ExplorOz Site Traffic Reports

ExplorOz Site Traffic Reports
ExplorOz website traffic reports - month by month data and analysis for 2014. Sourced from Google Analytics.
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Go to top YTD Monthly Data - All Visits (worldwide)

January 2014

Visits: 647,518
UBs: 431,273
PVs: 1,454,780

February 2014

Visits: 573,746
UBs: 370,926
PVs: 1,348,665

March 2014

Visits: 649,355
UBs: 414,466
PVs: 1,511,170

April 2014

Visits: 668,616
UBs: 436,038
PVs: 1,520,266

May 2014

Visits: 509,728
UBs: 399,486
PVs: 1,729,200

June 2014

Visits: 625,285
UBs: 405,030
PVs: 1,468,038

Go to top Subscribers

As of 1 August, 2014
Registered Visitors: 72,737
Newsletter Subscribers: 49,453
Personal Members (Financial): 3,516

Go to top Location of ExplorOz Visitors

Almost 90% of total site traffic is from Australia.

Breakdown by Country

Australia 89.16%, USA 2.05%, UK 1.34%, UK 1.34%, NZ 1.19%, Canada 0.56%, South Africa 0.55%, Germany 0.42%, India 0.27%.

Breakdown of Australian Traffic by State

NSW 24.7%
QLD 23.44%
VIC 21.61%
WA 16.42%
SA 9.47%
ACT 2.47%
TAS 1.5%
NT 0.38%
not set 0.01%

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Go to top Content Behaviour

Page Views

The following list ranks the Top 25 site pages on ExplorOz.com based on Page View Traffic for February 2014.

Go to top Visitor Flow

Based on sampling data, the following content flow stats are provided by Google Analytics.

Start Pages

This list shows that visitors do not always arrive at ExplorOz.com on the Home Page. This is due to search referrals, links, and bookmarks guiding people guiding people to specific pages.

56.2% enters the site via a link to a specific Forum thread
15.6% enter the site via a link to specific Articles*
10.2% enters the site on the Forum Index
9.98% enters the site on the Places Index
6.4% enters the site on the Home page
1.7% enters the site on the Shop Index

1st Interactions

This list shows the next page that is most commonly visited after opening the site at the starting page.

7.4% will go to a specific Forum thread
3.68% will go to the Forum Index
1.59% will go to specific Articles*
0.5% will go to Places
0.28% will go to our online Shop
0.24% will go to the site Home Page

*Over 100 comprehensive Articles written by knowledge-base experts on issues relevant to trip planning, vehicle setup, and on the road logistics.

Go to top Referred Traffic Sources

Click for enlarged view
The following chart shows the ratio of various search methods that guide visitors to ExplorOz.com As you can see, Organic Search accounts for the largest proportion of visitors (83%). This is due to the strong performance of ExplorOz in search engines across all the major keywords of relevance.

You will also note a strong combination of Direct traffic (13.39%) and Referral traffic (3.24%). Direct traffic is a measure of a visitor using a pre-saved bookmark on their computer or typing the url into the address bar of their web browser. Our analysis of the Referral traffic shows that 27.85% of this Referred traffic comes from our Mobile Site - this is because some pages cannot be opened in the Mobile view and so when a full site page is opened via a link from the Mobile Site it is counted as a Referral. Other referers are the Caravanners Forum and Google.

Whilst Social referrals only accounts for 0.24% of all visits to ExplorOz, Facebook is the most prominent social referrer with 54.8%, followed by Trip Advisor, reddit, Blogger, and Pinterest.

ExplorOz does not investment much in Paid Search advertising and as a result only 0.07% of visits come from this option and even less from other methods, which include Twitter Feed.

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