The WA Dhufish

Found as north as Shark Bay down to southern WA. This fish is one of the most commercially valuable and recreationally sought after finfish in Western Australia. Easy to recognise with their bright silvery to grey robust body, large head and mouth with a black or grey band running down past the eye. Dhufish are a predatory fish that dwell in limestone and coral reefs approximately 30 metres deep.

 Catching a WA Dhufish

During the cooler months between April and June, adult dhufish may be landed near inshore reefs and in waters merely 5 metres deep. One of the popular methods when fishing for dhufish includes drifting a floating bait of skinned octopus, mullet fillets or squid

Sport Value

In deep waters, WA Dhufish can give you a fairly tough fight on light line. They generally run hard and deep when hooked, heading for the cover of the reef


Medium gear using 10 - 20kgs main line. Use a snapper reef rig setup (paternoster) with long traces. Use No. 2 - 5 hooks and 250 - 500gm sinkers


Fresh fish strips, pilchard, hardiheads, skinned octopus, squid, poddy mullet

 Eating a WA Dhufish

Beautiful table fish with excellent flaky and tasty white flesh. Many anglers are quick to regard the jewie as one of the best eating fish in the sea. If the dhufish is handled well after landing, the flesh will exhibit a sweetness and creaminess not found in many other species
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