HiLux diff ratios

Submitted: Monday, Oct 18, 2004 at 12:47


I have an LN106R 2.8 diesel hilux and have fitted 4.55 ratio diffs instead of the standard 4.3 ratio to compensate for the 31" tyres. This brings the overall gearing back to standard, which is better for engine braking and low ratio hill climbs. I have also fitted ARB air lockers to both diffs which I picked up second hand for the right price.
Now it looks like i've worn out another rear diff, as I've got way too much backlash at the pinion. I won't know whether the crown and pinion are worn out or whether a bearing has failed until I whip the centre out.
My question to the forum, does anyone know of a list of model, year and ratio of hilux / landcruiser diffs to help me when I ring the wreckers to try and find another diff? I'm not quite sure what the existing 4.55 diffs came out of.
Carrier bearing diameters would also be very useful, as I need to reuse my ARB air locker carrier.
I just wish they made toyota diffs as strong as the nissan ones.
Thanks, Mark
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