Oodnadatta Track

Oodnadatta Track If you’re a history buff you’re going to go nuts crossing the Oodnadatta Track. The track follows the orignal Ghan line from Marla to Oodnadatta and then on to Marree. There's stacks of ruins, mound springs, excellent conservation park information & railway sidings/rubble.
StartClick to Reverse the Dynamic Map and Driving NotesMarree
DifficultyDifficulty 2.5/5 Suitable for4WD AWD Bike 
Distance672.86 kmMinimum Days2
Average Speed69.47 km/hrDriving Time9 hrs 41 mins
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Article By: ExplorOz Team
Page Updated: 26 Jul 2015

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Following the Oodnadatta Track is a journey back to the days of early European exploration and settlement. The most obvious historical relics are the last remaining sleepers and ruins of the original Ghan railway that run alongside the track from Marree to William Creek.

The Oodnadatta Track is the name given to the stretch of good dirt road from Marree through to Oodnadatta, which follows a major Aboriginal trade route - the original track taken by the explorer Stuart, the Overland Telegraph Line and the Old Ghan Railway Line.

Along the Oodnadatta Track route there are mound springs, Kati Thandi (formerly known as Lake Eyre) which is Australia's largest salt lake, the biggest cattle station in the world (Anna Creek Station - owned by Kidman) and an ever-changing countryside that is both harsh and beautiful.

Track conditions are generally good enough for a 2WD vehicle to travel the route, however a 4WD will be more comfortable over the potholes and better equipped if the weather changes as rain will make the track slippery and some sections are prone to sudden washaways. It is also impossible to visit Kati Thandi (Lake Eyre) without an all-wheel drive vehicle with some sections being very sandy, particularly the Halligan Bay Track.

Kati Thandi (Lake Eyre) is an Australian identity and is the focal point of a trip along the Oodnadatta track. The lake is a giant basin where all the inland rivers (Diamantina, Warburton, Thomson, Barcoo, Cooper, Georgina, Eyre Creek, Peake, Neales, Macumba and Hamilton Rivers) converge into a pool of vast proportions, yet it can lay dry for many years on end as a crusty saltpan.

Typically a 1.5m flood occurs every three years, a 4m flood every decade, and a fill or near fill a few times a century. The water in the lake soon evaporates by the end of the following summer. Lake Eyre flooded for the first time in over 10 years in June 2000 and water could be seen from the shore. In March 2011, heavy local rain in the Stuart Creek and Warriner catchments filled Lake Eyre South, with Lake Eyre North about 75 per cent covered with water firstly from the Neales and Macumba and later from the Warburton River. But just as quickly as it can fill, Lake Eyre quickly evaporates under the scorching outback sun.

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The Oodnadatta Track lies on the western margins of the Great Artesian Basin. In many places the Basin water has squeezed to the surface in the form of natural springs. Many of the GAB springs are known as ‘mound springs’ because of the characteristic mounds associated with them. The mounds have been formed by mineralised material coming to the surface with the ancient water. You can also see extinct mound springs along the track, most notably at Hamilton Hill and Beresford.

You will see lots of different landforms along the Track. Floodouts and
watercourses are common. In between are vast sand and gibber plains and tableland dotted with mesas. In several places the Oodnadatta Track
passes through sand dune country where the dominant features are dunes and flat areas between them known as swales. There are salt lakes like Lake William and the greatest of them, Lake Eyre. The Peake and Denison Ranges in the north and Willouran Ranges close to Marree, the rocky outcrops at intervals along the Track and the dramatic shapes of Hermit and Pigeon Hill at Bopeechee provide further variations to the landscape. Each land type supports different vegetation.

The climate in this country is erratic. So, to survive, plants have evolved in many different ways. Soil types vary – ranging from clays to sandy loams;from sand plains to limestone and saline soils; from alluvial soils associated with swamps and watercourses to rocky ridges, hill slopes and hard gibber country. All are habitats for different plants where the distribution of nutrients varies greatly.

Australia’s largest salt lake, Kati Thanda (formerly known as Lake Eyre) has a catchment area from three states and the Northern Territory. The lake itself is huge, covering an area 144km long and 77km wide, and at 15.2 metres below sea level, it is the lowest point in Australia. Flood
waters cover the lake once every eight years on average. However, the lake has only filled to capacity three times in the last 160 years.

When there’s water in the lake, waterbirds descend in the thousands, including pelicans, silver gulls, red-necked avocets, banded stilts and gull-billed terns. It becomes a breeding site, teeming with species that are tolerant of salinity. Away from the lake, the park features red sand dunes and mesas. They rise from salty claypans and stone-strewn tablelands.


The road from Marree to Oodnadatta follows a line of mound springs known for thousands of years by the Aborigines until they were 'discovered' in the late 1850s by the explorers. The Oodnadatta track follows almost the same route as that taken by John McDouall Stuart when he successfully crossed Australia in 1862.

Stuart also had the proposed Overland Telegraph Line in mind as he travelled across the desert and eventually the 3178 kilometre telegraph line was completed in 1872 following much of his route.

Because of the availability of water, Stuart's route was also chosen for the steam-train powered Central Australian Railway - the original route of the Ghan and work commenced in 1878. Oodnadatta, Aboriginal for 'blossom of the Mulga' was proclaimed a government town in October 1890 in readiness for the coming railway. By 1891 the line from Port Augusta had reached all the way out to Oodnadatta which remained the rail head for the next 40 years. The town became an important centre and soon had a population of 150 people. The Ghan line was finally extended to Alice Springs in 1929. However when The Ghan stopped coming through in 1980, the population of Oodnadatta declined rapidly.

Some of the visible remains of the Ghan railway are the many bridges and Fettler Cottages. Some can still be seen at Marree, Wangianna, Curdimurka, Margaret, Beresford, Anna Creek, Boorthanna, Edwards Creek, Warrina, Peake Creek, Algebuckina and Mount Dutton.

Lake Eyre was named in honour of Edward John Eyre, who was the first European to see it in 1840. The lake's official name was changed in December 2012 to combine the name "Lake Eyre" with the indigenous name, Kati Thanda. Native title over the lake and surrounding region is held by the Arabana people.


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Access to Lake Eyre is via the Halligan Bay track or Level Post Bay track and both require a permit to enter the Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre National Park. Day permits can be purchased from the William Creek store and Marree Post Office. For longer term travellers, the Desert Parks Pass includes access to Kati Thandi - Lake Eyre National Park - this permit is available online directly from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources SA here: http://www.environment.sa.gov.au/parks/Park_Entry_Fees/Parks_Passes/desert-parks-pass

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Best Time To Visit

Closest Climatic Station

Oodnadatta Airport
Distance from Trek Mid Point 110.21km N
 JanFebMarAprMayJun JulAugSepOctNovDec
Mean Max. °C 37.936.633.728.5 23.219.919.622.1 26.630.333.736.3
Mean Min. °C 23.022.319.214.4 11.415.118.621.2
Mean Rain mm 22.932.214.310.9 12.711.710.08.1 9.913.913.017.1
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Marree is a good place to stock up your supplies, with supermarkets, caravan parks, a pub and some interesting bits of local history that fill in the gaps you missed in history class.

What to See

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For a taste of what you can expect to see along the Oodnadatta Track, please enjoy this 30 second film by Member - George Royter, made exclusively for ExplorOz.com

There are a total of 23 place entries

Callanna - SA

Point of Interest
Callanna Siding is the first of many relics of the Old Ghan railway line located 14km from Marree on the Oodnadatta Track....
Position: -29.64096 137.92226 Altitude: 58m PlaceID: 40846 Updated: 24 Jun 15 04:20

Wangianna - SA

Point of Interest
Wangianna is located 36km from Marree along the Oodnadatta Track. Formerly the site of a Ghan Railway siding, only the ruins of fettler's quarters remain.
Position: -29.65169 137.70676 Altitude: 52m PlaceID: 40847 Updated: 24 Jun 15 05:32

Alberrie Creek - Mutonia Sculpture Park - SA Overall Rating: 4/5

Point of Interest
Alberrie Creek was once a railway siding on the old Ghan line 30km west of Marree on the Oodnadatta Track that has all but gone to dust....
Position: -29.62258 137.54027 Altitude: 28m PlaceID: 40844 Updated: 25 Jun 15 06:22

Curdimurka - SA Overall Rating: 4/5

Point of Interest
This abandoned railway siding on the old Ghan Railway Line next to the Oodnadatta Track is 104km west of Marree. For many years this siding had been home to the many fettlers ...
Position: -29.47724 137.08489 Altitude: -4m PlaceID: 40832 Updated: 24 Jun 15 03:06

Wabma Kadarbu Mound Springs Conservation Park - SA Overall Rating: 5/5

National Parks,Reserves Point of Interest
Two popular POIs are located within the Wabma Kadarbu Mount Springs Conservation Park - Blanche Cup and the Bubbler. Turn off the Oodnadatta Track at this point - 10km east of ...
Position: -29.43592 136.86858 Altitude: 0m PlaceID: 65634 Updated: 24 Jun 15 02:55

The Bubbler and Blanche Cup - SA

Point of Interest
Located 4km off the Oodnadatta Track about 10km east of Coward Springs within the Wabma Kadarbu Mound Springs Conservation Park....
Position: -29.44719 136.8582 Altitude: 13m PlaceID: 102870 Updated: 24 Jun 15 03:25

Strangways Siding - SA

Point of Interest
The siding here is in a state of advanced decay but it is worth visiting the Strangways Telegraph station ruins and mound springs site (although dry) as this is now a heritage ...
Position: -29.1564 136.57201 Altitude: 0m PlaceID: 107642 Updated: 23 Sep 14 08:31

Strangways Springs (Ruin) - SA

Point of Interest
Near this location is Strangways Siding with nothing much left, but take the nearby rough bulldusty track up a hill to an impressive ruined site that was once the Strangeways ...
Position: -29.14761 136.56461 Altitude: 0m PlaceID: 40819 Updated: 23 Sep 14 08:23

Irrapatana Siding - SA

Point of Interest
Position: -29.02543 136.49023 Altitude: 79m PlaceID: 40755 Updated: 13 Feb 08 01:12

William Creek - SA Overall Rating: 2/5

Population - Town Point of Interest
William Creek is the smallest settlement in South Australia with a permanent population of just 6 humans and a dog. Located 165kms from the nearest neighbouring town of Coober ...
Position: -28.90661 136.33872 Altitude: 75m PlaceID: 40684 Updated: 24 Jun 15 09:21

Duff Creek Rail Bridge - SA

Point of Interest
On the old Ghan line. Duff Creek is one of those wide, shallow sandy creeks that winds it’s way through the low ranges and sand hills of this region....
Position: -28.53084 135.8725 Altitude: 0m PlaceID: 102595 Updated: 27 May 13 12:39

Edward Creek Siding - SA

Point of Interest
The remains of Edward Creek Siding with its water softening tanks is located on the Nilpinna Station property. Many of these sidings had these tanks as the bore water was too ...
Position: -28.33392 135.85168 Altitude: 131m PlaceID: 40656 Updated: 24 Jun 15 10:18

Warrina Siding - SA

Point of Interest
Ghan Railway Siding ruins on the Warrina Creek. Look out for the Elder Scientific Expedition Monument nearby (west side of track) marked by a cairn.
Position: -28.19372 135.82925 Altitude: 0m PlaceID: 98840 Updated: 24 Jun 15 10:36

Old Peake - SA

Population - Station,Homestead Abandoned/Ruin Point of Interest
Position: -28.07651 135.90582 Altitude: 75m PlaceID: 40642 Updated: 02 Jul 15 01:48

Algebuckina Bridge - SA

Point of Interest
The Algebuckina Bridge is over half a kilometre long and is the largest bridge ever constructed in South Australia and was built to carry the Ghan Rail Track in 1892 across the ...
Position: -27.8991 135.80724 Altitude: 0m PlaceID: 98842 Updated: 25 Jun 15 06:39

Mt Dutton Siding - SA

Point of Interest
An old apparently forgotten grave lies beside the road near the ruins of the Mt Dutton siding. There are many old graves tucked away in the most unlikely places along the old ...
Position: -27.81364 135.71729 Altitude: 0m PlaceID: 40361 Updated: 24 Jun 15 11:30

The Angle Pole Memorial - SA

Point of Interest
This pole marks the spot where the Overland Telegraph Line changed to a more northerly direction.
Position: -27.49511 135.41438 Altitude: 120m PlaceID: 77748 Updated: 18 Jul 13 12:58

Hamilton Hill - SA

This huge mound was formed by the now extinct mound spring. Hamilton Hill is one of the oldest springs which were from the Pleistocene era, which lasted from about 2,588,...
Position: -29.45712 136.85438 Altitude: 35m PlaceID: 40829 Updated: 24 Jun 15 03:17

Beresford Siding - SA

Point of Interest
The old Bersford railway siding was one of the sites along the line which had giant water softeners to prepare water for the steam locomotive, It is 50....
Position: -29.24278 136.65639 Altitude: 29m PlaceID: 98837 Updated: 24 Jun 15 07:10

Hermit Hill - SA

Hermit Hill is a historic landmark. In 1858 Benjamin Babbage climbed to the top of this high hump-backed range to become the first person to cross the gap between Lake Torrens ...
Position: -29.58232 137.42828 Altitude: 111m PlaceID: 40840 Updated: 24 Jun 15 06:47

Anna Creek Siding - SA

Point of Interest
Ghan railway ruins. Good camping away from the Oodnadatta Track
Position: -28.8251 136.10642 Altitude: 112m PlaceID: 102284 Updated: 23 Sep 14 08:32

Historic rocket tracking emplacement - SA

Point of Interest
This position has not been verified using on the ground field research and is not based on a published GPS position. This place has been located using historical research and ...
Position: -29.24251 136.64818 Altitude: 0m PlaceID: 108045 Updated: 24 Jun 15 10:02

Peake Ruins - SA

Population - Station,Homestead Abandoned/Ruin Point of Interest
The Old Peake Telegraph Station and Homestead ruins are particularly worth a look. To reach it, you'll need to take a small diversion track off the Oodnadatta Track to the East ...
Position: -28.23782 135.90186 Altitude: 97m PlaceID: 40652 Updated: 24 Jun 15 10:25

Where to Stay

DownloadDownload Trek
Save time and download all digital map data for this trek (all places are included in the trek download).
This list may not be complete for the entire region. Places listed here are directly located along the plot file associated with this Trek Note. You can locate other nearby Places by browsing the map or searching Places.
There are a total of 13 place entries

Lake Eyre South Lookout - SA

Camp Free Pets Allowed Large Rigs Accepted
Rest Area on Oodnadatta Track on southern shore of the lake. Has an information board but no other facilities.Stroll down to the salty crust,...
Position: -29.48639 137.20583 Altitude: -15m PlaceID: 98835 Updated: 26 Jun 11 11:43

Coward Springs - SA Overall Rating: 4/5

Camp Fee Toilets Showers Water Supply Fire Ring/Pit Pets Allowed
Coward Springs Campground was once a station on the old Ghan railway line. The site was constructed in 1888 and abandoned before the line was closed in 1980....
Position: -29.40076 136.81111 Altitude: 16m PlaceID: 40827 Updated: 25 Jun 15 06:46

Peake Creek Siding - SA

Camp Free Pets Allowed Large Rigs Accepted
Rest ARea
Position: -28.03471 135.79902 Altitude: 0m PlaceID: 98841 Updated: 16 Feb 15 12:05

Olarinna Creek - SA

Camp Free Pets Allowed Large Rigs Accepted
Rest Area
Position: -27.16333 134.62138 Altitude: 194m PlaceID: 98849 Updated: 29 Nov 10 03:42

Muloorina Station Waterhole - SA

Camp Fee Toilets
This is a magnificent campsite on the banks of a bore-fed billabong that is part of the Frome River. The campsite is located on Muloorina Station,...
Position: -29.24111 137.89722 Altitude: 8m PlaceID: 98833 Updated: 24 Jun 15 02:13

Poole Creek - SA

Camp Free Pets Allowed Large Rigs Accepted
Poole Creek is a bush camp in a (normally) dry creek bed next to an old Ghan bridge and overlooking red hills. Located next to the Dog Fence.
Position: -29.64611 137.55611 Altitude: 42m PlaceID: 98834 Updated: 24 Jun 15 05:57

Halligan Bay Campsite - SA Overall Rating: 4/5

Camp Fee Rubbish Bins
There is a campground at Halligan Bay Point on the shores of the lake. It is an exposed, flat campground with limited facilities – two toilets and two picnic shelters. However,...
Position: -28.74885 136.93608 Altitude: -11m PlaceID: 78034 Updated: 23 Jun 15 04:57

Marree Hotel - SA

Established in 1883 when Marree was the railhead of the Central Australian Railway this magnificent heritage listed building is regarded as one of Australia's top 10 iconic ...
Position: -29.6484 138.06459 Altitude: 0m PlaceID: 108044 Updated: 24 Jun 15 03:45

William Creek Hotel - SA Overall Rating: 4/5

Camp Fee Toilets Showers Fire Ring/Pit Public Phone Pets Allowed Large Rigs Accepted
William Creek Hotel stands out like a oasis in the desert. Located along the Oodnadatta Track, about halfway from Oodnadatta to Maree,...
Position: -28.90694 136.33972 Altitude: 75m PlaceID: 98839 Updated: 24 Jun 15 09:38

Algebuckina Campsite - SA

Camp Free Pets Allowed Large Rigs Accepted
Camping in the area near the Algebuckina Bridge is restricted to the area near the waterhole to the east of the Oodnadatta Track....
Position: -27.90012 135.81354 Altitude: 0m PlaceID: 98843 Updated: 24 Jun 15 11:13

Hookeys Waterhole - SA

Camp Free Pets Allowed
Camp site
Position: -27.59639 135.435 Altitude: 107m PlaceID: 98847 Updated: 29 Nov 10 03:40

Oodnadatta Caravan Park - SA Overall Rating: 2/5

Caravan Park Barbeque Pets Allowed Power Showers Toilets
Oodnadatta Track Oodnadatta SA 5734 Phone: 08 8670 7822 Fax: 08 8670 7831
Position: -27.54957 135.44946 Altitude: 120m PlaceID: 77435 Updated: 29 Jul 13 07:07

Pink Roadhouse - SA

Situated 200kms north east of Coober Pedy, on the famous Oodnadatta Track, Oodnadatta's Pink Roadhouse is the town's most notable icon....
Position: -27.54861 135.44945 Altitude: 120m PlaceID: 77689 Updated: 24 Jun 15 11:42


Marree to Callanna 14.56 km W 272° 12 min
Callanna to Wangianna 23.55 km W 267° 46 min
Wangianna to Alberrie Creek - Mutonia Sculpture Park 17.35 km W 281° 17 min
Alberrie Creek - Mutonia Sculpture Park to Bopeechee Junction 15.23 km W 281° 10 min
Bopeechee Junction to Lake Eyre South Lookout 21.46 km NW 305° 14 min
Lake Eyre South Lookout to Curdimurka 11.48 km W 275° 7 min
Curdimurka to Margaret Siding 9.77 km W 280° 7 min
Margaret Siding to Wabma Kadarbu Mound Springs Conservation Park 13.83 km W 284° 10 min
Wabma Kadarbu Mound Springs Conservation Park to The Bubbler and Blanche Cup 5.04 km SW 219° 4 min
The Bubbler and Blanche Cup to Coward Springs 11.92 km NW 319° 11 min
Coward Springs to Strangways Siding 37.83 km NW 319° 33 min
Strangways Siding to Strangways Springs (Ruin) 0.25 km NW 324°
Strangways Springs (Ruin) to Irrapatana Siding 16.64 km NW 332° 11 min
Irrapatana Siding to William Creek 20.29 km NW 312° 15 min
William Creek to Duff Creek Rail Bridge 68.37 km NW 312° 1 hr
Duff Creek Rail Bridge to Edward Creek Siding 24.77 km N 355° 30 min
Edward Creek Siding to Warrina Siding 15.78 km N 352° 13 min
Warrina Siding to Old Peake 21.09 km NE 30° 31 min
Old Peake to Oodnadatta Tk - Old Peake 16.18 km SW 227° 29 min
Oodnadatta Tk - Old Peake to Peake Creek Siding 16.48 km N 349° 12 min
Peake Creek Siding to Algebuckina Bridge 23.28 km N 37 min
Algebuckina Bridge to Mt Dutton Siding 15.81 km NW 317° 14 min
Mt Dutton Siding to Oodnadatta 43.12 km NW 318° 33 min
Oodnadatta to The Angle Pole Memorial 8.41 km NW 330° 11 min
The Angle Pole Memorial to Six Mile Creek Floodway 1.61 km NW 310° 1 min
Six Mile Creek Floodway to Oodnadatta Tk & Oodnadatta - Hamilton Tk 8.72 km NW 328° 5 min
Oodnadatta Tk & Oodnadatta - Hamilton Tk to Airstrip 47.09 km W 292° 33 min
Airstrip to Olarinna Creek 32.84 km W 291° 25 min
Olarinna Creek to Coongra Creek / Oodnadatta Track 25.48 km W 268° 20 min
Coongra Creek / Oodnadatta Track to Welbourn Hill Airstrip 35.5 km SW 235° 27 min
Welbourn Hill Airstrip to Marla 49.13 km W 276° 43 min
Marree to Marla 672.86 km     9 hr 41 min
Distance is GPS recorded driving distance (not straight line), Direction is straight line from start to end, Time is calculated from actual GPS driving data.


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