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Submitted: Tuesday, Feb 13, 2007 at 21:58

Member - Cruiser (NSW)

I have a 120 series GX Prado that has 225/70x17 tyres as opposed to thge GXL which has 265/65x17 tyres.

What I want to know is does anyone know if the rims on the GX can take the larger 265/65x17 tyres and if so, will this be legal given that the GX does not have the flares like on the GXL.

I would assume that both these tyres ahve the same rolling diameter so that there would be no difference in the speedo reading.
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AnswerID: 221554   Submitted: Tuesday, Feb 13, 2007 at 22:44

Anthony replied:

Hi Crusier,

I bought a 2003 GX 2nd hand and the original tyres are soon to be replaced. I am going to replace the AT20 tyres with an off road tyre.

The only problem is the GX rims are only 6 inches. King rims make a 17inch by 8 inch rim which is around $130 to $150 depending on who to ring. To keep the GX legal, which I'm keen to do, I have only found the Cooper tyres to have the 245/70-17 size tyre which has a dia of 780mm.

From my calc 780mm is as big as I can go without going over the Vic requirement of max of 15mm increase on the largest tyre available for the 4wd. The 265/70-17 Cooper tyres are 803 mm dia. I don't think the 245 width will need a flare fitted.

Cheers Anthony
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FollowupID: 482326   Submitted: Wednesday, Feb 14, 2007 at 09:28

pjd posted:

this may help you pick another size
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FollowupID: 482348   Submitted: Wednesday, Feb 14, 2007 at 11:19

Anthony posted:

Thanks pjd,

Great tyre calculator. Good to be able to compare a few sizes at the sametime.
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FollowupID: 482371   Submitted: Wednesday, Feb 14, 2007 at 12:51

Member - Cruiser (NSW) posted:


I have never heard of these King Rims. can you give me a heads up on where I can get them or at least a contact number and also, are they available in anything but white.

Somehow I dont think white will go with a silver car.

Thanks for the advise.

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FollowupID: 482377   Submitted: Wednesday, Feb 14, 2007 at 13:10

Anthony posted:

Check out under the steel wheels section. They come in white, black and maybe silver or chrome. Also some other more expensive looking styles.

I got a price from Tyrepower Moorabbin (Vic) of around $130 each for the rims (black) and a bit under $300 each for the cooper 245/70-17 in ST or STT. My GX is brown/gold colour and thought the same that white rims was not the colour to go for so i think black should look ok. cheers Anthony
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AnswerID: 221614   Submitted: Wednesday, Feb 14, 2007 at 10:36

prado4x4 replied:

As mentioned, the GX has 6" wide rims. A 265mm wide tyre (the 265, from a 265/65R17), is too wide to be mounted on a 6" wide rim. You would need to upgrade your rims to a 7" wide version (like the GXL rims) for those tyres. You would also need flares (the rubber flexi-flares for the wheel arch work well to avoid needing the whole fibreglass/plastice flare kit) as the wider wheels will now protrude on a GX in order to be legal.

My memory might be wrong (as it often is), but I remember reading something about the lastest GX prodos (release from December 2006) having 7" wide rims on them, rather than 6". Worth investigating anyway.

Hope the info helps.
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AnswerID: 221624   Submitted: Wednesday, Feb 14, 2007 at 11:35

Anthony replied:

With the GX standard tyres 225/70-17, I believe that the speedo is not reading the correct speed. With the 225's when the speedo reads 100ks, I think the actual speed being travelled is around 97k's.

If I put on the standard GXL tyres, the 265/65-17's then I think the speedo would be correct. The 225's (using the tyre calc link provided above) are 747mm dia and the std GXL tyres are 776mm dia. The 245/70-17 are 774mm by the calculator but the Cooper tyre guide says the ST abd STT's are 780mm dia.

I want to put a decent off road tyre but they won't fit on the GX rims, so instead of getting expensive GXL rims, an option is to get the King rims (8 by 17 inch). I don't think the GX would need guard flares if I fit the 245/70-17 tyres on the 8 by 17 rims but I would need flares if I went with the 265/70-17.

The 245/70-17 and almost the same diameter as the standard GXL tyres. So the speedo should read the actual speed being travelled and fingers crossed I wont need to fit flares. If I'm wrong then Flexi Fares should be fine.
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