Heading for Big River State Forest

Submitted: Wednesday, Mar 15, 2006 at 15:09


Hi Everyone,

We're new to this forum but have done quite a bit of reading so far. We're looking forward to making contributions from our own expiditions. Just wondering if anyone has recently been to Big River State Forest. We were planning on beginning to look for camp sites from Stockmans Reward in the Upper big river. We understand that during holiday periods it can be quite busy (we love isolation from crowd) so if we cant find anything suitable there, we were going to head north from 25 mile creek to Eildon Jameison Rd and see what we might find in the Lower Big River camping grounds. The maps say 4WD only from 25 mile creek, we were wondering about the condition of this track? We have a 4WD holden rodeo dual cab, but are not equipped with winches, cb etc. We're novice 4WDrivers and just dont want to get into something we're not prepared for. Can anyone recommend 4WD side tracks good for beginners like us? And does anyone know the state of the river at the moment? I know this is alot of questions but just recently we went up to Snowy River National Park and found Ash Saddle and New Guinea Gap a bit beyond us due to such poor track conditons. Is Eildon Jameison Rd anything like the precarious road to Makillop Bridge or is it a bit wider. Just want to be prepared, cant be giving Grampa a heart attack.
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AnswerID: 160667   Submitted: Wednesday, Mar 15, 2006 at 16:22

PK Eildon (VIC) replied:

Big River Road is a narrow but firm dirt track. Jamieson to Eildon from Big River is bitumen and traversed by 2WD vehicles. Don't take any unneccessary risks and you shouldn't have a problem. It won't be crowded at the moment.
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AnswerID: 160676   Submitted: Wednesday, Mar 15, 2006 at 16:58

Pajman Pete (SA) replied:

We drove the road in early January. Nothing much to worry about. Like PK says it is narrow from 25 Mile Creek to Enoch's Point with vegetation brushing both sides of the 4by. Nice firm base with no slippery bits. Great views down to the River.

You will find lots of nice camping spots east of Stockmans Reward with good river access.

Have fun!

Any mug can be uncomfortable out bush
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AnswerID: 160696   Submitted: Wednesday, Mar 15, 2006 at 18:22

mcgra (VIC) replied:

hi Tara

we just came back from there stayed at frenchmans for the long weekend.

we spent saturday 7 hours clearing tracks and we had 4 chainsaws on the go heaps of trees down we manage 14ks in that 7 hours and many tracks inpassible, the main tracks are sort of cleared but many of shoots blocked and some of these trees are huge.

have fun

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FollowupID: 415580   Submitted: Thursday, Mar 16, 2006 at 01:49

Member - Bradley posted:

was that up stream(frenchmans creek) near the intersection of camp track ? cause there was a massive tree down across the main track a while back up there.

Which tracks did you cover ?

cheers Brad
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AnswerID: 160714   Submitted: Wednesday, Mar 15, 2006 at 19:32

newlux replied:

Can someone please narrow down where Big River State Forest is? It sounds like a great spot but I'm not quite sure where it is.

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FollowupID: 415528   Submitted: Wednesday, Mar 15, 2006 at 20:15

Haza posted:

150 km. north-east of Melbourne
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