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Newsletter 371 Newsletter 371
30 January 2015. Find out what's on Super Special this week only; PLBs vs SatPhones; Our Summer/Autumn Top 20 and more.
Kimberley Road Conditions Kimberley Road Conditions
Road conditions information for: [Feature Story]
Solar Power Solar Power
This article covers every aspect of solar and its design and installation in RVs (camper trailers, caravans and motor homes). It shows how much power solar panels really produce,
EOTrackMe EOTrackMe
EOTrackMe is an online tracking application for travellers. This page shows the position of registered devices. Colour coding shows the status of tracking activity. Numbered coloured icons show clumps of travellers in the same area.
ExplorOz Site Traffic Reports ExplorOz Site Traffic Reports
ExplorOz website traffic reports - month by month data and analysis for 2014. Sourced from Google Analytics - combining both full site and mobile site metrics.
Driving Lights Driving Lights
If you plan to do any night driving in the outback then a strong reliable light source is a must. Bad weather, night driving and the possibility of stray animals all demand the need for a clear view of the road and the standard vehicle high beam
Pilbara Road Conditions Pilbara Road Conditions
Road conditions information for:
Outback Survival Outback Survival
One thing you soon realise as you travel the more remote roads around and through Australia, is that if there is an emergency, you're more or less on your own. It is absolutely imperative that you understand some of the basic rules of survival
Holland Track Holland Track
From Broome Hill to Coolgardie, the Holland Track was originally built in the gold rush days as a shortcut to the Goldfields. Hardly ever visited for nearly 100 years, it was re-cut as a 4WD track in 1992 and is a popular trip with locals.
Newsletter 370 Newsletter 370
23 January 2015. This newsletter contains a selection of the week's best content contributed by EO enthusiasts; bush alerts; tips for finding free camps and more.
Contact Us Contact Us
This page contains contact details for the publisher of this website for customer service enquiries. Please note that we are an administration office and do not offer a store-front retail premise, [Feature Story]
Buying a 4WD Buying a 4WD
This article focuses on the major considerations when choosing a 4WD vehicle for the purpose of travelling and camping. We give some brief definations of the various terms used to categorise 4WDs,
Savannah Way Savannah Way
This transcontinental road trip, stretches from the historic pearling town of Broome on the northwest coast of WA; travelling past Katherine in the heart of the NT, and finishing at the tourist hotspot of Cairns in the northeast coast of QLD.
Normanton to Coen via Kowanyama Normanton to Coen via Kowanyama
This trek traverses through the beautiful Gulf Savannah region which extends from the Great Dividing Range in the east to the Northern Territory border in the west.
EOTopo Help and FAQ EOTopo Help and FAQ
The purpose of this article is to troubleshoot the most frequently asked questions and issues about buying and setting up EOTopo. A must-read!!
Handheld Satellite Phone Solutions for Travellers Handheld Satellite Phone Solutions for Travellers
The aim of this article is to provide a simple overview of the current satphone environment in Australia - assisting recreational, outback travellers make informed decisions when considering the purchase (or hire) of a handheld satellite phone
Vehicle Reversing Camera Vehicle Reversing Camera
"Rear view" or "reversing cameras" can be added as aftermarket additions to vehicles that do not come with factory-fitted systems. In this article, we outline what parts you need to put your own rear view camera system together.
Canning Stock Route Canning Stock Route
The Canning Stock Route is a long-distance remote stretch of track through the Gibson and Great Sandy Deserts. No longer in use as a stock route this is now a vehicular track allowing access to the wells constructed as stock watering holes.
Newsletter 369 Newsletter 369
16 January 2015. All about Map Scale; Tips for Keeping Up to Date; How to Hitch up with Ease; National Gathering News; Members' Photo Comp News; 3 Great Super Specials; 4 New Business Members and more.
Off Road Caravans Off Road Caravans
This article discusses the features and advantages for off road caravans and in what circumstances you should consider the additional expense of a specialised off-road van.
Bendethera Valley Bendethera Valley
This cleared yet picturesque valley, right in the heart of the Deua National Park provides excellent camping grounds right beside the crystal clear waters of the Deua River.
Personal Membership Personal Membership
Whilst you can register to be a "visitor" of ExplorOz and pay nothing, you are missing many of the unique features, tools and services offered by this website. By paying a small annual fee to become a Member you can enjoy all the features and
Hyden Norseman Road Hyden Norseman Road
Also known as the Granite & Woodlands Discovery Trail, this is a delightful journey with lots to see and do. Best of all it's suitable for all vehicles along a well maintained wide gravel road.
Newsletter 368 Newsletter 368
8 January 2015. The Top 5 Bestsellers of 2014; How to Win Sunglasses; Get a Free Book Gift; Where to Find Gold; Milestone Challenges; Super Specials.
Diesel Fuel Injection Systems Diesel Fuel Injection Systems
For drivers of petrol/gasoline-engined vehicles, fuel injection is a relatively new innovation. Only in the last decade or so has fuel injection become the norm and its predecessor, the humble carburettor,
Suspension Suspension
There is an unfortunate but realistic fact about purchasing a new 4WD - it won't come fitted with a suspension system designed to carry the kind of load you'll pack for a serious outback trip.
Buying a Camper Trailer Buying a Camper Trailer
For many campers the decision over the 'living quarters' poses the greatest quandary in the pre-trip planning. Other than a wide range of trailers, which can be purchased 'off the shelf' or custom-made to your specifications,
Portable Fridges Portable Fridges
The debate over which fridge is the best on the market is one of the most contested discussions in the camping recreation. In this article we look at the range of features and the major issues to consider when comparing brands and models.
UHF Radio UHF Radio
If you are considering a trip into Australia’s vast outback, then a UHF Radio is an important communications device to have. Besides the entertainment value, such as chatting with other travellers,
Travelling with Kids 5 - 12 Years Travelling with Kids 5 - 12 Years
Older kids don't have the same special planning needs as for babies and young toddlers however they are easily bored. A long car trip is just about going to drive them bonkas unless you get smart and give special consideration to how to make the
Offshore Fishing Offshore Fishing
Ever wondered why some offshore boat anglers catch more quality fish than others? The main key to success lies with knowledge, experience, and of course - plenty of practice!! Like anything,
Great Central Road Great Central Road
Part of the "Outback Way", the Great Central Road is the main thoroughfare through Central Australia and links WA to NT. It is widely used by buses, trucks, 4WD and occasionally 2WD vehicles.
Newsletter 367 Newsletter 367
31st December 2014. Happy New Year! Last chance for Membership Sale, plus see all the great new Products in the ExplorOz Shop for 2015.
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