Australian Landscape Jewellery, and Birdsville Big Red Bash.
ExplorOz Site Traffic Reports ExplorOz Site Traffic Reports
ExplorOz website traffic reports - month by month data and analysis for the past 12 month period Apr '14 - Mar' 15. Sourced from Google Analytics - combining both full site and mobile site metrics.
Gunbarrel Highway Gunbarrel Highway
The Gunbarrel Hwy is one of Australia's most famous roads being the first of many desert tracks built by surveyor Len Beadell. Today, this track remains isolated and remote - for experienced desert travellers only.
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CREB Track CREB Track
The CREB track, winding its way through the Daintree Rainforest from Bloomfield to Daintree, is a world class experience for four wheel drivers.
Snake Bite Treatment Snake Bite Treatment
This article has been completely revised and updated 30 March 2015 with the assistance of Bob Cooper from Snake R&R Training.
Prospecting for Gold Prospecting for Gold
Gold has always generated excitement and anticipation amongst prospectors all over the world. Its whereabouts can be a mystery, yet anyone has the potential to find valueable gold nuggets.
Oodnadatta Track Oodnadatta Track
If you’re a history buff you’re going to go nuts crossing the Oodnadatta Track. The track follows the orignal Ghan line from Marla to Oodnadatta and then on to Marree. There's stacks of ruins, mound springs,
Regional & Off Road Navigation Regional & Off Road Navigation
4WD, Off Road & Touring Navigation presents many unique challenges to travellers, particularly when it comes to finding suitable navigational tools. Standard SatNav's often lack the coverage mapping or don't have the level of detail required to
Handheld Satellite Phone Solutions for Travellers Handheld Satellite Phone Solutions for Travellers
The aim of this article is to provide a simple overview of the current satphone environment in Australia - assisting recreational, outback travellers make informed decisions when considering the purchase (or hire) of a handheld satellite phone
Understanding Engine Conversions Understanding Engine Conversions
Having a vehicle that is performing well is important for reasons other than just speed and power. Improving reliability and efficiency will also result in better fuel consumption, hence reducing operating costs. In this article,
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