ExplorOz Traveller

ExplorOz Traveller (with EOTopo maps) is the best 4WD maps app on the market. It's a complete GPS mapping navigator for Android phones, Android tablets, iPhone, iPad, and Windows 10 devices and is developed specifically for 4WD travellers, campers and caravanners who need detailed offline mapping, but can also be used with Wifi or mobile data. The app costs $59.99 and includes the latest 2018 whole of Australia EOTopo online maps at a staggering scale of 18K as well as a basic offline map for the whole of Australia. However, you will need to purchase the Premium Offline Map Pack ($49.99) to unlock the zoom levels to 144K. Click the section headings below for more information.
Created: June 2016
Revised: November 2018
Latest Feedback: October 2018

Download the App Here

To download the ExplorOz Traveller app, use one of the store links below as applicable for your device. If you want to run the app across more than one device (on the same platform) you only need to buy it once - just return to the app store and download it as many times you like to your other devices. If you want the app across multiple platforms (eg. Android & Windows) then you will need to purchase separately from each store. NOTE: maps are managed by user license/login and don't require multiple purchase for cross-platform use.
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App Demos & Tutorials

These videos are loaded from the ExplorOz YouTube Channel, you can use the playlist control in the upper left hand side of the player to select the tutorial you wish to view.

Detailed Description of Features

ExplorOz Traveller is an app that you download from the store and use on your phone, tablet, notebook or computer. It comes with top quality maps (both online and offline) for the whole of Australia and it uses the GPS in your device to show your position on the map. It will keep the map centred on your position as you move and as you zoom the map more details are revealed.

The map contains clickable symbols for over 90,000 points of interest including bush camps, caravan parks, historic sites, interesting natural features and much more. If you click open the POIs, you'll view photos, description, and reviews from other travellers. The POIs on the map are used when you want to create a driving plan. You simply select a start and end point (you can also add in-between points).

If you want your nav plan to contain turn-by-turn guidance and show a route that follows the path of the road, you will need to build your nav plan whilst online. You can still create nav plans when offline but the route line will show straight lines between points and cannot provide driving time details as it can when online. You can however, build your nav plans in advance for later use. You simply create your plan, then press save. After saving your nav plan, the app will store this as a Trek - you will locate this in the Treks section of the app in your Private Treks list. Private Treks built this way will retain the route line following the course of the road, and will retain the calculated driving time details between point for your reference when you are offline.

The app also comes with 182 pre-built Treks as per the ExplorOz Trek Notes detailed on the website. These are unique because these contain routing for 4WD tracks in desert areas that are unroutable using the online calculator. These Treks are also able to be modified to suit your needs. This means when you get the ExplorOz Traveller app you already have routes to guide you along all of Australia's most popular offroad tracks including the Simpson Desert, and even Canning Stock Route.

The Places & Trek Notes, along with the data used in the EOTopo offline maps, have been carefully curated for the past 18 years through the ExplorOz network of field researchers. Furthermore, app users can upload their own photos, comments, reviews, and create new Places within the app. This data is then synced back to the master server for all users to access when updating their offline content. All new public data is verified and checked by ExplorOz staff daily.


The map screen allows you to select either online or offline maps. When you purchase the app you will have access to download the EOTopo Base Map in a low resolution format, which has a max zoom capability to display the map at the scale of 1:2.3 million. If you intend to use the app without internet/mobile service, you will need to also download the 577K map tile pack, and any/all of the East, West, and Central 144K map tile packs through the Data Manager. This will increase the zoom capability of the offline EOTopo map to a max map scale of 1:144,000.

To have access to these additional EOTopo offline map tile downloads, your ExplorOz account will need to show that you've purchased a license for the ExplorOz Traveller Premium Offline Maps (available from our shop here). (Note: an EOTopo license will also unlock the tile downloads).

Position Tracking

As already described above, the app will show your position as you move along the map. The Map Layers tool in the top right of the map screen gives you the ability to select/deselect data overlays to allow you to customise what is displayed on the map (Places, Treks, Snail Trail).

The Snail Trail is a line showing the path you have travelled. Position data is collected via the app as you move to draw the Snail Trail.

You can create a User Trek at any time using the Positions Manager tool within the app. The Positions Manager will auto build a route line based on the stored snail trail data for any date range you select. This route line is then stored in your account, and accessible both in the app and on the ExplorOz website as a User Trek. User Trek data can be exported by Members (GPX) for the purpose of using in other software, however User Trek data cannot be imported back into the app.

Members will also have the option to enable Track Logging. This is a separate tracking facility that actively tracks position data whether moving or stationary whilst the app is running (can run in background). Position data is stored in the device whilst offline and when online is synced to your online account on ExplorOz where family/friends can view your trip progress on your active Tracking Map, including overnight stop locations etc. This map is password protected by default and you can setup privacy zones. Alternatively, you can make your tracking publicly visible (EOTrackMe) if you prefer, and no personal identity information is displayed, only your ExplorOz Screen Name (alias).

If you are not currently a Member yet want to use Track Logging in the app, buy your Membership subscription here.

For Members with Track Logging enabled, the Position Manager will extract data to build User Treks using a combination of data from the snail trail plus the track logging, thereby ensuring the greatest accuracy.


For more details about the app, please refer to the specific sections below.

Quick Preview

How much does it cost?

The ExplorOz Traveller App is AU$59.99 and is available in the Play Store, Apple App Store and Windows Store. If you wish to use the app on devices not on the same store you will need to purchase from each store. The app supports multi device usage and family plans offered by each store. Purchase of the app includes free usage of online maps (EOTopo to 18K, Streets & Paths, Satellite), plus a low-resolution whole of Australia offline map. For some users, there is no more cost.

For some people, there may be additional costs depending on your needs:-

1) Premium Offline Maps: For more detailed offline map usage you will need a license for Premium Offline Maps. Cost $49.99.
2) Tracking: The ExplorOz Traveller App includes an option to run track logging. An ExplorOz Membership subscription is required for this feature. Membership is normally $49.99 for a 12 month subscription but as a bonus to app users, we offer a $20 discount if you decide to join as a new member after purchasing our app. To get the discount, purchase and download the app first, login to the app, then go to our website online shop and purchase the Membership. This way you'll only pay $29.95.

App: $59.99
Maps: $49.99
Membership/Tracking: $29.95 with discount*
TOTAL: $139.93

PURCHASE TIPS: We prefer if you purchase the map license direct from our online shop here, however the store also provides you with the option to buy in-app with payment via your app store account. NOTE: once you have activated the Premium map license to your ExplorOz account, you can download the maps onto any device (via the Data Manager in-app) as often as you need. This allows you to download the maps to all your devices running our app, and allows you to setup a new device in the future all with just 1 map license. This also allows you to mix platforms (Apple, Android, Windows) with the 1 map license.


Refer to section below "How to Install & Select Maps" for links and info

How to Select & Install Maps

After purchasing the app for $59.99 from your app store, you will install the app to your device. When you first open the app you will be prompted to register or login to your ExplorOz account. Logging in to your account will validate your Member status and offline map license (if available).


The app provides access to both online and offline maps for your convenience. Check whether you need to purchase an additional offline map license by reading the section below carefully.

Online Maps

The online maps require Wifi or a mobile data connection to use in app. As soon as you open the map screen in the app, the May Layer tool allows you to switch between the following online map options for the whole of Australia:

1) Streets & Paths (© Mapbox © OpenStreetMap). Max zoom to Level 18.
2) Satellite (© Mapbox © OpenStreetMap). Max zoom to Level 18.
3) EOTopo (© ExplorOz © I.T. Beyond Pty Ltd). Max zooming to Level 16, where topographic map detail for whole of Australia is displayed at 18K scale.

Offline Maps - What's Included & What's Not

All app users will be able to download/install the offline Base Map Pack, (1:2.3M scale topographic map of Australia), Max zoom to Level 10. There are an additional 4 offline map pack files that are available if you have the Premium License activated in your ExplorOz account. Once the Premium map packs are installed, the offline map will have a max zoom to Level 14 , which will display a map scale of 1:144,000 (144K).


To obtain a license to download the Premium Offline Maps in the app, you have 2 options:-

1) Purchase the ExplorOz Traveller Premium Offline Maps for $49.99 from our online shop as below. This license enables full download of all Premium offline maps for use in the ExplorOz Traveller app.

2) Purchase the EOTopo (Premium) product for $99.95 from our online shop as below. This provides you with a dual license that will activate the Premium Offline Maps license in the Traveller App as well as provide access to download raster map files (from our website). This option would ONLY be of interest to users that have a requirement for downloading raster map files in ECW or OZF format for use in other mapping software packages (eg. OziExplorer, TrackRanger, HN7).

How to Activate Tracking

To activate tracking in the app, the account you use to log into the app will need to be a Member account. You can check your account status by going into the User Account section in the app.

The Home Screen has a control feature for enabling/disabling active track log recording. Tracking can only be collected when this app is running and this option is enabled. When enabled, the app will collect "Position" data periodically using your device's GPS. These positions will automatically sync to our server when an online connection is available, however if there is no connection the app will continue to collect and store positions for extend periods of time (no set limit).

The Home Screen also has a tool to display your synced tracking on a map. This assists you with checking what is being synced. It also provides you with tools to clear the active tracking map, or save tracking.

How Family/Friends can View your Live or Saved Tracking

What you see in the Server Tracking Map is what your family/friends can view when they see your Member tracking page on the website (excluding Geofences). "MyAppControlPanel" is a tool on the ExplorOz Traveller page that you can use (when logged in with your account) to set device security. This allows you to determine who can view the tracking data for each of your registered tracking devices. Device security can be locked by a password so only people with the password can view the tracking map recorded from each device. Otherwise you can set your device to a public security level which allows anyone to view your tracking map. No personal data or name is associated with your tracking (other than your assigned ExplorOz screen name) and if you have sensitive locations you wish to remain hidden within your tracking feed then these can simply be setup using the Geofence security option, which will block all visibility of travel within a set radius (that you determine) from that reference point.

Live Chat & Product Support

Did you know the app includes a user-manual? And we have video tutorials on the ExplorOz YouTube Channel? The Help & Instructions button is found on the Home Screen of the app. A very detailed FAQ section is found further down this page. If you still can't find the answer to your query simply connect to our Live Chat service using the button below.

System Requirements

  • A GPS enabled phone, iPad, tablet or Windows 10 device is required. Note that Wifi only iPads do not have a GPS but you can connect an external Bluetooth GPS. If you are using a Windows 10 device that does not have an in-built GPS you can also use a an external GPS receiver however it will need configuration as per the Windows 10 GPS Support section documented in the app store, and in the Help & FAQ section below on this page
  • The app can only be obtained by purchase and download from the app store applicable to your device (Playstore, App Store, Windows Store). App purchase allows multiple installs on your devices using the same store account. If different stores are used to obtain the app for different devices, you will charged separately by each store. App download size is 12MB.
  • Permission to use device storage and location services must be accepted for the app to operate correctly
  • Once the app is installed, you will also need to download additional offline content, even if only using the app online. Download size of combined Places & Treks database is 6MB and requires 15MB of internal storage. The Comments database is an optional download. Download size is 5MB and requires 20MB of internal storage.
  • App requires Wifi or mobile data to use Satellite maps, Streets & Paths maps, & EOTopo online map. Offline Map Packs containing EOTopo map data can be downloaded in the Data Manager if offline use is required.
  • There are 5 Offline Map Packs. App purchase includes the Base Pack, which covers the whole of Australia and is downloaded in-app through the Data Manager. This must be installed for the app to operate correctly. The Base Pack is a 24MB file download that requires 39MB of storage. A successfully installed Base Pack will show 5365 Tiles installed.
  • The remaining 4 Offline Map Packs can only be downloaded if your User Account confirms that you have the Premium maps license. These are large file downloads and require over 5GB of storage in total, however not all are required for the app to operate correctly. Select only the Map Packs to download as suits your needs.
  • The Data Manager displays available storage locations on your device and once a location is selected all map downloads default to that location. Once maps are installed, they cannot be moved or transferred but can be deleted and installed again (selecting an alternative storage location if required). Maps can be installed or deleted as required. The User Account you use to log into the app determines what maps you have access to download. The one maps license can therefore be used across multiple devices owned by you provided each device has the app installed and is logged into your User Account.
  • Premium 577K Pack - 353MB file download (unpacks to 518MB of file storage required). 58776 Tiles.
  • Premium 144K East Pack - 1.16GB file download (unpacks to 1.8GB of file storage required). 279,208 Tiles.
  • Premium 144K Central Pack - 903MB file download (unpacks to 1.6GB of file storage required). 253,037 Tiles.
  • Premium 144K West Pack - 840MB file download (unpacks to 1.5GB of file storage required). 347,448 Tiles.
  • Total storage required for the app, including all offline resources and map packs is 5.8GB
  • .
  • To upload photos/comments within the app, you must be logged in with a registered ExplorOz account, which can be set-up in-app
  • To access Track Logging, you will need an ExplorOz Membership Subscription

Help & FAQ

Android External Storage
App download size is only 12MB and will be stored to your device's internal storage location. If you have external storage locations in your device, you will be able to select a location for storage of the larger map data. Please refer to System Requirements for more info.
Facebook Login
Currently the ExplorOz Traveller App does not have a login using Facebook option and requires you to enter your email address and password.

For the majority of our Facebook auto login users your password may not be obvious to you. What we recommend is to login to the ExplorOz site using your usual Facebook access method and then open the Profile option in the upper RHS of the page, then Edit Account. On the Edit Account page you will see your email address associated with your Facebook login, then scroll down to the password field and enter something you will remember and scroll to the bottom and Update.

So when you now login to the ExplorOz Traveller App simply enter the email address and new password that you just entered. The App will automatically remember your login and you will not need to type your login details again.
Help & Instructions Manual
The app includes an on-board Help & Instructions manual, however for your convenience you can also view it online on the website as a pdf document, which will also allow you to print it. See
How to create your own Trek/Nav Plan
Creating a route/nav plan is as simple as selecting a place and clicking Goto. You can build on this plan by selecting more places and clicking Goto which will prompt you to Insert or Add it to the end of the current route/nav plan. You can even Insert/Add a trek note to a route/nav plan and build a whole multi trek, multi place route/nav plan. Once created you can re-order/remove places and save the plan as a Private Trek.

See this tutorial for a demo. How to Make Treks Demo
iPad/iPhone Location Services (Install prompt)
When you first run the app on an iPad or iPhone the system will ask you about some permissions to use the location services. There are potentially two questions:

1. The first one comes up and asks about using the location services (GPS) when the app is in the background - if you want alerts when you reach waypoints or plan to use Track Logging then you MUST select Yes at this prompt. We recommend you select yes to this question regardless as the app will not use background locations services unless you are using track logging or in navigation mode anyway.

2. If you do happen to answer no to the first question then the second question will ask about using location services when the app is in the foreground. You need to say Yes to this question even if you are using a wifi only iPad. If you say No to this question then the app will simply not work as the maps, places and treks lists all work on knowing how far away from these you are.

NOTE: For your security, nothing is sent to any remote servers unless you are using the Track Logging option. At all times the GPS usage is set to be minimal to conserve battery power and in settings you can adjust the Basic and Active GPS poll frequencies however the defaults are designed to give you the best mix of performance and battery life.
Is Membership Included?
Membership is not included when you purchase the Traveller App, however if you are an existing Member, then the Track Logging feature is enabled at no charge). Alternatively, app users can purchase Membership from the shop at the discounted rate of $29.99 - this is a computer generated price and you must be correctly logged in to receive the discounted rate.
Licence for App on Multiple Devices
When you purchase the Traveller app you will do so from the respective store that is compatible with your device/s, being the Apple App Store, Google Playstore, or the Windows Store. After purchase, the buy button changes to Get/Install which allows you to download the app multiple times without additional payment. This means that one purchase will enable you to run the app on an iPad and an iPhone (or an Android tablet and Android phone) etc. This also means that if you replace a device your app store account (Apple, Google, or Windows) will allow you to download it again.

If you own devices that are not on the same platform then you will need to purchase the app separately from the applicable stores. Note however that only 1 license for maps is required as this is managed via your ExplorOz login to the app.

For map licence on multiple devices, see section below.
License for Premium Maps on Multiple Devices
The License for Premium Maps is controlled through your ExplorOz profile - not your app store account which means it is licensed to an individual and you can then log into as many devices running the app as you like with your ExplorOz account to freely access the maps in the Data Manager to activate the download buttons to store the map files locally to each device.

The maps can therefore be easily deleted off your device and downloaded again to suit your needs without needing to reconnect to the app store.
Purchase the App as a Gift
You can buy the ExplorOz Traveller app as a gift for anyone with an iPhone or iPad. You must have iTunes yourself to do this - Read These Instructions for more information.
Tips for Using Maps Offline
By default, the app will attempt to load the online EOTopo map when you first launch it. You can change maps by pressing the icon in the top right of the map window - the map layer button. You can select from any of the 3 available online maps or select the offline map labelled EOTopo.

If you get a blank map when you select offline - then check that you have downloaded the base map - check this by going to the Data Manager. You must download the base map and if you have bought Premium Maps then you also need to download them for the extra zoom levels to appear.

Note - each time you open a map window it will remember the last map-type selection and load that so always check the map layer is correctly selected.

Look for the red line at the bottom of the map alerting you to "More Detailed Offline Maps Available". If you see this, then you have not yet downloaded the most detailed map available in the Premium pack for the area you are currently viewing. Go into the Data Manager and see what files have not been downloaded and you can add them at any time.

Another offline map use tip: turn off your phone's mobile data - rather than using flight mode. Flight mode turns off many things including the GPS! You must have GPS enabled to use the app.
Track Logging & EOTrackMe
Track Logging is an optional extra service provided within the app that records the movements of your device and stores it within the App which is then uploaded to our EOTrackMe server whenever you have internet service.

Track Logging is stored within the app in "real-time", so even if you are out of service for several days, your tracking will be uploaded with the correct overnight stops shown when you eventually connect to the internet.

To enable track logging you must be an ExplorOz Member, however if you have purchased the app, you will qualify for a discount of $20 off the full price of Membership and you will still get all the usual full benefits of Membership. Go to Membership Personal - app users will see the discounted price of $29.95 reduced from $49.95.
Track Logging via Membership
Track Logging for ExplorOz Traveller is available only for ExplorOz Members (the in-app subscription is no longer an option).

We offer all registered app-users a discounted ExplorOz Membership subscription. To access this discount offer, purchase the app first and setup your account. Then sign-in into the ExplorOz website and go to the ExplorOz Shop where you can locate the ExplorOz Membership Subscriptions.

You'll save $20 off the full price of Personal Membership - reducing the cost from $49.95 to just $29.95. This is a 12 month subscription.

Another option is to join straight up as a ExplorOz Lifetime Member and never have to worry about subscription renewals. For a once-off fee of $299.95 you will get lifetime Membership plus a bonus merchandise pack.

For more information about everything you would receive as an ExplorOz Member, please see our Personal Membership Article.
Troubleshooting Tips
If you encounter a problem with the app or downloading maps etc and can't seem to get it running then here's the steps to work through to troubleshoot your problem before contacting us:

1. Close the app on your device. Go to the User Account and check your status. If there is a problem with your account, go to the ExplorOz website and check that you can login properly to the site. If you continue to have login problems contact us via email.

2. If you can login to the site, then you should have no trouble logging into the app with the same details.

3. In-app purchase problems - you must be logged into the app to do this and your store account must have the applicable settings to allow in-app purchasing - check your app store account settings if you find you cannot purchase.

4. Moving app and maps data storage - you can move the location of the base app using your phones' application manager but you cannot move the location of the maps once you have downloaded them. To move maps you must firstly delete them. Then go back to the Data Manager and look at the section for Offline Maps - notice the first section will list the available storage locations detected on your device. You must select one of these storage locations before downloading each file. This allows you to store maps to SD card.

5. Missing map data - if you have missing map data then you are either viewing the online maps and have encountered an internet drop out during the download of the map tiles to your screen - simply zoom the map to refresh a new map tile download to fix this, OR if you are viewing the offline maps and have this problem your map download might be incomplete - go to Data Manager and check that you have downloaded the map for the area you are viewing and if still having problems, delete it then reload - ensure your device has a full charge and is connected to a stable Wifi internet connection to avoid drop outs. Note tip below.

6. Deleting maps - the data manager will guide you through the process by allowing you to press only the dark grey/black buttons as there is an order to remove files. ie. remove all 144K map files first, then the 577K file, then the base map.

7. Be aware that flight mode deactivates the GPS so don't use this feature. If you tried this to try to force the app to use offline maps instead of online maps this is not how it's done - instead you must click the map layer icon in the top right of all map windows and select the map you wish to use - there are a choice of 3 online maps, and the EOTopo offline map. Whether you have the base map or the Premium map there is only one offline EOTopo item listed there. The only difference in using the base offline map to the Premium is the number of extra zoom levels - the base map is a scale of 1:2.3 million, whereas the Premium map will zoom into 1:144,000. (144K).
Using Bluetooth External GPS with iOS devices
If you have an iPad without in built GPS you'll need to use a Bluetooth GPS to get location services, AND you'll need to adjust a setting in the App to make the GPS accessible to the app, other wise you will get a message "this device is not supported by this iPad" and your app will continuously disconnect your GPS and prompt you to keep resetting it.

Instructions as follows:-
Go to the app's HOME SCREEN and select - ADVANCED in the settings & about section. Then open up the Geolocation Settings area and select the pausesLocationUpdatesAutomatically and make this setting False by touching the word false.

With this setting changed to False we are effectively turning off a battery saving movement detection feature that is not supported with external GPS units connected to the iOS devices.
Windows 10 GPS support
One important thing to note with the Windows 10 version is that we built it using the latest Store App functionality, which requires that the GPS device be supported in Windows as a Location Sensor. If you have a phone/tablet or laptop with integrated GPS/Location sensor then you are good to go. However if you have a tablet/laptop and use a Serial/USB or Bluetooth connected GPS unit these are generally NOT setup in Windows as Location Sensors (we think this is a mistake from Microsoft as they should support this with the OS).
Anyway there is a solution and we recommend GPSComplete (https://www.turboirc.com/gps7/). Not only does this product suport serial/USB/Bluetooth but it will even let you use your phones GPS with Windows. There are two variations of this product one called Direct and another called Reverse (comes separate or in a bundle). If you intend to use another program with your GPS like OziExplorer or TrackRanger than you will need the Bundle, Direct connects the GPS to Windows 10 and Reverse then makes another Serial port from the Direct connection (allowing you to connect back to your existing program). If you only want to use Windows 10 Store apps with the GPS then you only need the Direct product. You can download and run this product in evaluation mode.

Version & Update History

In Progress

Features Added

  • Visual Prompts added for Navigation Turn by Turn, there is now a visual message put at the top of the screen which displays the turn by turn navigation step. Added new settings for enabled/disabled and display duration (Default ON, 10 sec)

Updates Applied

  • Adjusted the turn by turn proximity formula to annouce/display prompts earlier at higher speed
21 Sept 2018 - V3.5.3 iOS

Updated Applied iOS Only

  • Updated permission for Camera and Photo Library usage
  • Adjusted scroll elasticity

Store Status

  • Apple App Store available

Access to the updates can take several hours after availability and approval in the stores. Look on the Home screen at the bottom for the version number.
06 Sep 2018 - V3.5.2

Features Added

  • New Setting for Map Screen -Crosshairs - supports None, Symbol (previous default), Line and Line Always (Default: line) shown in centre of map screen
  • New Navigation Screen Setting - Voice Prompt Speed - allows adjustment of voice speed used in Basic & Turn by Turn guidance (Default 4)

Updates Applied

  • Intermittent issue of multiple markers shown on map after adding a new place
  • Added additional POI (Place) Types and symbols

Store Status

  • Play Store available 9:00PM AEST 6 Sept 2018
  • Apple App Store available 9:00AM AEST 7 Sept 2018
  • Windows Store available

Access to the updates can take several hours after availability and approval in the stores. Look on the Home screen at the bottom for the version number.
31 July 2018 - V3.5.0

Features Added

  • Positions Manager: New system to allow extraction of all positional data to create user treks based on date ranges, In-App access to all saved User Treks with support export to GPX and other formats.
  • Direct link to Server based Track Logging on Home page with SAVE/CLEAR controls in-app. New settings to control auto refresh rate (default 5 mins), Base map type (eotopo, streets & paths or satellite) and visibility of the server map
  • Added Track Logging Geofence display to Map Screen and Server Track Logging Map
  • Map screen Speed/Direction control can be toggled top/bottom, plus initial position setting now in Settings (default bottom)
  • Range Rings now supported on Map screen via settings. Supports 0-5 rings at 250m to 5km between each (default None @ 1km)
  • Map screen now has cross hair in centre when not locked to current position, drop marker button changes to cross hair position when shown or current position when locked
  • All position entry fields now match the setting for position display format (D, DM & DMS)
  • Installed Altitude correction via server call when online updated every 20mins (small green dot will appear on map screen altitude when corrections loaded)

Updates Applied

  • Rebuild of full environment, all core components updated
  • Snail Trail/Locations DB data now added to Track Logging position upload
  • Map screen current position arrow sizeable via settings now supports 5 sizes (None - Huge - default Medium)
  • Added latest POI image sprite (includes dump points)
  • Corrected offline photo viewing problem after offline capture
  • Adjusted login process to ensure login occurs after device goes back online. Adjusted message when a failed auto login occurs if password/email validation fails
  • Fixed issue with Light map controls theme causing some nav control buttons to disappear

Store Status

  • Play Store available 1:00PM AEST 31 July 2018
  • Apple App Store available 4:39AM AEST 1 Aug 2018
  • Windows Store available

Access to the updates can take several hours after availability and approval in the stores. Look on the Home screen at the bottom for the version number.
23 Feb 2018 - V3.1.0

Features Added

  • Added Altitude display on map screen (BETA) - Enable/Disabled in Settings

Updates Applied

  • Refactored the Track Logging Startup (possible timing issues)
  • Implemented correction to eliminate Zero tile download problems

Store Status

Play Store available 5:00PM AEST 22 Feb 2018
Apple App Store in Review
Windows Store in Review
Access to the updates can take several hours after availability and approval in the stores. Look on the Home screen at the bottom for the version number.
08 Feb 2018 - 3.0.0

Features Added

Updates Applied

  • EOTopo 2018 online increased zoom from Level 14 to Level 16 (18K)
  • Premium EOTopo Offline Mapset replaced to new 2018 version (requires download)
  • Offline max zoom at 144K increased from Level 13 to Level 14 (ie. 2x magnification overzoom added)
  • Added support to disable internal GPS features to allow correct operation with External GPS connections (Tested and verified with Bad Elf - IOS)

Store Status

Play Store available 5:00PM AEST 08 Feb 2018
Apple App Store 8:34AM AEST 09 Feb 2018
Windows Store available 11:00AM AEST 10 Feb 2018
Access to the updates can take several hours after availability and approval in the stores. Look on the Home screen at the bottom for the version number.
20 Sep 2017 - 2.1.3 Android
There was a final bug in the 2.1.2 code that stopped the maps working on the External Storage. This would be evident if you click on the Map button and it appears to do nothing.

Store Status

Play Store available 03:14PM AEST 20 Sept 2017
Access to the updates can take several hours after availability and approval in the stores. Look on the Home screen at the bottom for the version number.
19 Sep 2017 - 2.1.2


Corrected issue related to Offline Maps packs if you had the maps installed Internally on the Android device. After the upgrade to 2.1.0 or 2.1.1 the offline maps would go blank on the map as the system could not find the map tiles databases.[SH]Windows[/SHFixed the submit Reviews link that was not working.


Upgraded GPS driver to fix Tracking issue reported in 2.1.0.

Updates Applied

  • Added link to the ExplorOz Store to to purchase the Offline Map Packs while still supporting the App store purchase
  • Changed the title of the Comments database in Data Manager to Comments - Places & Treks to remove confusion

Store Status

Play Store available 11:30AM AEST 19 Sept 2017
Apple App store 09:00AM AEST 20 Sept 2017
Windows Store available 07:00PM AEST 21 Sept 2017
Access to the updates can take several hours after availability and approval in the stores. Look on the Home screen at the bottom for the version number.
17 Sep 2017 - 2.1.1
Release to correct small issue with Reviews data download for IOS and Android clients. Windows 10 is not affected and will remain at 2.1.0.

Store Status

Play Store available 11:00AM AEST 17 Sept 2017
Apple App store available 11:00AM AEST 19 Sept 2017
Windows Store Not required
Access to the updates can take several hours after availability and approval in the stores. Look on the Home screen at the bottom for the version number.
15 Sep 2017 - 2.1.0

Features Added

  • Windows 10 Support and availability from the Windows Store

Updates Applied

  • Updates to the Turn-By-Turn guidance formula to increase distance predication and bring voice prompt earlier at speed
  • Refactor all Active GPS systems (Map display, Navigation mode & Track logging) to ensure app stays active and to foreground services
  • Added TrekID to Description panel in Treks
  • Track Logging position reports sent using updated https mode
  • Private Trek edit/create from Map now prompts for overwrite or new

Issues Fixed

  • Route error when multiple treks are added (using Add)

Store Status

Play Store available 06:00PM AEST 14 Sept 2017
Apple App Store available 09:00AM AEST 16 Sept 2017
Windows Store available 11:00PM AEST 16 Sept 2017
Access to the updates can take several hours after availability and approval in the stores. Look on the Home screen at the bottom for the version number.
07 July 2017 - 2.0.3

Updates applied

  • Fixed offline/online auto map switching problem
  • Adjusted database setup during download

Store Status

Play Store available 06:00PM AEST 07 July 2017
Apple App store In 10:25AM AEST 08 July 2017
Access to the updates can take several hours after availability and approval in the stores. Look on the Home screen at the bottom for the version number.
20 June 2017 - 2.0.2

Updates applied

  • Adjusted text of messages shown during download of maps and data
  • Corrected issue with tile count routine that caused the maps to appear not to be loaded correctly
  • Added back button from Home page to pop up message and allow App close
  • Adjusted Settings - Advanced - DB Clear function to force close the App at completion

Store Status

Play Store available 08:30PM AEST 20 June 2017
Apple App store 09:00AM AEST 21 June 2017
Access to the updates can take several hours after availability and approval in the stores. Look on the Home screen at the bottom for the version number.
16 June 2017 - 2.0.1 Android
The 2.0.0 release has a problem in Android 7 that causes the app to crash on launch. This was caused by a config flag that was installed during the update process. This flag was removed and a new release uploaded to resolve the problem.

Store Status

Google Play Store available 9:30AM AEST 16 June 2017
14 June 2017 - 2.0.0

Major Update

  • Home page update - added settings options and adjust layout for upgraded features
  • Private places now editable within the app
  • Private treks fully sync with online account
  • Private treks now editable within the app
  • Treks driving directions added and used in nav mode routing (driving distance vs straight line)
  • Places and Treks list pages max width set to ensure readability
  • Quick add of new place when adding from Map (no entry required - just click)
  • Voice Guidance - basic announcements and turn by turn (currently in BETA mode) - defaults to Basic
  • Places view enable/disable in the map control/layers panel
  • Treks view enable/disable in the map control/layers panel
  • Current zoom status in the map control/layers panel
  • Attribution on the maps now shows online or offline
  • New setting - Font Size, allows for change to all fonts/buttons used within the app
  • New setting - Status Bar visible, toggles the top line device status bar on/off
  • New setting - Position Display Format with choice of D, DM & DMS this adjusts the shown format on all pages
  • New setting - Show Position in Speed/Heading will turn on a position display in the on map screen Speed and Direction panel
  • New setting - Map colour theme to control buttons and controls colours
  • New setting - Voice Prompts, supports Basic and Turn by Turn (BETA)
  • Help files updated to support new/changed functions and features

Changes Applied

  • Review system updated to use local copy on initial view and update in the background
  • Main settings moved to new settings database to ensure they do not get removed by the OS during update
  • Map remembers last state and returns to previous view on open
  • Distance displays updated to show metres for close items not decimals of kms
  • Fixed keyboard causing fields to disappear in entry screens

Core Updates

Cordova 6.5.0, Geolocation 2.7.2, Purchase 6.1.2, Crosswalk 2.3.0, SQL 0.8.6, TTS 0.2.3

Store Status

Play Store available 9:00PM AEST 14 June 2017
Apple App store available 5:24AM AEST 15 June 2017
Access to the updates can take several hours after availability and approval in the stores. Look on the Home screen at the bottom for the version number.
29 Nov 2016 - 1.11.9
Features Added:
- New setting to turn off the current position arrow - if off you get a dot marker on the map provided you have pulse enabled

Updates Applied:
- Addressed issue with place order in treks goto
- Corrected offline maps database creation routine which caused DB Init errors
- Updated place popup markers to new standard in Nav map
- Adjusted layering order of X button in Driving Directions panel

Play Store available 2:00PM AEST 29 Nov 2016
Apple App Store available 3:00AM AEST 2 Dec 2016

Access to the updates can take several hours after availability and approval in the stores. Look on the Home screen at the bottom for the version number.
01 Nov 2016 - 1.11.3
Updates Applied:
- Speed & Heading on map screens now resizes based on device screen size
- iOS 10 caching update that caused West Map loading issues
- iOS was not updating the Storage Location (Using:) count

Fixes Applied:
- Updates to DB deletion system to support reviews tables and structure changes

Play Store available 3:00PM AEST 1 Nov 2016
Apple App Store available 1:00PM AEST 29 Oct 2016

Access to the updates can take several hours after availability and approval in the stores. Look on the Home screen at the bottom for the version number.
20 Oct 2016 - 1.11.2
Updates Added:
- Added Treks Map to show all treks installed on a selectable map
- Changed map popup style improves performance, information and styling
- Added Speed and Heading display on maps - show/hide via Settings page
- Recalculated snail trail updates to force add position at turns and increase straight line distance (better accuracy)

Fixes Installed:
- Delete private place from the place description page not working
- Fixed issue with current position marker not in correct position on rotated map

Core Updates:
- GPS Driver 2.1.2 - implemented watchPosition in activeWatch method

Play Store available 6:00PM AEST 20 Oct 2016
Apple App Store available 1:00PM AEST 21 Oct 2016

Access to the updates can take several hours after availability and approval in the stores. Look on the Home screen at the bottom for the version number.
19 Sep 2016 - 1.10.2
Updates Applied:
- Add Direction of travel Up in map views via new three state operation of the GPS lock button (no lock, GPS lock, GPS + compass lock)
- Fixed issue with displaying incorrect End Place in treks description page when trek initial direction is reversed
- Installed storage space updates for Android < 5 to find all actual SD devices for install
- Auto close layer menu on snail trail reset
- Added help files for offline Comments system

Code Updates:
- Converted Trek pages to ControllerAs syntax
- Replaced A4Watch with updated Heartbeat change for Android < 5
- GPS Driver 2.0.10

Play Store available 3:00PM AEST 19 Sep 2016
Apple App Store available 1:00PM AEST 20 Sep 2016

Access to the updates can take several hours after availability and approval in the stores. Look on the Home screen at the bottom for the version number.
23 Aug 2016 - V1.10.0 (Android Only)
Features Added:
- Android support for map storage on External SD (reinstall required to change location, due to files structure changes and 4GB limit on SD).

Issues Fixed:
- Problem with GPS driver permissions not registering correctly on some Android versions.
- Removed GPS driver restart logic due to 2.0.7 changes.

Core Updates
GPS Location services updated from 1.7.0 to 2.0.7
SQL Driver services updated to 0.8.1-pre3

Play Store available 1:00PM AEST 23 Aug 2016
Apple App Store - Not Loaded

Access to the updates can take several hours after availability and approval in the stores. Look on the Home screen at the bottom for the version number.
8 Aug 2016 - 1.9.3
Updates Applied:
- Added full offline places & treks comments system including all reply/followups, new data manager item + incremental downloads upon opening comments.
- In-place and in-trek sharing options implemented.
- Improvements in screen refresh and page switching.
- Android: Enabled move to SD for the main app (this does not address the maps storage)

Issues Fixed:
- Trek text search not working.
- Additional rework on in-app purchase system with issues reported on Offline_Map purchase.

Play Store available 6:00PM AEST 8 Aug 2016
Apple App Store available 8:50AM AEST 10 Aug 2016

Access to the updates can take several hours after availability and approval in the stores. Look on the Home screen at the bottom for the version number.
29 July 2016 - 1.9.1
Updates Applied:
- Fixes unable to purchase - compatibility problem for some older iPhones/iPad introduced in 1.9.0

Features Added:
- Added prompt for store rating after 5 opens and optional link to ratings from About page.

Play Store available 12:00PM AEST 29 July 2016
Apple App Store submitted for review

Access to the updates can take several hours after availability and approval in the stores. Look on the Home screen at the bottom for the version number.
26 July 2016 - 1.9.0
Updates Added:
- Rewrite of places and treks list functions to remove dynamic position tracking improves performance significantly

Fixes Applied:
- Issue identified with Track Logging not starting correctly if not using the home screen as start screen
- In-App purchase issue causing some users to not register the in-app purchases correctly - EO server V2 implemented.

Core Updates:
- Implementation of more background analytics processes via Branch.io

Play Store available 4:00PM AEST 26 July 2016
Apple App Store 11:00AM AEST 27 July 2016

Access to the updates can take several hours after availability and approval in the stores. Look on the Home screen at the bottom for the version number.
12 July 2016 - 1.8.15
Features Added:
- Places and Treks list views now support swipe left to enable goto/delete actions
- Treks goto now asks direction of travel allowing planning in any direction
- iPad/iPhone added support for multi screen/multi tasking operation
- Added onHeartbeat 120sec position recording for extended still monitoring in Track Logging

Fixes Installed:
- Corrected snail trail truncation wrong
- Place photo click/touch opens first image
- Update to GPS driver launch sequence to eliminate possible timing clash

Play Store available 5:00PM AEST 12 July 2016
Apple App Store available 11:00AM AEST 13 July 2016.

Access to the updates can take several hours after availability and approval in the stores. Look on the Home screen at the bottom for the version number.
6 July 2016 - 1.8.11
Features Added:
- NearBy places tab added to place page display
- Related treks added to place information page

Updates Applied:
- Issue identified in map pack download where incorrect (out of storage space) message was shown even if pack was installed.
- Place photo view caused crash if photos > 30
- Minor rework of in app purchase to ensure correct multi device usage

Core Updates:
- Upgraded SQL drivers to use sqlite-evcore-extbuild version - Speed and stability improvements

Play Store available 12:00PM AEST 6 July 2016
Apple App Store available 6:00AM AEST 7 July 2016.

Access to the updates can take several hours after availability and approval in the stores. Look on the Home screen at the bottom for the version number.
1 July 2016 - 1.8.8
Updates Applied:
- Issue identified in map pack download where incorrect (out of storage) message was shown even if pack was installed.

Play Store available 4:30PM AEST 1 July 2016
Apple App Store waiting on testing validation on Android version.

Access to the updates can take several hours after availability and approval in the stores. Look on the Home screen at the bottom for the version number.
29 June 2016 - 1.8.7
Features Added:
- persisted last 50km snail trail added + line colour option in settings
- snail trail control added to map layer controls (hide/reset)
- offline sync of Private Places to allow cross device sync and backup

Updates Applied:
- replaced GPS lock and zoom buttons on map pages to stop touch event pass through as reported from some users
- minor updates to map download routines to eliminate possible caching issues

Android 4.X Update:
- due to fault in older Android platforms a work around has been installed to ensure Track Logging movements are recorded and sent to the server. These devices cannot use the intelligent movement GPS system and so a timer has been installed to force these positional updates.

Core Updates:
- updated GPS driver to 1.7.0
- removed Basic Poll system. Now using updated GPS service detection system, this results in a massive battery power saving when not moving.

Play Store available 5:30PM AEST 29 June 2016
Apple App Store available 2:23AM AEST 1 July 2016

Access to the updates can take several hours after availability and approval in the stores. Look on the Home screen at the bottom for the version number.
15 June 2016 - 1.8.0
Treks major update:
- Added private treks via save option in navigation map.
- Adjusted treks list to support tabs with Recent, List & Private views.
Updates applied:
- Added scale bar to map views - located bottom right.
- Added new Settings help screen with full details on GPS Timers.
- Added in page help (? button) links.
- Added Home icon button to page headers for quick return to home page.
- Change minimum length of Place Name field when entering new place to 1 character.
- Heading text and button positions updated on Android.
- Places list button on map view changed destination from recent to public list.
- Minor button style updates.
Play Store available 8PM AEST 15 June 2016
Apple App store approved 1AM AEST 17 June 2016
Access to the updates can take several hours after availability and approval in the stores. Look on the Home screen at the bottom for the version number.
12 June 2016 - 1.7.3
Fixed following reported issues:

- Issue where centre on map was not correctly setup on initial map/nav map load

Updates applied:

- Added colour selection for Current & Next Navigational lines and icon pulse in settings
- Change heading line 2 colour from light-blue/white (bar-calm) to dark-grey/white (bar-dark)

This update to both platforms will also bring in the 1.7.2 updates to iOS pushed out to Android which includes support for Location Services disabled operation.

Play Store available 4PM AEST 12 June 2016
Apple App store approved 1PM AEST 14 June 2016

Access to the updates can take several hours after availability and approval in the stores. Look on the Home screen at the bottom for the version number.
11 June 2016 - 1.7.2 Android
Fixed following reported issues:

- Android random crashes with OutOfMemory errors.
- Implementation of last know or default location "Alice Springs" if Location Services are disabled.

Updates applied:

- Style adjustments to better support device specific font settings
- Add ability to change latitude & longitude of new places created via touch & hold or Pin in the map view.

This update has been urgently pushed to Android only at this stage to correct crash issues. iPad/iPhone release expected 12 June 2016
10 June 2016 - 1.6.15
Fixed following reported issues:

- Error Code 6 during map downloads caused by database constraint issue only seen on Android 5 systems.
- Bug causing Start Screen - Navigation Map to produce a blank screen.

Updates applied:

- Change email link to direct link to the Feedback and FAQ page on the app About screen.

Play Store available 11PM AEST 09 June 2016
Apple App store approved 8AM AEST 10 June 2016

Access to the updates can take several hours after availability and approval in the stores. Look on the Home screen at the bottom for the version number.
08 June 2016 - 1.6.14 Initial Release
First release version of the app published on App Store and Play Store.

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