Kennedy Development Road Hughenden to Winton

Submitted: Sunday, Jan 25, 2004 at 14:08


Hi all planning a round oz trip from May to Nov this year and am cuurently looking at this road Hughenden to Winton to get down to Longreach.

Any clues on how it might be in late may / early June for a Prado with an on-road caravan behind it.

Any info greatly received.
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AnswerID: 44297   Submitted: Sunday, Jan 25, 2004 at 20:12

Willem replied:

Drove that road a few years back with a small caravan in tow. It was in good condition then and capable of 100kmh with caravan if you needed to do that speed......there are a number of spoon drains however which cross the road so care must be taken. Heard of a bloke who was doing 160 along that road and hit a spoon drain...went flying through the air after bottoming out first...ripped the shockies out of their sockets in the GU........also, there are sections of unfenced road and there are lots of sheep in the take care.


Always going somewhere
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FollowupID: 306519   Submitted: Sunday, Jan 25, 2004 at 21:45

tessa_51 posted:

He had to be unlucky for that to happen while he was going downhill with a 160kph tailwind!
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FollowupID: 306520   Submitted: Sunday, Jan 25, 2004 at 21:54

Tuco69 posted:

Sealed all the way winton to hughenden
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FollowupID: 306522   Submitted: Sunday, Jan 25, 2004 at 22:04

Willem posted:

Thanks for the update, Tuco69Willem

Googs Lake camp
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