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EOTopo EOTopo
EOTopo is a set of topographic maps in various scales and file formats, featuring the 1:200,000 seamless map covering the whole of Australia. EOTopo is the only up to date, seamless map covering all of Australia in a single data set. [Feature Story]
Newsletter 386 Newsletter 386
21 May 2015. Product donations for National Gathering needed; Position Vacant; SWQld destination spotlight; Win a First Aid Kit worth over $100; New Business Members - Roof Top Camping, Bush Winches and Anchors, [Feature Story]
EOTrackMe EOTrackMe
EOTrackMe is an online tracking application for travellers. This page shows the position of registered devices. Colour coding shows the status of tracking activity. Numbered coloured icons show clumps of travellers in the same area.
Maralinga Range Tour Maralinga Range Tour
See first hand an area that for decades has been out of bounds to all but Government Officials and learn about Australia's Nuclear past.
Food & Water Food & Water
One of the most important considerations when planning an outback trip is the selection of foods to take and the amount needed to keep everyone healthy and happy. The kinds of foods that will keep fresh and the time travelling in the outback and
Great Central Road Great Central Road
Part of the "Outback Way", the Great Central Road is the main thoroughfare through Central Australia and links WA to NT. It is widely used by buses, trucks, 4WD and occasionally 2WD vehicles.
Googs Track Googs Track
A most adventurous short-cut for those travelling from the west to Coober Pedy & the Alice. Excellent views and plenty of wildlife, featuring memorials dedicated to Goog and Dinger, Goog’s Lake and Mount Finke.
Gammon Ranges Bunyip Chasm Gammon Ranges Bunyip Chasm
The drive into the Gammon Ranges National Park will reward you with spectacular views of rugged terrain, chasms and deep gorges, towering mountains, tree-lined creeks and freshwater springs.
Smartphones & Tablets Smartphones & Tablets
Smartphones and Tablets are relatively new additions to the navigational market, but their widespread ownership sees them swiftly taking over as a device of choice for Street Navigation. They are also becoming very popular for 4WD, [Feature Story]
Solar Power Solar Power
This article covers every aspect of solar and its design and installation in RVs (camper trailers, caravans and motor homes). It shows how much power solar panels really produce,
Newsletter 385 Newsletter 385
14 May 2015. Win free tickets to Big Red Bash; Headlamps 25% Off; New Edition Release Roads & Tracks WA 12th Edition & the Reprinted 3rd Edition Camping guide to WA - Boiling Billy; 2015 Road Closures Parks Victoria; Tip of the Week - Where to
Pilbara Road Conditions Pilbara Road Conditions
Road conditions information for:
Kimberley Road Conditions Kimberley Road Conditions
Road conditions information for:
Canning Stock Route Canning Stock Route
The Canning Stock Route is a long-distance remote stretch of track through the Gibson and Great Sandy Deserts. No longer in use as a stock route this is now a vehicular track allowing access to the wells constructed as stock watering holes.
Regional & Off Road Navigation Regional & Off Road Navigation
4WD, Off Road & Touring Navigation presents many unique challenges to travellers, particularly when it comes to finding suitable navigational tools. Standard SatNav's often lack the coverage mapping or don't have the level of detail required to
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Hunt Oil Road Hunt Oil Road
This remote trek links the Gunbarrel Hwy with the Great Central Road. It passes via Mount Worsnop and past the Hunt Oil road camps and drilling sites.
All Terrain (AT) Tyres All Terrain (AT) Tyres
When you are looking for a compromise between off-road capability and good on-road manners, an All-Terrain (AT) tyre is the way to go. These tyres offer good versatility by offering capability on a wide variety of surface types,
Outback Communication Requirements Explained Outback Communication Requirements Explained
Communications equipment is especially handy whilst travelling and often essential. It is considered necessary that each vehicle venturing into the outback should be equipped with a UHF radio combined with one emergency long-distance voice
Camping Lights Camping Lights
In this article we list and describe the diverse range of lights available today and the options you might consider before embarking on your camping trip. There is a comprehensive explanation of the technologies of electric powered lights and
Contact Us Contact Us
This page contains contact details for the publisher of this website for sales and advertising enquiries. Please note we do not offer a store-front retail premise, nor can we offer you any advice about your personal travel plans or equipment
Suspension Suspension
There is an unfortunate but realistic fact about purchasing a new 4WD - it won't come fitted with a suspension system designed to carry the kind of load you'll pack for a serious outback trip.
Trek Notes Trek Notes
ExplorOz Trek Notes contain detailed trip planning information including online topo mapping, driving notes, & GPS route files for download.
Snorkel Snorkel
Although significantly different, both petrol and diesel engines require a steady flow of air to operate. If the vehicle is not fitted with a snorkel, they do this by sucking air through the inner guard of the bonnet or just behind the grill.
HF Radio Installation HF Radio Installation
In this article, we discuss the procedures for installing a HF radio and the modifications that can be considered for a successful installation. We look at the different options and locations on the vehicle to mount the antenna base and provide
Tag Along Tours Tag Along Tours
If you have ever wondered what happens on a Tag Along Tour, then this article has all the answers. There are tons of options, and surprisingly, they are not all geared towards the first time 4WD traveller.
Vehicle Care Vehicle Care
This article outlines options for prolonging the life and looks of your vehicle - especially one that is used for outback travelling where it is subjected to temperature extremes, excessive dust, dirt, mud and even salt water.
Recovery Gear Needs Recovery Gear Needs
The majority of situations that will stop a 4WD from moving are tyre punctures or getting yourself bogged in mud or sand - and these can happen in the simplest of situations, and for no real fault of the driver.
GPS Units, Navigators & SatNav GPS Units, Navigators & SatNav
In this article we look at ready to go navigation devices and satnav units. You'll learn how different devices work, their limitations and advantages plus we include a section on hybrid navigators,
Travelling with Dogs Travelling with Dogs
This article highlights the precautions and planning considerations that go into a making a holiday away with your dog comfortable and safe - for them, your family, and other people you might encounter.
Articles Index Articles Index
We've prepared these articles to enrich your knowledge, and highlight important issues to consider when taking a trip.
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Kimberley Kimberley
North West of Kununurra are rugged sandtone ranges, ancient volcanic rock, open woodlands and mangrove swamps while the west is marked by ancient limestone reef that has eroded to form gorges and caves that finally blend into the sandy plains of
Buying a Camper Trailer Buying a Camper Trailer
For many campers the decision over the 'living quarters' poses the greatest quandary in the pre-trip planning. Other than a wide range of trailers, which can be purchased 'off the shelf' or custom-made to your specifications,
CREB Track CREB Track
The CREB track, winding its way through the Daintree Rainforest from Bloomfield to Daintree, is a world class experience for four wheel drivers.
Cape York Cape York
This is the true 4WD journey to the tip of Cape York following the Old Telegraph Track (OTT) and its many challenging river crossings.
Anne Beadell Highway Anne Beadell Highway
An inland alternative to travelling the Nullarbor, the Anne Beadell trek offers remoteness, isolation and unique vegetation and wildlife.
Newsletter 384 Newsletter 384
6 May 2015. Monthly contest winners; 50% Sale on Camping Gear; Discover the Canning; Submit your Mince Recipes to our Bush Cooking Recipe Collection; Get your ExplorOz Beanie for just $14.
Buying a 4WD Buying a 4WD
This article focuses on the major considerations when choosing a 4WD vehicle for the purpose of travelling and camping. We give some brief definations of the various terms used to categorise 4WDs,
Road Conditions Road Conditions
ExplorOz has access to main roads, shire council and national parks road condition reporting facilities and compiles this information into an easy to read report.
Permits for Western Australia Permits for Western Australia
The following information is provided to assist you in gaining the right permits to lawfully travel through or access specified regional and outback areas. It is very important to gain the right permit and follow the conditions imposed on it
Perth to Coral Bay Perth to Coral Bay
This highway based trek note follows Route No. One up the WA coast to the tourist Mecca of Coral Bay. Take in the coastal towns of the Batavia Coast, including Dongara and Geraldton - maybe staying overnight or two before reaching the southern
Portable Fridges Portable Fridges
The debate over which fridge is the best on the market is one of the most contested discussions in the camping recreation. In this article we look at the range of features and the major issues to consider when comparing brands and models.
Kakadu Kakadu
World renowned Kakadu has plenty to offer the international and local tourist. The diversity and many attractions including amazing rock formations, rare wildlife, Aboriginal art and fascinating escarpments are all part of Kakadu National Park.
Gibb River Road Gibb River Road
The Gibb River Road is the 4WD option of the 2 main routes crossing the Kimberley from east to west (or vice versa) and provides access to the numerous gorges that are the main highlight.
Oodnadatta Track Oodnadatta Track
If you’re a history buff you’re going to go nuts crossing the Oodnadatta Track. The track follows the orignal Ghan line from Marla to Oodnadatta and then on to Marree. There's stacks of ruins, mound springs,
The Tanami Track The Tanami Track
The Tanami Track is essentially a great short-cut linking the Red Centre to the Kimberley. Although once a notorious 4WD track, it is now a graded dirt highway.
Flinders Ranges Flinders Ranges
The Flinders Ranges is semi-arid, harsh yet beautiful. There are many unique features here including gorges, ramparts and dry creekbeds.This is the region that Hans Heysen loved to paint and is a popular part of the Australian outback.
Newsletter 383 Newsletter 383
30 April 2015. Photo Comp Winner Announced!! Winter track closure advice. Bloomin News for travelling in May; EOTrackMe tips; Super Specials.
Diesel Fuel Injection Systems Diesel Fuel Injection Systems
For drivers of petrol/gasoline-engined vehicles, fuel injection is a relatively new innovation. Only in the last decade or so has fuel injection become the norm and its predecessor, the humble carburettor,
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Create new blog entries as often as you like to share information, thoughts, experiences, photos, documents, video and youtube clips and more!
Darling River Run Darling River Run
Set within the heart of outback NSW, the Darling River Run is a fascinating trek that takes you back through time. This route follows the meandering Darling River, between the historic town of Bourke and the town of Wentworth,
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The ANZAC Legacy The ANZAC Legacy
The legacy of the ANZACs fighting at Gallipoli is said to have shaped the nature of the Australian identity. This article gives a brief summary of Australian's involvement in war, including the Gallipoli campaign,
Driving Lights Driving Lights
If you plan to do any night driving in the outback then a strong reliable light source is a must. Bad weather, night driving and the possibility of stray animals all demand the need for a clear view of the road and the standard vehicle high beam
Embed User Trek on Your Site Embed User Trek on Your Site
Any user that uploads User Treks can embed their treks to their own websites. Find out more on this page.
User Treks User Treks
User Treks is a collection of user submitted GPS data files and descriptions. These are available for view and download.
Newsletter 382 Newsletter 382
22nd April 2015. New Embed User Treks feature for website owners; New Travel Sacks from less than $7; Outback Queensland, Super Specials and ANZAC Day.
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