ExplorOz General Newsletter 478

Section: Newsletters - ExplorOz

1 August 2018. Release details ExplorOz Traveller V3.5.0

Created: 01 Aug 2018

ExplorOz General Newsletter

Section: Newsletters - ExplorOz

July 5 2018. Updated CSR Trek; New Article Comparing Offline 4WD Maps & GPS Navigation Software & Apps; Forum Etiquette; and Redarc Prize Winner announced!

Created: 04 Jul 2018

ExplorOz General Newsletter 476

Section: Newsletters - ExplorOz

17 May 2018. EOTopo for Memory-Map; Mega FAQ on apps, maps, and Membership; Redarc Dual Battery Charger giveaway; Why our navigation app is the best.

Created: 16 May 2018

Traveller News Edition 7

Section: Newsletters - ExplorOz Traveller

11 April 2018. A detailed tutorial on using navigation tools in the ExplorOz Traveller app.

Created: 10 Apr 2018

Members Newsletter 34

Section: Newsletters - Member

4 April 2018. Tips for EOTrackMe, Using your Account, Pioneer Photo Comp Results, Redarc Prize Winner announced, How to find articles and information on specific topics,

Created: 29 Mar 2018

ExplorOz General Newsletter 475

Section: Newsletters - ExplorOz

16 March 2018. New login/account access; MMR file formats now available in EOTopo; Traveller Testimonials; How to Save Money when joining or renewing your Membership.

Created: 15 Mar 2018

ExplorOz General Newsletter 474

Section: Newsletters - ExplorOz

28 February 2018. Altitude now available in Traveller V3.1.0; Vale Val. Wiseman; Qld Road Alerts; Photo Comp 2018; Win a Redarc 12v, 25amp, in-vehicle battery charger worth $680.

Created: 27 Feb 2018

Traveller News Edition 6 - Troubleshooting Tips

Section: Newsletters - ExplorOz Traveller

13 February 2018. If you have had trouble deleting maps and downloading the new offline maps then help is here - please read this newsletter for important troubleshooting tips.

Created: 13 Feb 2018

Traveller News Edition 5 - Special Announcement

Section: Newsletters - ExplorOz Traveller

9 February 2018. Announcing the release of V3.0.0 and free upgrades to EOTopo 2018 Premium Offline maps. For full details and instructions please read this newsletter.

Created: 09 Feb 2018

ExplorOz General Newsletter 473

Section: Newsletters - ExplorOz

12 February 2018. EOTopo 2018 is now available. Find out everything you need to know to purchase or upgrade from this newsletter.

Created: 06 Feb 2018

Members Newsletter 33

Section: Newsletters - Member

6 December 2017. Member's December Challenges - More about the National Gathering Plans - More about the Members Photo Comp - Reminder Pub Photo Comp closing in 4 days - Renewal Tips - New Redarc

Created: 04 Dec 2017

Traveller News Edition 4

Section: Newsletters - ExplorOz Traveller

27 November 2017. 12 Hot Tips for using ExplorOz Traveller. Pub Photo Comp finishes soon.

Created: 21 Nov 2017

ExplorOz General Newsletter 472

Section: Newsletters - ExplorOz

1 December 2017. EOTopo 2018 beta release news. Redarc Prize Winner announced. New Trek Update. Photo Comp 2018 launch. Hot Topics, ExplorOz Tips, & Member Incentives.

Created: 21 Nov 2017

ExplorOz General Newsletter 471

Section: Newsletters - ExplorOz

27 October 2017. Win a TVAN for a week, or win a 2.5 ton 12V scissor jack/wrench kit in our new competition for app users. This competition is the best ever - because we're telling you to go to the

Created: 26 Oct 2017

Business Member Newsletter 53

Section: Newsletters - Business

10 October 2017. New Sponsor Opportunity to get involved with ExplorOz Traveller App

Created: 10 Oct 2017

Traveller News Edition 3

Section: Newsletters - ExplorOz Traveller

18 October 2017. New competition for ExplorOz Traveller App users - see our great prizes on offer and what you need to do to win!

Created: 09 Oct 2017

ExplorOz General Newsletter 470

Section: Newsletters - ExplorOz

28 September 2017. ExplorOz Traveller now released for Windows 10 laptops and desktop, plus Premium Offline EOTopo maps license now available direct as an alternative to in-app purchase for app users.

Created: 28 Sep 2017

ExplorOz General Newsletter 469

Section: Newsletters - ExplorOz

7 September 2017. Winner of the Redarc Solar Panel announced. Find out how you can be the next winner - and get a 700W Pure Sine Wave Inverter. Windows version of the ExplorOz Traveller coming soon!

Created: 07 Sep 2017

Traveller News Edition 2

Section: Newsletters - ExplorOz Traveller

4 August 2017. We've just added 3 new video tutorials to our YouTube channel. We've also got some useful tips so please take the time to read this newsletter.

Created: 04 Aug 2017

ExplorOz General Newsletter 468

Section: Newsletters - ExplorOz

28 July 2017. What to know what's going on? Read our latest newsletter to find out.

Created: 27 Jul 2017

ExplorOz General Newsletter 467

Section: Newsletters - ExplorOz

29 June 2017. The ExplorOz Final Clearance Sale up to 75% off hurry ends tomorrow 30th June. Click SHOP

Created: 29 Jun 2017

ExplorOz General Newsletter 466

Section: Newsletters - ExplorOz

15 June 2017. Redarc Prizes; New Site Content; Further prizes slashed in our EOFY shop sale; and great news about the just released new version of our app - ExplorOz Traveller!

Created: 12 Jun 2017

Business Member Newsletter 52

Section: Newsletters - Business

24 May 2017. Free Marketing Opportunities & Important Information to help you reach Validated Consumers.

Created: 23 May 2017

ExplorOz General Newsletter 465

Section: Newsletters - ExplorOz

10 May 2017. Get the new link to EOFY Sale for more bargains; how to get the latest travel advice & updates; how to pick the best tracking app; selling your unique possessions; deals on ExplorOz

Created: 09 May 2017

ExplorOz General Newsletter 464

Section: Newsletters - ExplorOz

1 May 2017. Announcing our EOFY Sale with a minimum of 50% off our entire range of OEM products plus Members enjoy an additional 5% off the already reduced prices.

Created: 01 May 2017
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