ExplorOz Traveller

The Traveller app (made by ExplorOz) provides maps, tracking and navigation for use anywhere in Australia. Find out more by expanding the headings below.

How to Buy ExplorOz Traveller

Only use the store buttons below from the device on which you want to install and run the app. After installing the Traveller app, the offline maps (EOTopo) and Membership options are available to purchase as in-app extras. Read the FAQ section below.
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Overview & App Description

If you're a spontaneous adventurer, or an avid planner, you'll love the ease with which Traveller helps you get going faster. Traveller is the only navigation app that features the popular EOTopo mapset which is known for its exceptional detail so you can confidently find your way in any situation. Traveller lets you create navigation in advance or on the go for walking, cycling, and driving with turn-by-turn guidance.

With offline maps, active tracking, and extensive POI data supplied, Traveller helps you quickly find what's around you with shortcuts for where to stay, what to see, services & supplies. Use Folders to keep your planning data together and write notes, create treks, and import files. For those that like to contribute, you can write reviews about places you visit, add photos, edit and create new places. After your trip has finished, you can export your tracking data to see daily trip statistics and create a Track Log of where you've been. All your data is safely stored online in your ExplorOz account so you can sync the same data across multiple devices.

Free updates to the POI & Trek data available daily, and free app updates frequently released to ensure that Traveller remains compatible with the latest devices.

Upgrade your free user account to a Member account to use our free web-app on a desktop PC or Mac computer, plus use the Members Live Sync Tracker service enabling all your tracking data to sync to an online map automatically as you go. You can also enjoy Members discounts in our online shop, Member Message service, Members Blogs facility, and much more.

To find out more, please click on the headings below - FAQs, System Requirements, Video Tutorials, and more.



If you want the full package you will buy the Traveller app ($59.99), plus the offline map licence for EOTopo ($49.99), plus the Membership ($34.95). See info about each option below:-

App Purchase

The ExplorOz Traveller app is a one time purchase of $59.99. No subscriptions. It does include a low resolution offline map (LoRes) for the whole Australia that you can download in-app but for full offline high resolution coverage you need to purchase the additional EOTopo licence (see details below). Position data logging plus a handy "Snail Trail" feature is automatically activated when you use the app. Recorded position data can be exported from the device to create Track Logs.

NOTE: Standard app store T&Cs apply - ie. if you use different platforms (eg. Android and Apple) you will need to purchase separately from the respective app stores.

Offline Maps (EOTopo) Purchase

Full resolution offline map coverage requires purchase of this licence to enable downloading of the "HiRes" and "XHiRes" map packs. This licence is per user and is managed by your ExplorOz user account/login. Purchase in-app from the User Account (or Data Manager). One-off payment $49.99 for 2021 edition of the EOTopo mapset. NOTE: The licence enables you to download map files from our server to all your devices using the in-app Data Manager. The map screen in the app will automatically combine the data to provide full resolution map coverage for the whole of Australia with zoom to level 18 (same as the online map view).

Membership Purchase

This is optional but if you want to utilise ALL the available features and services we offer, then you will need a Member account. Membership is available via the in-app link and is the only subscription service we offer. Simply click the purchase option to link to the buying page on our website. Membership is a user-account status that enables you to access the following features:-
  • free use of the online browser-based version of the Traveller app (web version) which can be used on a desktop computer (PC or Mac) for ease of planning. This is NOT downloaded from the Microsoft store. It is accessed from a link on our website provided you have a Member account (and have a store-bought version of the app). Whilst the web-app is the same as the store-bought app in design it does not function when moving so there is no moving map or active navigation/location services and cannot be used offline. Free use of online maps are included. The web app saves you the cost of purchasing a Windows version if you just want to plan at home on a desktop computer but will use a store-bought app on another device. NOTE: the Traveller web-version requires Chrome, Edge, or Opera browsers.
  • Members have access to use the "Tracker" service which is different to the data logging that is stored in the app by default. The Member's Tracker service enables an automatic data feed of recorded position data from your device to the ExplorOz server. This enables a map showing active tracking progress to be stored automatically whilst you are travelling. You will have access to view your tracking progress in-app (when online). You can also setup followers (friends/family). Without the use of the Members' Tracker service, all position data is stored locally on the device and cannot be accessed until you have completed the journey and exported the position data to create a Track Log. The Tracker service is therefore live, dynamic and easier for you to see your active tracking as a step before creating Track Logs.
  • Once you've got a Member account you'll also have access to other useful web-based services and discounts provided by ExplorOz in the Blogs, Classifieds, Shop, and Forum.
Membership is available either as a 12 month non-auto renewing subscription for $49.95 but if you join after purchasing the Traveller app this price is discounted by $15 and you'll only pay $34.95. We also offer a convenient, never-expiring Lifetime Membership option. See Membership page for all benefits, options and cost.


No sorry. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are proprietary systems built into some head units for a hands-free entertainment & media solution whilst driving. The hands-free system is less practical for using complex navigation apps, which is why we have not built our app for compliance with Android Auto or Apple Car Play.

Instead of CarPlay/ Android Auto, look in your head unit documentation for mention of "wireless mirroring", or 'Miracast", or "Screen View", or similar terms. These options enable you to broadcast your phone's screen display to your headunit. This option is fairly standard on smart TVs but is also available on some headunits. If your headunit doesn't offer that, check to see if your headunit has an HDMI input in the back and use a cable (usbc or lightning) from your phone to this input. Some headunits permit 2 way control of the app for Android phones but 1 way control for iPhones/iPads.


There are many users of our app using Android headunits - such as T'eyes SPRO 10.1, T'eyes CC3, Polaris Universal MAAX, Polaris Universal LUXX, Kenwood DDX920WDABS, DigOptions, ECOffroad, and a growing list of many more brands. Because these are all just standard Android tablets built into a dash kit to suit different vehicle makes/models you just need to find a unit that fits your vehicle and has the 2 key criteria: built in GPS receiver, & access to the Google Playstore to download any app directly. The headunit does not need a SIM to operate the Traveller app but for initial connection to the Playstore to install the app and login to your ExplorOz account to download the offline maps and content you can simply use your home Wifi or hotspot from your phone.


Standard app store paid app licence conditions apply where your purchase of ExplorOz Traveller will permit you to unlimited downloads of the App on all your devices sharing the same operating system and app store account login. For example, buying the App from Apple permits you to download the App to each of your iPhones and iPads provided they use the same Apple ID. Same for Android devices via the Google Playstore, and same for your Windows 10 devices via the Microsoft store. Each app store also offers Family Sharing to enable people in your Family Sharing account to download the App within their account on their devices (same operating system).

Whilst the app is available for all 3 platforms (Apple, Android, Windows), you will need to purchase a licence for each platform separately if you require cross-platform use on multiple devices.


Traveller is not a “light app” so you should avoid using budget or older devices that are only designed for general everyday use for calling, browsing, or light apps. The quality of the hardware inside your device will have a very big effect on your satisfaction with the user experience. The difference between a cheap device and more expensive device is often the speed of the CPU and the type of System on Chip (SoC). Low RAM can result in freezing and even app crashing and slow CPU can result in lagging and poor response. Whilst the app store will permit low-spec devices to install the app, the performance is not guaranteed as each device has these hardware differences. It is up to you to determine what device you wish to use. Minimum Android OS is Android 7. Minimum for Apple devices is iOS 12. Use of a SIM is optional as the app fully supports offline use of mapping, tracking, and navigation and you can use Wifi or Hotspot for data updates/syncing as desired. However your device MUST have true GPS to gain location when offline.


The most common reason for login problems is entering the wrong information by accepting an autofill email address that has an extra space, missing text or error. The 2nd most common reason for problems is when trying to register an email address that is already registered. If REGISTRATION fails - try LOGIN. If you don't know the password to an email account that you think may already be registered, you will see a FORGOT PASSWORD button appear in the login screen after you've entered the email.


There are two ways to get to the Web App. Option 1: On this page (above this FAQ section), you'll see a section called the My App Control Panel - open this section and you'll see the Web app link. Option 2: at the top of the website you should see the ACCOUNT button - click this to open your Account screen - then you'll see Traveller Control Panel - click this. NOTE: You must use a compatible web-browser: either Chrome, Edge, or Opera. You must also be logged in (on the website) for activation.


You can open the User Manual on this page even if you don't own the app yet but you do need to be logged in with a registered ExplorOz user account (free account ok). Please do not jump the queue by asking for support on our Facebook pages, group or via Messenger. Please use the Help Desk for the quickest priority of your support request. If you don't use Facebook and have read the User Manual thoroughly and still have problems you can reach out to us via the options in the Support Help section on this page.

System Requirements


App itself is less than 15MB. Offline content and maps that you will download in-app is approx 5GB. SD card storage is an option when downloading maps. The offline map download covers the whole of Australia and can be saved on your device for as long as you require.

GPS Requirements

Whilst you can use online location services via Wifi and mobile data you will also need to ensure your device has a GPS chip built in or an external GPS otherwise the app will not be able to show where you are when you are offline. All phones have built in GPS and are a good choice of device. Most Android tablets will also have built in GPS. Some iPads will require an external GPS as the Wifi only models do not have a built in GPS chip. Windows laptops used for navigation will require an external GPS plus installation of GPS Complete software. Using your phone as a Hotspot will not work when offline so this method is not a solution for offline tracking. By default, when the app cannot detect a GPS, it will assign Alice Springs as your location.

What is the Best Device to Use?

Traveller is not a “light app” so you should avoid using "budget" model devices that are only designed for general everyday use. The mapping engine and GPS tracking features require a lot of processing power and is not suitable for use on low spec tablets and the larger the screen the more important these issues become. When selecting a tablet, you should select a high-end model to ensure you have the best quality hardware as CPU and GPU processors are inferior in the "budget" models.

Samsung for example, offer an entry level range of "Budget" tablets in the Tab A series. The older versions of these tablets (prior to the Tab A7) were not designed for apps that require complex background processing and should be avoided due to poor performance. These older Tab A devices (eg. were only designed for people that wish to use the device for everyday functions - such as web browsing, watching videos, YouTube, Facebook, playing games and other light apps. The Tab A7 2021 series however was the first Tab A to have increased RAM and storage options, and faster CPU so Tab A7 and the latest generation Tab A8 (2022) are the only Samsung Tab A tablets that we would recommend if you are expecting good performance. On the other hand, the Samsung Tab S series is better suited than the Tab A series overall. Models such as the Tab S6, Tab S7, and latest Tab S8 are all very good choices.

None of these issues apply when buying a new Apple device. Apple iPads (Air, Pro) have good hardware and don't have a "budget" line of devices. The iPad Pro is the most powerful in the iPad line-up so is the best choice. Older model iPad mini's (2,3,4,5)should be avoided due to slower CPUs but the latest iPad mini 6 is a great choice if you want something smaller. The quality of the hardware inside your device will have a very big effect on your satisfaction with the user experience due to more powerful processor and faster speed.

Keep in mind however, that generally, today's phones are more powerful than tablets. That is because there's more choice and more demand and they are built with high screen resolution, faster processing speeds, and built in GPS so are ideal for using ExplorOz Traveller for either your main or 2nd device.

Obviously many people expect a larger device to be better to display the maps - but check that the tablet doesn't have low screen resolution. Some tablets will actually show less map area than a phone due to the difference in screen resolution. Devices with lower resolution will oversize the app layout - which might sound good at first, but you actually get less information on the screen as a result. iPad Pro offers 2388x1668 Retina display and a Samsung S7+ has 2800x1752 but compare to some Android head units and you might only get 800x400 although most are around 1280x720 - still a far cry from the flagship portable tablets. The bottom line is "you get what you pay for" with tablets.

External GPS Receivers

These are very simple to use with Apple and Android devices and a little more complex to setup with Windows devices. To setup a GPS for use with an app that has been downloaded from the Microsoft App Store requires installation of additional software to configure the GPS sensor as a Windows sensor. If you need to purchase an external GPS receiver, the following are popular options – Garmin Glo 2, BadElf, Dual XGPS, Globalstat BU-353, but there are also many others that you can use. Please do your own research.

Platform Specific Requirements (Minimum)

ExplorOz Traveller is available for use on the 3 major operating systems - iOS, Android and Windows 10/11. Your purchase from an app store is a licence to download the app multiple times and to multiple devices supported by that store, however cross-platform licensing is not available.


Compatible Apple devices are iPad and iPhone only (not iMac or MacBook). Must have iOS12 or above.


There is a wide range of suitable brands of Android devices to choose from. Must have Android 7 or above.

InDash Head Units

ExplorOz Traveller can be installed directly via the Google Playstore to an Android headunit if that headunit permits full access to the Playstore. Android Auto/CarPlay NOT available.


Traveller is compatible with the Windows 10/11 operating system and must be downloaded from the Windows app store. If you have a Windows laptop or Surface Pro tablet you will also need an external GPS and because Windows Apps don't recognise GPS hardware automatically you will need to install a program called GPS Complete (this is free). Go to https://www.gpssensordrivers.com/ to download this program. This is a specific requirement for using GPS with a Windows APP rather than general Windows software programs. We also recommend that you check/adjust your System Display Graphics settings to ensure that you configure Windows to use the "High Performance" graphics option when running ExplorOz Traveller. Some Windows devices that don't have large GPU may not need this but if you experience slow map tile rendering then you may find your Graphics setting is configured by default to use "Let Windows Decide", or "Power Saving". This setting affects the speed with which the Windows operating system loads the map tiles.

Web-App for Desktop Computers (PC/MAC)

If you want to use the Traveller app on a second device for planning trips (but not moving), such as a home/work desktop computer (either PC or MAC) then the best solution is to upgrade your free user account to a Member account which provides access to our Web-App version of Traveller. This app does not require downloading and is not found in the app stores. Simply log into the Traveller webpage with your Member account and go to the My App Control Panel to launch the Traveller App (Web-Version). NOTE: this web-app is only compatible with the following web browsers - Chrome, Edge, & Opera.

Offline Map Requirements

EOTopo 2021 is the exclusive offline map source used in the Traveller app. The LoRes map pack is included with the app purchase but must be downloaded before using the app offline. The LoRes map pack covers the whole of Australia but at low detail (ie. maximum map detail/zoom is Level 9). For more offline map detail you will need to purchase an EOTopo 2021 licence ($49.99). This purchase is a licence per user (not per device). This means the map licence is cross-platform compatible. This licence permits unlimited downloads of the 2021 HiRes & XHiRes map packs to all your devices (requires Traveller app installed). When the HiRes/XHiRes maps are installed the offline map detail will be the same as the available EOTopo online map detail with maximum map detail/zoom to Level 18 - a map scale of 1:2,000 - otherwise referred to as 2K. The EOTopo 2021 licence is specific to one edition of the map set (2021 edition). If future editions of the mapset are released, there is no free upgrade pathway or discount offered but there is no obligation to buy either as the Traveller app provides back edition support for 2 editions of EOTopo (ie. currently supporting EOTopo 2019 & EOTopo 2021).

Getting Started: Video Tutorials

The video below is a 2 minute visual app explainer for potential new buyers. We have an extensive number of video tutorials for using specific sections of the new Version 7 of ExplorOz Traveller that has just been released. Please go direct to our ExplorOz YouTube Channel to subscribe for more tutorials.

My App Control Panel

You are not registered as an ExplorOz Traveller user.

User Manual

Below, you'll find the latest User Manual in PDF format. This same document is downloaded into the app automatically and is available when offline. The manual is designed for electronic use with hyperlinks in the index page to quickly jump to any section. In your PDF reader, you can also use the Search option to look for any specific word. Your phone/tablet/iPad device will have a default PDF reader so the manual will automatically open but if it doesn't work as expected we recommend the Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader (download free from your app store). If you use Liquid Mode, some images/text may not display as originally designed.

Version & Update History

23 Sep 2022 - 7.4.X

Features Added

  • Places Comments includes Update History
  • Places synced when open online
  • GPS Lock new setting - Full Screen Mode
  • Map engine restart option in Settings

Updates Applied

  • App reviews changed to use inapp experience
  • Datamanager Offline photo stats updates correctly
  • Photo syncing timing adjustment
  • Removed memory leak in folders
  • iOS style and layout better cut out support

14 Jun 2022 - 7.3.X

Features Added

  • Online/Offline status icon on map screen
  • Menu theme colour support in Settings (Default: Dark)

Updates Applied

  • Adding Trek to Nav Plan issues
  • Permissions screen updates
  • Tracklog updates from async to sync
  • Route after a discard fails
  • App crash with 5+ offline unsynced photos when online
  • Increase zero speed detection threshold
  • Datamanager error messages update

26 Apr 2022 - 7.2.X

Features Added

  • Dynamic Legend option in Map Layers (enable then tap map for detail)
  • Track Logs - Segment Totals on Information panel for multi segment logs

Updates Applied

  • Upload File - back to map message updated
  • App review prompt resets after version update

14 Apr 2022 - 7.1.X

Features Added

  • Members Personal Personal Place limit increased to 2500

Updates Applied

  • what3words position requests throttled to 2secs/request

16 Feb 2022 - 7.0.X

Major Update

  • Ability to tag any data item (Place, Trek, Track Log) to Folders
  • Ability to add notes to any data item (Folder, Place, Trek, Track Log)
  • Removal of Place Groups - replaced with Folders
  • New split-screen layouts for Place/Trek/Track Log info pages with a mini-map
  • New side panel menus
  • Powerful new filters in lists
  • New Map Layers options
  • New styling on map pop-ups (Places, Treks, Track Logs)
  • Expanded range of POIs
  • New method of selecting POI types when creating a Place
  • Public editting of ExplorOz Places - includes moving place location by drag/drop
  • New Place History checker - all changes are tracked and visible
  • New Show on Map option instead of just Create new Place (after an Address Search)
  • New Drop Pin check for existing Places to avoid duplicates being created
  • Offline photos now supported
  • GPX waypoint import simplified
  • Improved Nav Planning - new algorithm in turn by turn means less rejected segments
  • Improved Nav Planning - can now insert a Place anywhere in middle
  • Improved Nav Planning - new drag/drop tool for better reordering
  • Improved Nav Planning - inline recalculation to change mode
  • Improved Nav Planning - option to create a Trek from Folder

5 Oct 2021 - 6.6.X

Features Added

  • EOTopo 2021 Dark mode support - settings: Auto, On, Off (Default: Auto = sunset/rise)
  • what3words, Your Position & Search - Address Lookup - settings: On, Off (Default: Off)

Updates Applied

  • Odometers swipe left for clear button
  • Navigation auto recalculation caused GPS Lock to turn off
  • Places default to selected during file import (GPX, KML & TCX)
  • inApp purchase triggers even with 2021 purchased
  • Map screen quicker exit if not moving on position updates
  • Map first load caused style to load twice
  • EOTopo 2021 seperate section in settings

16 Sep 2021 - 6.5.X

Features Added

  • Ability to rename & delete Personal Place Groups
  • Setting added for Map Screen - Cross hairs position display (Default: Top)

Updates Applied

  • Increased Place, Trek & Track Log lists paging from 50 to 100
  • Corrected DM & DMS position output on User Account Geofences and Map Screen
  • Fixed with of Personal Place Groups display in Map Layer control
  • Fixed map pixel shake due to easeTo call on same position
  • Track Log description field opens to text length
  • Adjust keyboard management to resize webview on open/close
  • Updated version check formula

30 Aug 2021 - 6.4.X

Features Added

  • New Track Logs Online/Offline management system installed
  • Direct import GPX, KML & TCX via device share/open
  • Create Track Log trim and crop tool
  • Track Log Recently Viewed added
  • Place & Track Log photos Online/Offline management
  • Setting added to adjust +/- zoom size per tap (Default: 1)
  • Support for Apple Pencil

Updates Applied

  • Personal Places List - Groups shown first
  • Track Log list pages click action Show vs Map
  • Treks filters not working correctly
  • Speed panel lost press & hold after begin navigation
  • Corrected map auto zoom during directions calculations
  • Personal Place limit checks installed
  • Removed duplicate colours from colour picker

20 May 2021 - 6.3.0

Features Added

  • Turn by Turn allows entry of adjusted Avg Speed with full recalc
  • Version Update information shown after app update
  • Latest version check system installed
  • Track Logs auto update (app start & bring foreground)
  • Online Web App version created

Updates Applied

  • Allow zoom and pan during Turn By Turn calculation
  • Click on destinations in Navigation panel not panning to correct position
  • Added link to Data Manager in Places & Treks update alert
  • Adjusted driving mode turn by turn calculation min<7m/s to 14m/s
  • Adjustment to clear settings to refresh settings table in DB
  • Disable text select on position due to rendering issue
  • EOTopo 2018/19 in download manager hide/visible on tap/click
  • Corrected iPad Air performance issues related to EOTopo 2021 low zoom road labels

12 Apr 2021 - 6.2.0

Features Added

  • Ability to reduce map button sizes - in settings
  • Basic GPS driver mode support for in vehicle head units

Updates Applied

  • Map North Up/Track Up now in settings (Default: Track Up)
  • Map GPS Lock & 3D buttons moved closer to zoom buttons
  • Ability to hide - 'More Offline Maps Available' msg on map screen

7 Apr 2021 - 6.1.0

Updates Applied

  • Adjusted tile cache to improve online performance
  • Push notification driver update
  • Map adjustments to offline/online switching
  • DataManager moved EOTopo2021 above 2018/2019

26 Mar 2021 - 6.0.0

Features Added

Updates Applied

  • Fixed TrackLog share url 'undefined' problem
  • Geofence management supports all position formats
  • Adjusted style of cluster markers to improve visibility
  • Fixed duration outputs > 1 day to add to hours
  • Corrected problem with showing available space in Data Manager
  • Photo's held in app documents folder to ensure availability after app restart
  • Map - Added saveState after any moveend to ensure restart at correct/current position
  • Updated all plugin apis to latest

22 Feb 2021 - 5.1.1

Updates Applied

  • Private Place Group filter on Map Layers control missing

18 Feb 2021 - 5.1.0

Updates Applied

  • Speed Panel - removed minus button now minimise via double click/tap
  • Position Formats added UTM & MGRS

12 Feb 2021 - 5.0.10

Updates Applied

  • Removed spinning logo screen lock - implemented GPS startup watchdog
  • Disabled Tracker if location permissions are not 'Always'
  • Added Map Screen setting 'Disable GPS Lock' - Manual or Automatic (default: Manual)
  • Privacy Policy link added to LHS menu and About page

21 Jan 2021 - 5.0.9 (iOS & Android)

Updates Applied

  • 5.0.8 had unrelease Vector options - removed
  • Added Branch SDK for analytics

18 Jan 2021 - 5.0.8 (iOS)

Updates Applied

  • Corrected Locations permissions messages
  • Adjusted to allow "In Use" Locations permission (Snailtrail, Turn By Turn and Tracking may not operate correctly)

12 Jan 2021 - 5.0.7

Updates Applies

  • Beta Releases - 5.0.4, 5.0.5 & 5.0.6
  • GPS Lock not disabled during map zoom & pan operations
  • GPS Driver update 3.9.4 plus settings update
  • Map zoom level display synced during zoom action
  • Fixed ExplorOz Place - Add Description link
  • Back option on Place, Trek & Tracklog when not from map
  • Installed Tracking option for Save Track Log on GeoFence Exit
  • Map layer menu update for filter and group when data not loaded
  • Changing Crosshairs correctly reloads map after settings change

25 Nov 2020 - 5.0.3

V5 Major Update

  • Beta Releases - 5.0.0, 5.0.1 & 5.0.2
  • Complete revamp of the User Interface
  • Home screen concept has been removed
  • Introduction of side panels (both left and right) to access menu items whilst still staying on the map screen
  • Improved on-screen messaging to indicate status of data downloads and features that are not accessible due to account status etc
  • Menu - tap icon to open a panel that appears in the left side of the map screen
  • Search - tap icon to open a panel that appears in the right side of the map screen with headings Places, Address Search, Treks, and Track Logs. Provides access to text list and search within each section
  • Added Current Time, and Sun & Moon Times at your location
  • Added Current Time, and Sun & Moon Times at each Place
  • Added Setting to choose preferred time format (12 or 24 hr)
  • Added new app loading screen
  • Changed terminology - "Private" now "Personal"
  • Changed terminology - "Public" now "ExplorOz"
  • Changed terminology - "Following" now "Shared"
  • Added ability to select/view ExplorOz and Personal Treks separately on the map
  • Added ability to select/view Personal and Shared Track Logs separately on the map
  • Added Share function to Track Logs - to send a link to a friend/post a link showing map in messages/social media
  • Track Logs can now be assigned 3 different status types - Locked, Shareable, Open
  • All clicks on names of Places, Treks, Track Logs from a LIST now opens the item directly on the map (previously Places & Treks went to Show Info screen and Track Logs went to webpage)
  • Multiple Track Logs can now be opened on the map - tick as many as you like from list to build a "selection". Turn on "My Selection" in map layers
  • Changed terminology - "Speed/Heading Box" now "Speed Panel"
  • Speed Panel can now be moved anywhere on the screen using hold/drag
  • Speed Panel can now be minimised and enlarged when needed using - & + icons
  • Speed Panel can now contain only speed, or up to 4 metrics (speed, heading, altitude, position)
  • Speed Panel layout can be adjusted in Settings - ie. vertical or horizontal
  • Speed Panel size can be adjusted in Settings
  • Photo upload tool (available in Places & Post Status) now permits selection of multiple images at once to upload (previously only 1 image per upload)

2 Sep 2020 - 4.1.0

Updates Applied

  • Treks display updates, What to See, Facilities & Information panel changes
  • Turn by Turn adjustments - replace destination with place name
  • Driving Directions uses Driving Traffic mode for current & recalc
  • Auto recalculation error on multi step treks
  • Corrected issue with Straight navigation mode no distance
  • Streets & Paths and Satellite maps updated to V8
  • Map image sprite updates Aug 2020
  • Changed download caching block size to fix crash on download

Aug 2020 - 4.0.0 - 4.0.3

Major Update

  • Entirely new map engine, supports vector tiles, tilt and a whole new API
  • Rewrite of driving directions to provide multi choices and a new re-route tool
  • Auto directions recalculation during travel when off course (provided you are online)
  • Nav plan will remember Mode setting (only changes when updated)
  • Treks now support filtering using Suitability values (4WD, Bike, Walk etc.)
  • Rewrite/update of download code to later spec API
  • Full API plugin updates to latest
  • Android min version now API 22+ (supports Android 5.1+)

13 July 2020 - 3.12.2

Updates Applied

  • Corrected timing issue causing Place at Crosshairs to not be in correct position
  • iOS link to Purchase/View membership

15 June 2020 - 3.12.1 (Android)

Updates Applied

  • Corrected In App Purchase problem on User Account screen

18 May 2020 - 3.12.0

Features Added

  • Server auto updating Reference Manuals (User Manual)
  • Tracker Geofence icon shown on Home Screen when within
  • Tracker Post Status (Home & Map) - submit msg and images to server tracking (triggers new Post Status Notification)
  • Tracker notification subscription support

Updates Applied

  • Tracker Stop on Close, Start on Boot added to settings screen
  • Geofence manager moved to User Account page
  • Track Log creation now has Privacy settings (Public/Private)
  • Track Log editing via swipe left on Track Log (Name, Description & Privacy)

9 March 2020 - 3.11.4

Updates Applied

  • ios update to correct filepaths in download manager & photos.

6 March 2020 - 3.11.3

Features Added

  • Installed Push Notification service

Updates Applied

  • Changed Saved Track Logs thumbnails to EOTopo
  • Added accuracy filter to track log exports (Default: 50m)
  • Minor distance adjustment to Turn by Turn notification formula
  • Removed all persistance on Heartbeat positions
  • Login timing issue causing inability to run in-app purchase
  • Online/Offline update to cover off new webview methods
  • Updated GPS Background driver 3.5.1
  • Updated cordova platform to 9.0.0

iOS Support Update

  • This update supports iOS 11 and up only
  • Last supported version for iOS 9 & 10 is 3.11.1

14 February 2020 - 3.11.0

Features Added

  • Track Log Follow system added (Track Log Manager, Map, Data Manager)
  • Fully revised User Manual Feb 2020

Updates Applied

  • Fixed Map screen setting persistence if App closed from Map Screen
  • Fixed Map screen setting persistence if opened via place/trek
  • Moved Snail Trail Clear button on Map Layers Overlays (Map Screen)
  • Corrected Map Layers OverLays Treks On/Off issue on iOS
  • Updated icons to Font Awesome V5, some icons replaced
  • Removed integrated help in favor of PDF based User Manual
  • Adjusted home screen buttons merged Help & About to single button
  • Map screen back button displayed at wrong time (after place/trek)
  • Public Places add Description sometimes would not allow save

iOS Support Update

  • This update maintains support for iOS 9 & 10

6 January 2020 - 3.10.0

Updates Applied

  • iOS Only Reverted update 3.9.11 - Changed WebView to support new online mapping engine
  • Corrected minor offline places image display issue

iOS Support Update

  • Last supported version for iOS 9 & 10, future updates will include support for iOS 11 and above only. This version will be retained in the app store for older device support

21 December 2019 - 3.9.12

Features Added

  • Android Immersive Full Screen mode supported

Updates Applied

  • Changed Tracker URLs for server tracking (eotrackme -> tracker)

17 December 2019 - 3.9.11

Features Added

  • Geofence add/edit to Tracker on Home Screen
  • Added latest PDF User Manual in Help & Instructions

Updates Applied

  • Minor style/colour update on Tracker on Home Screen
  • Click on line not just eye icon for Tracker on Home Screen
  • Changed WebView to support new online mapping engine
  • Changed 'Track Log Manager' to 'Track Logs'

15 November 2019 - 3.9.10

Updates Applied

  • Undo Place and Trek popup clear from map screen as caused Goto problem
  • Adjustment to Private Places sort order setup

12 November 2019 - 3.9.9

Features Added

  • Map Screen set Zoom & GPS Lock left/right via settings (Default: Left)
  • Private places added sort order Distance/Sequence to support ordered GPX uploads

Updates Applied

  • Map Screen, Place & Trek popup cleared on close to ensure details not flashed up incorrectly on next open (slow devices)
  • Fixed Private Places issue where display stopped due to group count
  • Positions Manager changed to Track Log Manager (name change only)
  • Minor connectivity check url update
  • Device 'aid' added to sent Tracker positions

16 October 2019 - 3.9.8

Features Added

  • Tracker - Device Settings & Sharing added to home screen
  • New Social Sharing system installed in Places & Treks
  • Public places now allow edit of description and highlight to add photo
  • Direct access to Deeplink from standard WebLinks

Updates Applied

  • Fixed Place & Trek lists text width on small devices
  • Correction to selecting Treks on Map screen which fixes previous performance issues with trek layer enabled
  • Minor update to some icons
  • Increase size of close button on treks and places popup on map screen

7 October 2019 - 3.9.6

Features Added

  • Ability to select number of odometers 0-3 in settings (default: 1)
  • New option in Goto, "Replace" which will allow you to replace current plan during Goto

Updates Applied

  • Fix part mappack download data persistence
  • Minor update turn by turn timing
  • Map Nav menu change button Update Directions to Re-Calculate

4 October 2019 - 3.9.5

Updates Applied

  • Updated Icon and Splash screens
  • Updated GPS Background driver 3.2.3
  • Fixed failed login message
  • Corrected home screen link for login in track logging
  • New server login process

21 September 2019 - 3.9.4

Updates Applied

  • Updated GPS Background driver and refactor all GPS code
  • Refactor Track Logging Start/Stop
  • Adjusted re-clustering icons < zoom 11 on map screen

4 September 2019 - 3.9.1

Updates Applied

  • Fixed places list in Treks Directions & Things to Do
  • Adjust timing of reclustering icons on map screen

3 September 2019 - 3.9.0

Features Added

  • Live ETA based on VTC forumla shown in Navigation status line

Updates Applied

  • Corrected Turn by Turn close proximity waypoints skipping
  • Reset Walking mode polyline decoding precision

28 August 2019 - 3.8.6

Features Added

  • Odometers x3 now available on Map Screen - Enable/disable via settings (default: On)

Updates Applied

  • Fixed store review link
  • Refactored/Improved position recording for odometers & snailtrail

26 August 2019 - 3.8.5 iOS Only

Updates Applied

  • Removed the word BETA from settings screen items to pass Apple validation

24 August 2019 - 3.8.4

Updates Applied

  • Adjusted GPS failure/permissions routines
  • Corrected non default position format new place error
  • Corrected new place add duplicating description and poi
  • Fixed Advanced DB clear settings update problem
  • Corrected Base download when no offline license purchased
  • Fixed place not appearing on map after addition (recent bug)
  • Adjusted GPS Timestamp checking function to save positions

19 August 2019 - 3.8.3 Windows Only

Updates Applied

  • Corrected no GPS/no Connection system boot up crash
  • Implemented new online/offline detection system

25 July 2019 - 3.8.2

Updates Applied

  • Adjusted Place cluster sizes on zoom 13 and above
  • Corrected issue with Navigation (voice and step skipping)
  • Additional code refactor in Places services (overlays and photos)

11 July 2019 - 3.8.1

Updates Applied

  • Update for place add error in 3.8.0

10 July 2019 - 3.8.0

Updates Applied

  • Full code best practise refactor to support code upgrades
  • Adjustments to Data Manager to help in download issues
  • Corrected Walking mode polyline decoding precision

5 July 2019 - 3.7.4

Updates Applied

  • Corrected issue introduced in 3.7.3 for Private Trek syncing

24 June 2019 - 3.7.3

Updates Applied

  • Refactored download processing to use Native Unzip tool (faster and less memory utilisation)
  • Upgraded database library to 0.10.0

19 June 2019 - 3.7.1

Updates Applied

  • Corrected incorrect link to InApp purchase for EOTopo 2019 App Version
  • Positions Manager updated "User Treks" to Track Logs

18 June 2019 - 3.7.0

Features Added

  • Support for online & offline EOTopo 2019

Updates Applied

  • Adjustments to inapp products to support EOTopo 2019 App Version
  • Refactored Android Advanced Maps DB Clear function
  • Implemented timestamp check for position recording
  • Adjusted mobile service online/offline timing 10/30secs

8 May 2019 - 3.6.4

Features Added

  • Ability to open Server Tracking view even if Track Logging not running (must be a track logging user)

Updates Applied

  • Corrected issue with offline photo syncing that caused images to not upload
  • Corrected issue that caused private places to disappear from the map when app started in Map view mode
  • Updated SyncAll function to run regardless of app start page
  • Minor update in app store purchase checking process to correct requesting login

10 April 2019 - 3.6.3

Features Added

  • Added support for Places Youtube video content

Updates Applied

  • Fixed issue with some Place weblinks not referencing the correct URL

21 March 2019 - 3.6.2

Updates Applied

  • Bug fix introduced in 3.6.1 where Goto failed on Treks
  • Map Screen: Implemented marker drag as click trigger to help in popup open
  • Map Screen: Added close button in popup

19 March 2019 - 3.6.1

Updates Applied

  • IOS - Disabled shake gesture which caused Undo Typing dialog to appear
  • Refactored timing of online/offline events
  • Corrected failed login dialog appearing when marginal service restored
  • Map Screen stopped reload of base map when online/offline occurred if offline map was loaded
  • Map Screen disabled press and hold place creation option

31 Janurary 2019 - 3.6.0

Breaking Change

  • Due to Updates on Places and Treks the database MUST be Updated at first boot. A dialog alert has been installed in the app to advise when you first boot after update

Features Added

  • Added support for Private Place Groups including map display filtering, add & edit functions in place edit
  • Visual Prompts added for Navigation Turn by Turn, there is now a visual message put at the top of the screen which displays the turn by turn navigation step. Added new settings for enabled/disabled and display duration (Default Turn By Turn, 10 sec)
  • Added Offline map tiles over zoom to level 16
  • Added Turn By Turn display on the Trek Directions page
  • Added ability to Edit & Delete Places from the Map screen popups, Delete option has double tap confirmation
  • Map Screen, Navigation now has Map Opacity slider to set opacity of background map when in navigation mode
  • New setting Track Up Centre Offset will cause the map to move down when Track Up mode is selected - allows more visible map in the forward direction
  • Map Screen added zoom level to main screen between zoom +- buttons, Number changes to red on over zoom offline tiles

Updates Applied

  • Added support for bi directional Turn by Turn in ExplorOz Treks (currently fully supported on MundAl treks)
  • Modified onscreen messages for Turn by Turn directions calculations
  • Map Screen, Navigation adjusted Delete function to support single delete, with delete mode disabled after each deletion
  • Map Screen, Navigation during turn by turn calculation all other map displays hide to show full route
  • Map Screen, Navigation route line background colour adjust to make it more visible
  • Increased width of content panels in some screens
  • Adjusted the Turn by Turn proximity formula to announce/display prompts earlier at higher speed
  • Adjustment to the Altitude corrections system to only apply corrections when in data service
  • Fixed error on Windows Platform which made settings - colour selections difficult
  • Updated icons on Home, Settings tabs, Places and Treks
  • Rewrite of Map markers system to reduce complexity and improve performance
  • Place delete now checks if Place is used in a Trek and prohibits delete

5 September 2018 - 3.5.2

Features Added

  • New Setting for Map Screen - Crosshairs, supports None, Symbol (previous default), Line, and Always Line. Shown in centre of map screen.
  • New Navigation Screen Setting - Voice Prompt Speed. Allowsadjustment of voice speed used in Basic, & Turn-by-Turn Guidance (Default: 4).
  • Cancel Navigation button added to Home screen when in Nav Mode

Updates Applied

  • Intermittment issue of multiple markers shown on map after adding a new place
  • Added additional POI (Place) types and symbols

4 August 2018 - 3.5.1 (Android)

Updates Applied

  • Due to support issue with Android 4.4.2 we have recompiled to min SDK 21 -Android 5 so support for 3.5.X and above will be Android 5+. Version 3.1.0 will be still offered to Android < 5

1 August 2018 - 3.5.0

Features Added

  • Positions Manager: New system to allow extraction of all positional data to create user treks based on date ranges, In-App access to all saved User Treks with support export to GPX and other formats.
  • Direct link to Server based Track Logging on Home page with SAVE/CLEAR controls in-app. New settings to control auto refresh rate (default 5 mins), Base map type (eotopo, streets & paths or satellite) and visibility of the server map
  • Added Track Logging Geofence display to Map Screen and Server Track Logging Map
  • Map screen Speed/Direction control can be toggled top/bottom, plus initial position setting now in Settings (default bottom)
  • Range Rings now supported on Map screen via settings. Supports 0-5 rings at 250m to 5km between each (default None @ 1km)
  • Map screen now has cross hair in centre when not locked to current position, drop marker button changes to cross hair position when shown or current position when locked
  • All position entry fields now match the setting for position display format (D, DM & DMS)
  • Installed Altitude correction via server call when online updated every 20mins (small green dot will appear on map screen altitude when corrections loaded)

Updates Applied

  • Rebuild of full environment, all core components updated
  • Snail Trail/Locations DB data now added to Track Logging position upload
  • Map screen current position arrow sizeable via settings now supports 5 sizes (None - Huge - default Medium)
  • Added latest POI image sprite (includes dump points)
  • Corrected offline photo viewing problem after offline capture
  • Adjusted login process to ensure login occurs after device goes back online. Adjusted message when a failed auto login occurs if password/email validation fails
  • Fixed issue with Light map controls theme causing some nav control buttons to disappear

22 February 2018 - 3.1.0

Features Added

  • Added Altitude display on map screen - Enable/Disabled in Settings

Updates Applied

  • Refactored the Track Logging Startup (possible timing issues)
  • Implemented correction to eliminate Zero tile download problems

7 February 2018 - 3.0.0

Features Added

Updates Applied

  • EOTopo 2018 online increased zoom from Level 14 to Level 16 (18K)
  • Premium EOTopo Offline Mapset replaced to new 2018 version (requires download)
  • Offline max zoom at 144K increased from Level 13 to Level 14 (ie. 2x magnification overzoom added)
  • Support for BadElf GPS added to Settings (ability to turn off redundant internal GPS drivers when using external GPS receiver)

13 September 2017 - 2.1.0

Features Added

  • Windows 10 Support and availability from the Windows Store

Updates Applied

  • Updates to the Turn-By-Turn guidance formula to increase distance predication and bring voice prompt earlier at speed
  • Refactor all Active GPS systems (Map display, Navigation mode & Track logging) to ensure app stays active and to foreground services
  • Added TrekID to Description panel in Treks
  • Track Logging position reports sent using updated https mode
  • Private Trek edit/create from Map now prompts for overwrite or new

Issues Fixed

  • Route error when multiple treks are added (using Add)

07 July 2017 - 2.0.3

Updates Applied

  • Fixed offline/online auto map switching problem
  • Adjusted database setup during download.

20 June 2017 - 2.0.2

Updates Applied

  • Adjusted text of messages shown during download of maps and data
  • Corrected issue with tile count routine that caused the maps to appear not to be loaded correctly
  • Added back button from Home page to pop up message and allow App close
  • Adjusted Settings - Advanced - DB Clear function to force close the App at completion

16 June 2017 - 2.0.1 Android

Updates Applied

  • The 2.0.0 release has a problem in Android 7 that causes the app to crash on launch. This was caused by a config flag that was installed during the update process. This flag was removed and a new release uploaded to resolve the problem

4 June 2017 - 2.0.0

Major Update

  • Home page update - added settings options and adjust layout for upgraded features
  • Private places now editable within the app
  • Private treks fully sync with online account
  • Private treks now editable within the app
  • Treks driving directions added and used in nav mode routing (driving distance vs straight line)
  • Places and Treks list pages max width set to ensure readability
  • Quick add of new place when adding from Map (no entry required - just click)
  • basic announcements and turn by turn - defaults to Basic
  • Places view enable/disable in the map control/layers panel
  • Treks view enable/disable in the map control/layers panel
  • Current zoom status in the map control/layers panel
  • Attribution on the maps now shows online or offline
  • New setting - Font Size, allows for change to all fonts/buttons used within the app
  • New setting - Status Bar visible, toggles the top line device status bar on/off
  • New setting - Position Display Format with choice of D, DM & DMS this adjusts the shown format on all pages
  • New setting - Show Position in Speed/Heading will turn on a position display in the on map screen Speed and Direction panel
  • New setting - Map colour theme to control buttons and controls colours
  • New setting - Voice Prompts, supports Basic and Turn by Turn
  • Help files updated to support new/changed functions and features

Changes Applied

  • Review system updated to use local copy on initial view and update in the background
  • Main settings moved to new settings database to ensure they do not get removed by the OS during update
  • Map remembers last state and returns to previous view on open
  • Distance displays updated to show metres for close items not decimals of kms
  • Fixed keyboard causing fields to disappear in entry screens

Core Updates

  • Cordova 6.5.0, Geolocation 2.7.2, Purchase 6.1.2, Crosswalk 2.3.0, SQL 0.8.6, TTS 0.2.3

29 Nov 2016 - 1.11.9

Features Added

  • New setting to turn off the current position arrow - if off you get a dot marker on the map provided you have pulse enabled

Updates Applied

  • Addressed issue with place order in treks goto
  • Corrected offline maps database creation routine which caused DB Init errors
  • Updated place popup markers to new standard in Nav map
  • Adjusted layering order of X button in Driving Directions panel

01 Nov 2016 - 1.11.3

Updates Applied

  • Speed & Heading on map screens now resizes based on device screen size
  • iOS 10 caching update that caused West Map loading issues
  • iOS was not updating the Storage Location (Using:) count

Fixes Applied

  • Updates to DB deletion system to support reviews tables and structure changes

20 Oct 2016 - 1.11.2

Updates Added

  • Added Treks Map to show all treks installed on a selectable map
  • Changed map popup style improves performance, information and styling
  • Added Speed and Heading display on maps - show/hide via Settings page
  • Recalculated snail trail updates to force add position at turns and increase straight line distance (better accuracy)

Fixes Installed

  • Delete private place from the place description page not working
  • Fixed issue with current position marker not in correct position on rotated map

Core Updates

  • GPS Driver 2.1.2 - implemented watchPosition in activeWatch method

19 Sep 2016 - 1.10.2

Updates Applied

  • Add Direction of travel Up in map views via new three state operation of the GPS lock button (no lock, GPS lock, GPS + compass lock)
  • Fixed issue with displaying incorrect End Place in treks description page when trek initial direction is reversed
  • Installed storage space updates for Android < 5 to find all actual SD devices for install
  • Auto close layer menu on snail trail reset
  • Added help files for offline Comments system

Code Updates

  • Converted Trek pages to ControllerAs syntax
  • Replaced A4Watch with updated Heartbeat change for Android < 5
  • GPS Driver 2.0.10

23 Aug 2016 - V1.10.0 (Android Only)

Features Added

  • Android support for map storage on External SD (reinstall required to change location, due to files structure changes and 4GB limit on SD).

Issues Fixed

  • Problem with GPS driver permissions not registering correctly on some Android versions.
  • Removed GPS driver restart logic due to 2.0.7 changes.

Core Updates

  • GPS Location services updated from 1.7.0 to 2.0.7 SQL Driver services updated to 0.8.1-pre3

8 Aug 2016 - 1.9.3

Updates Applied

  • Added full offline places & treks comments system including all reply/followups, new data manager item + incremental downloads upon opening comments.
  • In-place and in-trek sharing options implemented.
  • Improvements in screen refresh and page switching.
  • Android: Enabled move to SD for the main app (this does not address the maps storage)

Issues Fixed

  • Trek text search not working.
  • Additional rework on in-app purchase system with issues reported on Offline_Map purchase.

29 July 2016 - 1.9.1

Updates Applied

  • Fixes unable to purchase - compatibility problem for some older iPhones/iPad introduced in 1.9.0

Features Added

  • Added prompt for store rating after 5 opens and optional link to ratings from About page

26 July 2016 - 1.9.0

Updates Added

  • Rewrite of places and treks list functions to remove dynamic position tracking improves performance significantly

Fixes Applied

  • Issue identified with Track Logging not starting correctly if not using the home screen as start screen
  • In-App purchase issue causing some users to not register the in-app purchases correctly - EO server V2 implemented.

Core Updates

  • Implementation of more background analytics processes via Branch.io

12 July 2016 - 1.8.15

Features Added

  • Places and Treks list views now support swipe left to enable goto/delete actions
  • Treks goto now asks direction of travel allowing planning in any direction
  • iPad/iPhone added support for multi screen/multi tasking operation
  • Added onHeartbeat 120sec position recording for extended still monitoring in Track Logging

Fixes Installed

  • Corrected snail trail truncation wrong
  • Place photo click/touch opens first image
  • Update to GPS driver launch sequence to eliminate possible timing clash

6 July 2016 - 1.8.11

Features Added

  • - NearBy places tab added to place page display
  • Related treks added to place information page

Updates Applied

  • Issue identified in map pack download where incorrect (out of storage space) message was shown even if pack was installed.
  • Place photo view caused crash if photos > 30
  • Minor rework of in app purchase to ensure correct multi device usage

Core Updates

  • Upgraded SQL drivers to use sqlite-evcore-extbuild version - Speed and stability improvements

1 July 2016 - 1.8.8

Updates Applied

  • Issue identified in map pack download where incorrect (out of storage) message was shown even if pack was installed.

29 June 2016 - 1.8.7

Features Added

  • - persisted last 50km snail trail added + line colour option in settings
  • snail trail control added to map layer controls (hide/reset)
  • offline sync of Private Places to allow cross device sync and backup

Updates Applied

  • replaced GPS lock and zoom buttons on map pages to stop touch event pass through as reported from some users
  • minor updates to map download routines to eliminate possible caching issues

Android 4.X Update

  • due to fault in older Android platforms a work around has been installed to ensure Track Logging movements are recorded and sent to the server. These devices cannot use the intelligent movement GPS system and so a timer has been installed to force these positional updates.

Core Updates

  • updated GPS driver to 1.7.0
  • removed Basic Poll system. Now using updated GPS service detection system, this results in a massive battery power saving when not moving

15 June 2016 - 1.8.0

Treks major update

  • Added private treks via save option in navigation map.
  • Adjusted treks list to support tabs with Recent, List & Private views.

Updates Applied

  • Added scale bar to map views - located bottom right.
  • Added new Settings help screen with full details on GPS Timers.
  • Added in page help (? button) links.
  • Added Home icon button to page headers for quick return to home page.
  • Change minimum length of Place Name field when entering new place to 1 character.
  • Heading text and button positions updated on Android.
  • Places list button on map view changed destination from recent to public list.
  • Minor button style updates

12 June 2016 - 1.7.3

Updates Applied

  • Issue where centre on map was not correctly setup on initial map/nav map load
  • Added colour selection for Current & Next Navigational lines and icon pulse in settings
  • Change heading line 2 colour from light-blue/white (bar-calm) to dark-grey/white (bar-dark)
  • This update to both platforms will also bring in the 1.7.2 updates to iOS pushed out to Android which includes support for Location Services< disabled operation

11 June 2016 - 1.7.2 Android

Updates Applied

  • Android random crashes with OutOfMemory errors.
  • Implementation of last know or default location "Alice Springs" if Location Services are disabled.

Updates applied

  • Style adjustments to better support device specific font settings
  • Add ability to change latitude & longitude of new places created via touch & hold or Pin in the map view.

10 June 2016 - 1.6.15

Updates Applied

  • Error Code 6 during map downloads caused by database constraint issue only seen on Android 5 systems.
  • Bug causing Start Screen - Navigation Map to produce a blank screen.

Updates applied

  • Change email link to direct link to the Feedback and FAQ page on the app About screen

10 June 2016 - 1.6.14 Initial Release

First release version of the app published on App Store and Play Store.

Support Help

Before using the Live Chat or Help Desk, please look for an answer in the FAQ section above. If the answer is not there, open the PDF User Manual from this page (see section above). The User Manual is in PDF so you can print it, or you can use the SEARCH to find every occurrence of a word in the document. We highly recommend that all app users read the User Manual from the beginning as it carefully takes you through the essentials step-by-step in logical order. If you are experiencing a unique technical difficulty or have a query that is not covered in the document, please lodge a support ticket via the Help Desk or use the Live Help Chat link below . Live Chat is generally available Monday - Friday between the hours of 9am - 3.30pm, except public holidays. We are located in Perth, Western Australia, which operates on GMT+8 (WST).
Send an email via the Help Desk
Raise a support ticket for fully traceable communication with the developer team in Perth, Western Australia.


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