ExplorOz Traveller

ExplorOz Traveller (with EOTopo maps) is the best GPS/Navigation and mapping app for Australian travellers. Designed for any type of outdoor adventures or travelling, anywhere in Australia. Suitable for urban commuting, caravan touring, motorbike expeditions, remote 4WD exploring, hiking, MTB cycling, and trail running. Full topographic map data including 4WD tracks, POIs, Trek routes, campsites and EOTopo - the best topographic mapping for the whole of Australia. 144K offline - 18K online. On this page you can see demos, video tutorials, FAQ's, troubleshooting support, user manual, and download links.
Created: June 2016
Revised: July 2020
Latest Feedback: July 2020

Download the App Here

The ExplorOz Traveller app can only be purchased and downloaded from the app store as applicable for your device. ie. For Android devices go to the Playstore, for Apple iPads & iPhones go to the App Store, and for Windows 10 devices go to the Windows Store. For your convenience, the buttons below give direct access to the app download page on each store. Only use these buttons/links from the device on which you want to run the app. Alternatively, you can just use the app store icon on your device and search for "ExplorOz Traveller". A full description of the app is given in the store, or you can read more from this webpage - see section headings below.
Get the app now in the Apple App Store
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How much does it cost?

App: $59.99
Offline Maps: $49.99
TOTAL: $109.98

Optional Live Tracking/12 month ExplorOz Membership Subscription: $29.95 with discount*
GRAND TOTAL: $139.93

Overview & Main Features

TRAVELLER is a mapping & navigation app that uses GPS &/or Location Services for active navigation and tracking. The app can be used for local commuting, cycling, hiking, driving or for longer distance touring such as caravan, motorbike and 4WD expeditions. With full offline capability, including a Tracker, the app has specific relevance for those that enjoy remote outback camping trips.

The app is AU$59.99 - this provides the navigation software and access to online maps for the whole of Australia plus a free offline base map. There's also over 85,000 POIs (Places), and over 185 Treks covering the whole of Australia so this takes out all the hassle of complicated trip planning. Plus you can create your own Places & Treks if you need to.

The app is fully functional online as well as offline however if you intend to use the app in areas where there's no mobile service or you use a Wifi only device then you'll need to purchase the EOTopo offline map licence so you can download the full version of EOTopo offline maps as this enables increased zoom levels in the offline map (up to 1:144,000 map scale). This is purchased in-app OR direct from the ExplorOz website for $49.99.

Main Features:
  • See your current position on map screen as you move
  • Provides active navigation from current position with turn by turn directions to selected POIs
  • Select your mode of travel - Driving, Cycling, Walking or Straight-line
  • Get travel time and distance between each POI
  • Plan a route and save for future use
  • Supports navigation & mapping offline
  • Includes all ExplorOz Places - 90,000 POIs
  • POIs appear on map as icons with symbol for Place Type
  • Click Place icons to see what's there
  • Australia's largest database of POIs specifically for travellers like you - campgrounds, free camps, caravan parks, station-stays, hikes, lookouts, interesting sights, places to visit, shops, fuel, dump points, heritage sites, river crossings, 4WD destinations, aboriginal art sites, and much more. Verified and updated daily with free updates available on demand in-app
  • Also create your own Places in-app or upload GPX waypoints
  • Includes all ExplorOz Treks - 187 pre-planned routes
  • Create your own routes in-app
  • Snail Trail feature included on map screen for backtracking
  • Easy auto-build of Track Logs to keep/share after your journey - no hassles
  • Option to enable Live Active Tracking - via purchase of 12 month Membership - $29.95 after installing app. Family/friends can follow your journey
  • Local Help Desk in Australia available Monday - Friday

Quick Preview

App Demos & Tutorials

System Requirements

Total storage required for the app, including all offline resources and map packs is 4.38GB.
  • Places & Treks database requires 15MB internal storage
  • Comments database (optional) requires 20MB internal storage
  • Permission to use device storage and location services must be accepted for the app to operate correctly
  • Base Offline Map Pack requires 32MB storage (option to use SD)
  • EOTopo 2019 App Version (maps) requires 4.38GB storage in total if all 4 files installed (option to use SD)

Compatible Devices

The ExplorOz Traveller app is built for compatibility with Apple, Android and Windows devices.


Compatible Apple devices are iPad and iPhone only (not iMac or MacBook). Devices with older iOS software below iOS11 are not compatible with the latest store version. If you have ExplorOz Traveller already on your device you will not be able to update beyond V3.10.0.


Compatible Android devices are Android tablets & Android phones of any make/model with at least the Android OS version 5 (Lollipop) and above.


Compatible Windows devices are only those running the Windows 10 operating system. For all devices, offline location services is only possible when offline if the device has a GPS receiver (either inbuilt or external). See notes below for GPS Requirements.

App Permissions

When you install the app you will be asked to accept the use of device storage (to enable you to install maps and offline content) and location services (to provide active mapping and navigation).

GPS Requirements

Your device will need a GPS in order to operate the full navigational features and offline services with the app. Most smartphones/tablets will have an inbuilt GPS but if not, you can connect an external GPS receiver (purchase separately).

If you use a Windows 10 device with an external GPS then you MUST ensure that you also configure Windows to detect the GPS unit as a Windows GPS Sensor. This is not possible without installing a tool such as GPS Complete (free download from https://www.gpssensordrivers.com/).

Internet Requirements

You will require an internet connection to purchase/install the app from your app store. You will also require an internet connection to install the offline maps and content, however once installed, internet connection is not required to use the app for active navigation, tracking or planning.

An internet connection is required to perform the following:
  • To refresh/update the offline database content (Data Manager)
  • To install any un-installed offline map packs (Data Manager)
  • To view any of the 3 online map options - Satellite, Streets & path, EOTopo online
  • To view your current server tracking map & tools on the Home Screen (Member only feature)
  • To sync to your account (the app will automatically sync any Private Places/Treks you have created in-app as soon as an internet connection is secured). Photos of Places that you’ve taken using the Capture button will also automatically sync, together with any Comments/Reviews in Places or Treks.
  • To obtain Driving Directions when building a nav plan. The driving time and distance will be calculated using internet based data that stores the conditions for each road. If the points are not routable, try changing mode to Cycle or Walk. Use the SAVE option to keep your nav plan for later use. Saved nav plans are stored in the app as your Private Treks, which can be used offline to provide auto route-guidance.

Support Help

Live Chat is generally available Monday - Friday between the hours of 8.30am - 3.30pm. We are located in Perth, Western Australia, which operates on GMT+8 (WST). If we are busy taking other chats, you will be prompted to leave a message. Please do so and we will get back to you asap.
Before contacting us for support, please ensure you have checked the FAQs below.
Most problems will be solved via the following:-

1. Check you have the latest version of the app. If your problem is due to a bug in the app, chances are its already been fixed in a newer version that is already available. To check for an update go to the ExplorOz Traveller app listing in the app store you use - an Update button will appear if the store detects your device doesn't have the latest version. DO NOT UNINSTALL

2. Close/Restart app. Some problems resolve themselves with an app reboot but not unless you are doing it properly. If you have an iPad or iPhone you have to double tap the Home button on your device, then swipe up on the ExplorOz Traveller app card to close the app. If you have an Android device, you have to press the button that shows all apps currently open (bottom left on Samsung) and then swipe left or right on the ExplorOz Traveller app to close it. On Windows you use the TaskView button and tap the X in the top right corner. When you re-open the app after it has been properly closed, it gets a reboot and flushes out any lags or potential for operating glitches. DO NOT UNINSTALL

3. Log off/Log on. Some problems resolve themselves if you log off, then log back in. Go to User Account and press the button to Log off. If you have any Log in issues, go to the ExplorOz website and check you can log in there successfully. You can locate a Forgot Password link on the website Login screen, and you can view your password, or change any account details on the website in your online account. DO NOT UNINSTALL

4. Restart your device - ie. power off the device and shut down/restart. Most tablets/phones do not like being left running for long periods of time without a restart and this is a good thing to do periodically as it can clear out cache and flush out any device-related bugs that might be affecting your app performance. DO NOT UNINSTALL

5. If the above does not work please read the FAQ sections listed below for further assistance. DO NOT UNINSTALL
Check your Credentials/Login Error - Password Reset
You can view your full account details and update/change details only on the ExplorOz website. You'll see Login/Sign/Account at the top right of any page of the website (on desktop) or on mobile devices click the head icon.

*If you don't know your password - click LOGIN and then use the FORGOT PASSWORD option. This will send your password to you via email

*If you are automatically logged into the website but can't log into the app, you can view your password in the Account section on the website. Click Account, then Click EDIT ACCOUNT.

*If you plan to enable tracking and want to send the Security Key to your friends/family you can view/change this from your online Account/Edit Account.
Downloading App to extra devices
Purchase of the ExplorOz Traveller app is done using your Google, Apple, and Microsoft accounts. A purchase of the app from either of these stores is independent of the other stores, which means cross-platform licencing is not possible. However, each app store supports family sharing and multiple device downloads so you can download to multiple devices supported by the store you purchase from, but a purchase of the app from one store does not permit a free download from the other stores.

NOTE: map licences are different. You will only ever need 1 EOTopo App Version map licence. Use the same ExplorOz login (User Account) when you open the app and you can then install maps on your multiple devices (includes cross-platform). Maps can only be installed via the Data Manager within the app, they do not work if you try to install an SD card from one device to another device.
Downloading EOTopo on extra devices
If you wish to have EOTopo available on multiple devices (eg. phone, tablet, iPad, laptop) you can do so with only the 1 EOTopo map licence. This licence is linked to your ExplorOz User Account to enable multiple downloads to any device where you are logged in. This can also be useful if setting up a replacement device.

Map files cannot be moved by swapping out SD cards or transferring files off SD card. Map files can only be downloaded directly to the device using the Data Manager section within the ExplorOz Traveller app.

NOTE: You can delete maps and download again as often as required to suit your individual needs.
EOTopo 2019 Licence Update from 2018
The EOTopo 2019 App Version map licence is available to any existing "ExplorOz Traveller Premium Offline Maps" owners at the discounted rate of only $25 BUT ONLY if purchased on the ExplorOz website and ONLY if you enter the promo code EOTOPOAPPUPGRADE in the shopping cart and successfully see this discount applied to your order.

The discount IS NOT offered via the app store. The purchase option in the app will not take you to the ExplorOz website but uses your app store account.

After purchase of the EOTopo 2019 map licence you will see a green tick for the 2019 maps licence shown in your User Account. You will still need to install the maps to your device. This is done in the Data Manager however first you will need to delete all the EOTopo offline maps from your device. You can do this individually using the Data Manager, or you can go into Advanced and press Clear DB Maps for a one-button delete. This is recommended if you have all maps installed. After the 2018 maps are deleted the Data Manager will display the download buttons for each of the 2019 map packs.

IMPORTANT: check you have updated to the latest version of ExplorOz Traveller before attempting to install maps as if you have an older version (below V3.7) your device will not be able to access the 2019 map server. In addition, some older Android devices (ie. below Android 5), will not be able to update the ExplorOz Traveller app beyond V3.1), which means you cannot access the 2019 maps until you get a newer device.
EOTopo Licence Problems
The EOTopo map licence can either be purchased in-app or direct from us for AU$49.99. If the in-app purchase button is not responding, it is likely that there is a problem with your store account. You can bypass the problem by purchasing the licence with your ExplorOz account - simply go here EOTopo 2019. Just ensure that you are logged in with your ExplorOz account. After payment you will be licenced instantly and can commence downloading.

EOTopo Map Viewing or Download Problems
If the download is not working properly, or you see white or blue squares on the mapscreen, it is likely that there are missing map tiles due to an interruption during your map pack download. Check the tile counts for each map pack are as follows.


Base Pack: 5365
577K Pack: 58804
144K East Pack: 279,265
144K Central Pack: 254,047
144K West Pack: 347,448

If there are any anomalies, you will usually see the message Partially Downloaded and option to Download. Press Download to complete the installation of the missing tiles. If you don't see a Download option, or the Data Manager has frozen, close the app then reboot before trying again. To delete all downloaded map files in one go - go to ADVANCED and press CLEAR DB MAPS. This will reset the downloads for all map packs.

If you have problems with the map when ONLINE - simply zoom the map to refresh a new map tile.
GPS problems with iPads
If you have an iPad without in built GPS you'll need to connect a Bluetooth GPS to get location services when you are offline, AND you'll need to adjust a setting in the App to make the GPS accessible to the app, other wise you will get a message "this device is not supported by this iPad" and your app will continuously disconnect your GPS and prompt you to keep resetting it.

Instructions as follows:-
Go to the app's HOME SCREEN and select - ADVANCED in the settings & about section. Then open up the Geolocation Settings area and select the pausesLocationUpdatesAutomatically and make this setting False by touching the word false.

With this setting changed to False you are effectively turning off a battery saving movement detection feature that is not supported with external GPS units connected to the iOS devices.
GPS Setup on Windows Laptops
The Windows version of the app requires that your GPS is supported in Windows as a Location Sensor. Most Serial/USB or Bluetooth GPS receivers are not automatically configured as Windows sensors so you will have to install another piece of software before the app will detect your location.
Go to https://www.turboirc.com/gps7/ and download this free tool called GPS Complete. You can download and run this product in evaluation mode.

Note: this tool has two options, called Direct & Reverse.

If you only want to use Windows 10 Store apps (eg. ExplorOz Traveller) with the GPS then you only need the Direct product. However, if you need to use the GPS with other programs that aren't apps (such as OziExplorer by D&L Software) then you will also need the Reverse product as well as Direct so download the Bundle. But don't worry these programs are FREE.

Direct connects the GPS to Windows 10 and Reverse then makes another Serial port from the Direct connection. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any further support for this tool as we are not the developer of the GPS Complete software.
Message in Playstore - This app may not be optimised for your device
If you have an Android device and see the message "This app may not be optimsied for your device" you might feel concerned however we have discovered that this message seems to appear occasionally in the Playstore, despite there being no reason for it. If you see this message, you can ignore it and continue to purchase/download/update the app as usual.
Promo Code Problems
If you have previously purchased EOTopo (either the full Raster licence from any past version 2013, 2014, 2015, or 2018, or the 2018 Premium ExplorOz Traveller Offline Maps) then you are entitled to a discounted purchase of the new updated 2019 maps. This discount is only available via the shop on the ExplorOz website.

If you are having problems with codes not being accepted then please check you are using the right code for the product you are purchasing:

EOTOPOAPPUPGRADE - this is the promo code to use when buying the EOTopo 2019 App Version map licence

EOTOPOUPGRADE - this is the promo code to use when buying the EOTopo 2019 Raster Version map licence

After entering the promo code in the field as prompted in the shopping cart, you should press either Tab or Enter and see the discount applied.

If you don't qualify for the discount, the promo code will be rejected. You must be logged into the shop using the same ExplorOz user account that owns the EOTopo licence. The system automatically checks your past purchases on this account to validate your promo code. If the promo code is rejected you do not have a valid past purchase with the user account you are using.
Purchase Problems
For any issues related to the purchase, download, or install of the EXPLOROZ TRAVELLER app you must refer to your app store directly as we do not receive access to any customer accounts or transactions.

We do not have access to check your store purchase transactions as you will be using your Google account, Apple account, or Microsoft account to make the app purchase.

*NOTE: if you purchase the EOTopo map licence in-app, this transaction is also made with your app store account.

Alternatively, you can purchase the EOTopo map licence directly from us by visiting the ExplorOz website and going to our Shop. The EOTopo 2019 App Version map licence is the same price to you whereever you purchase, however buying direct from us means the app store does not take its cut out first.
Security Key
The Security Key is an additional password used when you've set your Tracking to private. By default, each device will use the same password for the Security Key as setup in your Member account. You can view or change the Security Key by going to the ACCOUNT panel (website only) and then clicking VIEW ACCOUNT.
User Manual
The app includes a User Manual in PDF format, however for your convenience you might like to print it from here. See the latest version of the User Manual updated 25th May, 2020 here -

My App Control Panel

You are not registered as an ExplorOz Traveller user.


EOTopo 2018 App Version
EOTopo 2019 App Version
Track Logging

My Private Places

My Private Treks

My Trackers


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