Member - Warrie (NSW)

StateNew South Wales
VehicleNissan Pathfinder 2004
Join Date30 Jul 2008
Page Views5958
Place Admin
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#1 Pathfinder a stock standard 1999 model - almost. LPG. 2005 -08 Did GRR trip 20k km and Cape York 11k km.
#2 Pathy stock standard. Also LPG and Pedders rear shocks. 2009-13. Red Centre 10k km, Mitchell Falls, GRR 2, 23k km. Qld coast,,Savanna Way 11k km, portion Anne Beadell, Googs 7k km. CSR wells 5 to 22, GRR 3, Tanami. Plenty 17k km.
#3 Pathy- nothing serious yet

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