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Submitted: Friday, Nov 10, 2006 at 17:39

Alan H (Narangba QLD)

I have just received my copy of UBD maps and have installed same and it seems to work fine by itself.

I noted that in the shop site there was a reference to download map files for Oziexplorer. The link did not work.

Do I need them to use the maps with OziExplorer or can I just import the maps?

Can I just run UBD connected to GPS in town and then just switch to oziexplorer and natmaps once out of town?

Why would I want to run the UBD maps in oziexplorer?

Trust experienced users can give me some advice.

Thanks in advance
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AnswerID: 204164   Submitted: Friday, Nov 10, 2006 at 17:44

Alan H (Narangba QLD) replied:

I should have added that I am talking about version 3 and the packaging claims to be able to interface with OziExplorer. Thumbs UpThanks 0
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AnswerID: 204165   Submitted: Friday, Nov 10, 2006 at 17:49

Member - Oldplodder (QLD) replied:

You can run the UBD maps on Oziexplorer, but you need the map files.

Go to the australian page at oziexplorer and look at the instructions and link.


I think you can search for streets and localities etc, and use the oziexplorer tracks and waypoints over the top.

Don't have a copy of the UBD, just what I have read as an oziexplorer user.

If you run UBD maps in oziexplorer, couldn't you just swap/reload to the 1:250,000 etc as you go?

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AnswerID: 204225   Submitted: Friday, Nov 10, 2006 at 23:40

Alan H (Narangba QLD) replied:

Still can't make them work in oziexplorer.

I have the map files but it expects the image files to have .ubd extension but the file installed by the ubd disk seem to be .cmp among others.

There must be some conversion file I am missing.

It would be great to be able to use the ubd maps in oziexplorer so that routes and waypoints could be used in a city. Thumbs UpThanks 0
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AnswerID: 204228   Submitted: Saturday, Nov 11, 2006 at 00:12

Member - Phil G (SA) replied:

The UBD city maps are great - good enough to tell you which side of the street you are driving on.

First you need to do the standard UBD installation. Then you need to download a program from the Australian page on the www.oziexplorer.comwebsite. It installs the .map files so you can use them in the fully working version of oziexplorer. Cut and paste the following link:

Why do you want to run it in oziexplorer?? So you get the moving maps, with the pointer saying where you are; so that when you reach the limit of the maps, you get another map come up on the screen (say Raster 250K), and so you can keep track files and waypoints.
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