About the EOTopo Mapset

EOTopo is the leading topographic map-set for travellers covering the whole of Australia. We've utilised two decades of online publishing and mapping experience as well as user submitted & government data to build the unique data layers of the EOTopo mapset and to ensure it meets your needs. See further details on this page.
Created: November 2013
Revised: January 2018
Latest Feedback: January 2018

EOTopo Description

EOTopo is a whole-of-Australia topographic map that is perfect for 4WD adventures or general touring across Australia. The maps are available in various outputs, scales and file formats. Online users can browse, view, and trip plan using EOTopo Online. This is a free online map service. You can also view the map with an active layer of Place icons to see locations of campsites, services & other relevant POIs by using the Places section on this website.

To use the maps offline, we offer 2 purchase options:
  • The ideal solution is to download the ExplorOz Traveller App for your iPhone/iPad or Android Device via the relevant app store - along with the in-app purchase of the Premium Map Pack. This is a complete mapping, navigation, and tracking app that allows you to carry all ExplorOz resources offline on your device no matter where you are. Maps are fully seamless, with zooming controls to allow you to view the map and obtain detail at the most desirable output for your needs. Active icons on the map show over 80,000 Places sourced from the most respected, verified POI database for travellers. In addition, the app includes a public comments database for all Trek Notes & Places and app users can add photos, and reviews to continue to keep the content fresh. The app is fully supported with free in-app content updates via upon demand.

  • For Windows PC notebook users however, if you are prepared to use mapping software such as OziExplorer or Track Ranger then you can purchase a raster mapset of EOTopo at a fixed scale of 200K from here. Not compatible with Mac notebooks or Mac computers. Unlike the maps contained in our Android and iOS app (ExplorOz Traveller), the only icons on the map are Campsites and Points of Interest. This is to keep the map sheet uncluttered as it is not zoomable in raster format. This product is only available through our online shop - but you have the option to buy on micro SD Card, USB, or Download. Purchasing the 200K raster map set will provide you with more files than you will need but offers a wide range of map scales and formats to allow you to find the most suitable option for device/needs. Maps are provided in each of the follow file formats: ECW, OZF4 & MMR and require the appropriate mapping software system or application to read these files formats (eg. TrackRanger, OziExplorer, Mud-Map).
Please note that iMac, MacBook, iPad, and iPhone users cannot utilise this version of EOTopo200K mapset. However if you check the following options you can obtain a Mac-specific format that is compatible:-
  • iOS device users (iPads and iPhones) will need to purchase the ExplorOz Traveller app from the Apple App Store.
  • iMac or MacBook users can go to the App store and look for a free app called Memory-Map (this is not our product). That app allows you to select a range of Mac compatible maps as in-app purchases and we have teamed up with them to provide a specific version of the EOTopo200K mapset specifically for Mac users. Please be aware that the maps you purchase through Memory-Map are propriety to use within that app.

Hema Navigator HN7- EOTopo Edition

We have teamed up with Hema to provide an exclusive EOTopo edition of the popular Hema Navigator device. Available exclusively from the ExplorOz online shop, this special edition HN7 comes complete with EOTopo maps in addition to the standard Hema Navigator features/inclusions.

Other Navigators

If the device you intend to use the maps on is not listed here then do not assume that it is compatible. You should check your device's operating manual to determine if it has mapping software installed that will allow it to read any of the available file formats that we provide - ECW, OZF4, TIF, MMR or if the manufacturer provides a file convertor (eg. VMS). For more information please check our EOTopo Help & FAQ page.

User Licence

EOTopo 200K purchased from ExplorOz is licenced to a single customer by name, which is registered in our database. Each licence allows use on 2 PCs and 2 mobile devices owned/used by that customer.

Lifetime Upgrade Plan

Because roads and other topographic features can change, updates are required to keep maps current. We intend to keep updating EOTopo 200K and plan to offer new release updates at least annually. For this reason, we offer our customers access to an Upgrade Plan that will stay with them for the lifetime of the product. Whilst a cost is involved, this is kept to a minimum. Licensed users of EOTopo 200K (SD/USB/Download) will receive notification of a major release along with instructions/options for how to obtain the upgrade.


EOTopo maps can be loaded into Hema Navigators, or you can buy an EOTopo edition - that includes the EOTopo maps in addition See HN7 EOTopo Edition

EOTopo Online 2018

EOTopo History

EOTopo 200K was first released for sale in November 2013 and has since had 3 major updates. The most current version is Release 2015.1, whilst a Premium Map Pack was released in June 2016 as an in-app purchase for ExplorOz Traveller app users. Our next planned release for an update to the map data layers will be 2017.

Updates to the EOTopo mapset have been ongoing, with significant changes including the addition of most of the new roads that have been built throughout Australia’s main roads network since the last Government S3 survey, along with extensive road name labelling, refinement of text labelling and styles as well as adding the 'Shaded Relief' layer, road distance notations, improved detail to Vic High Country areas, major road realignments in Brisbane and Adelaide, addition of the 2014 Native Title Register, and removed many legacy data features and added newer data from ExplorOz Places database. The EOTopo 200K mapset also includes markers to show position of camps, caravan parks & station stays, 1500+ tourist interest sites, and 64 Roadhouses.

The most notable update to the EOTopo product set is the 2016 release of EOTopo Premium 144K vector-tile maps, which has been exclusively released in our own new mapping/navigation/tracking app - ExplorOz Traveller. ExplorOz Traveller is for iOS & Android devices. A big advantage of using the EOTopo maps within the ExplorOz Traveller App is that they are provided as vector-tiles so you have access to high quality, clear resolution when zooming in for greater detail - in fact the detail is 1:144,000 scale at full zoom when using the Premium Map Pack. In addition, the entire Places database of 80,000 POIS are loaded onto the maps so you can discover new places nearby as you travel. These POIs are clickable - allowing you to access photos, description, contact details/links, and reviews from other visitors. You can also leave your own reviews and photos.

ExplorOz Traveller is an all-in-one navigation solution utilising 3 maps sources:- Streets & Paths (© Mapbox © OpenStreetMap), Satellite (© Mapbox © OpenStreetMap), and EOTopo (© ExplorOz © I.T. Beyond Pty Ltd). It also comes with the full resource library of ExplorOz Treks, and 80,000 Places. You can also load your own POIs - by entering coordinates, addresses, dropping a pin at the current location, your press/hold the map. With all these features, you can clearly see that the ExplorOz Traveller app is the must-have complete mobile navigation solution. To get ExplorOz Traveller and the EOTopo maps - simply go to the Apple App Store to download onto any iPad or iPhone, or go to the Google Playstore to download it onto any Android tablet or phone.

EOTopo Updates

The following blogs allow you to review exactly what changes have occurred in each version update to EOTopo.
17 Jan 2018 - 2018 (Online)
EOTopo 2018 online has been in Beta since December 2017 but went to production today. This process takes a few days to load all the zoom levels but once complete EOTopo online will be a fully zoomable whole of Australia map to a scale of 18K (zoom level 16) - making EOTopo online the highest zoom scale of the product set. Later in 2018 this is going to be updated to a vector map.

Offline Raster Mapsets:

We have also nearly completed the production of the EOTopo2018 data for the offline mapsets. Release of offline EOTopo mapsets is imminent for February 2018.

Offline EOTopo 2018 raster mapsets will include raw map files in ECW, OZF4 and TIFF for download and will be offered in both a 200K mapset and a 144K mapset. Existing owners of the the older 200K version will be able to update to the Standard 200K Download for $20, or $40 to upgrade to the Premium 144 Download.

ExplorOz Traveller:

A new version of the app will be released to enable app users to access the EOTopo 2018 maps. App users will be advised when this is ready for release - expected February 2018. There will be no charge for upgrades to the Premium Offline Map Pack and purchase price will remain the same as currently. EOTopo 2018 online maps will also be accessible at the new increased scale of 18K through the app, whilst offline maps will remain 144K.
30 Jan 2015 - 2015.1 (Online, Download & Media)
A new minor version of EOTopo was released today being 2015.1. This update added a data layer that was removed from previous release of EOTopo as it was at the time decided that the 'Shaded Relief' layer would supersede the 'Deformation Areas' layer. A re-evaluation of the 'Deformation Areas' data layer was undertaken and a decision to re-instate this data was made. This update only affects the the 200K series maps and all other scales have retained the 2015 version numbers.

During this update a new import of the ExplorOz Places data was undertaken and the POI data both on the 200K maps and in the Name Search files is current as at 19 Jan 2015. Additionally on the 200K maps the POI symbol images were reduce in size by approx 20% this recovers some map detail around the POI's whilst maintaining good readability and clarity of the symbols.

See EOTopo Online & EOTopo Downloads.
22 Oct 2014 - 2015 (Download)
The EOTopo download service was launched today enabling customers to purchase the 200K mapset via download (includes all files contained on the SD/USB plus additional formats such as MMR and TIF). Upgrade purchases can also be obtained via download.

The all new download page also contains the previously available free files.

To access the downloadable files in the EOTopo 200K mapset simply purchase the EOTopo 200K Download from the ExplorOz Shop. The download links are time limited and tagged to your registered ExplorOz user profile and computer. The window will refresh after the expiry timeout to ensure your links will always work.
09 Oct 2014 - 2015 (Online & 200K mapset - all versions)
A major update to EOTopo 200K was released today - known as Release 2015. EOTopo 200K is available on either a micro SD card, or a USB exclusively from the ExplorOz online shop.

All customers with earlier editions of EOTopo 200K are able to upgrade to the latest version by using the promo code that will be sent individually by email. As per our Lifetime Upgrade Plan, customers can elect to purchase the latest version of EOTopo 200K at the discount provided and via the method offered at the time. Currently, the method offered to existing customers to obtain the upgrade to Release 2015 is to purchase a new copy on hard media (SD/USB) via the ExplorOz online shop (using the supplied promo code to obtain the discount), although we will release a download upgrade option by November 2014.

What's Changed in Release 2015?

* added extensive road name labelling Australia-wide
* added road distance notations to major sealed and unsealed roads (>1km with +/- 0.5km rounding)
* added greater detail to Vic High Country
* added roads to Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Darwin, Brisbane
* major road realignments around Brisbane, Adelaide
* added 5600 Camps/Accommodation POIs symbols to the map. Free camps (green tent icon), camps with fee (red tent icon), caravan parks (blue caravan icon), hotel/resorts (brown H icon).
* added over 1500 Point of Interest features to the map Australia wide. These are indicated with a camera icon.
* added 64 Roadhouses to the map. Indicated with a black R symbol.
* added the latest Native Title Register (dated 2014) to show boundaries and names of determined aboriginal land.
* removed many legacy data features & added newer data from ExplorOz Places database - these are all names & positions for Camps/Accommodation features, all Population features (Capital City, Suburb, Town, Place Name, Aboriginal Community, Station/Homestead), all Recreation/Point of Interest features, all Service/Quarantine features, all Infrastructure/UHF repeaters, and Infrastructure/P-Bay features, all Geography - Bay, Inlet, Cove, Beach, Cape, Headland, Point, Mountain, Peak, Hill, Pass, Gap, Island features, and all Heritage/Shipwreck features.
* modified colour & styling of all text labels to improve readability
* modified colour & styling of road lines

EOTopo Online

EOTopo online is now also showing Release 2015 mapping. As previously, EOTopo online is a very different product to EOTopo200K as it is a vector-mapping system that allows map zooming with a wide range of map scales. EOTopo online is a free use product and requires an internet connection. See the EOTopo online tab for more details.
17 Dec 2013 - 2014.2 (Online, 1M & 2.5M )
So what happened to 2014.1 - well we released two maps with this label being the new downloadable 2.5M & 1M scale maps. There was an issue with the Non-Perennial lakes and some other labels. We already had 200 downloads so it was decided to that 2014.1 needed to be updated to 2014.2 to ensure no confusion about which is the correct map. If you downloaded these and they say 2014.1 in the upper left information panel then please come back and download the 2014.2 versions.

As mentioned there are now downloads available of EOTopo maps in ECW, OZF, TIF & MMF. These are available on the EOTopo page. A 2.5M map is freely available to everyone, the 1M map is for existing EOTopo 200K customers - these maps have been released at 2014.2 with the updates mentioned below included.

2014.2 Updates:

Unsealed Roads: These layers have been fully re-labelled, priority, size, style and placement in order to ensure the best readability and ability to place as many labels on the map as possible. The new labels are done in black text and do not use the FOLLOW placement model - they use AUTO ANGLE placement. Priority adjusted to 8. This was updated and tested looking at the Mt Baw Baw area of the Vic High Country. So to see the results of this action zoom into this area on the map - use the Search system and look for 'Baw Baw'.

Airport Labels: The label min scale was set to 150K thus the Airport labels were not output on the 200K product. This min has been adjusted to 250K and the font set to wrap on space character with max-length 10.
Dam Walls: Name label added to output. Name field adjusted to Title case.
Seas: Added Ocean name labels at zoom scales less than 3M.
Lakes, Waterbody and Watercourses: Adjust the label priority to 3 to make it overwrite Reserve labels when there is a name available.

Lakes: Non-Perennial lakes were not appearing correctly on the map. This has been fully rectified.
Added label to MarineHazardPoints and MarineHazardAreas for Offshore Rocks that have a name.

Railways: Added abandoned lines and corrected label issues with name and gauge information.
02 Dec 2013 - 2014 (Online & 200K Release)
Roads Update:
4681 LINE item updates/additions have been made to the base roads data of 460363 LINE items. These updates have been applied as per the update grid image below:
Orange squares have been checked to 1:200K scale, Red have been checked and updated to 1:50K scale or better, Clear are yet to be checked, The Green lines are the actual roads that have been updated.

The main bulk of the updates has been main road realignments and additions in the capital cities. These updates have been sourced from user treks, emailed updates, stored data, online map and satellite sources.

The size of the text field for Textnote has been increased in roads to ensure all labels fit. Long labels have been re-worded. The Textnote field contains data such as restrictions, walk track follows, and other on-road notations.

Walking Tracks: A whole new Heysen trail route has been added based on the latest alignments. The base data was missing many sections of this trail, so the entire trail was replaced with new data. The source level accuracy of this added data is better than 1:10K. Adjusted font size max and line width for all Walking Tracks to ensure easier identification and ability to follow all lines.

Vertical Obstructions: Layer set to Title case. Updated output to ensure NAME and feature type will be displayed for elements that have a name. Affects: Tower, Lookout, Chimney, Mast, Wind Turbine & Silo. Removed duplicate titles from Textnote field to ensure no items are called "Black Mountain Tower Tower", for example.

Adjusted font size max for cleared lines. There was no max value so it was possible for fonts to get too large when viewed in EOTopo Online at 1:54K scale.

200K Product: The whole country and each of the state images now includes a full legend with scalebar.

This is a major update and therefore a new version of EOTopo 200K has been created. The latest version is now 2014. All stock in our warehouse is being switched over to 2014 and orders for the product will be held till the new 2014 stock arrives in the warehouse, which is expected 5th December.
As of today, 1st December, all customers will receive the latest version.

2013.3 Under the Lifetime Upgrade Policy, customers who have previously purchased the 2013.3 release will be able to access the new version if desired. Details will be sent to directly to those customers.
22 Nov 2013 - 2013.4 (Update)
We have an excellent process running now in terms of the updates. We are rationalising the user supplied data from UserTreks and verifying the accuracy of these routes. We are building a really accurate view of this data and overlaying this on the main mapping product and we are able to adjust the road network with a really high level of accuracy. Before the roads data is updated we validate the data against the existing roads network, cross check it with Satellite and street level data and then apply updates.

We have a new update key and are able to track the progress across the team. Here is a snap shot of the update work this week.
The key is as follows:
Red: All road data validated to 50K including all known names and alignments
Orange: All primary road data validated to 200K
Green: Road network updated but not validated to Orange level
No Colour: Well these have not been done as yet

So as you can see the whole of VIC is updated and this includes things link Eastlink, Mornington & Geelong Bypasses, the list is actually huge in VIC they have built a lot of roads.

I am loading this new road database and several other layer updates to the server tonight and will start a flush of the tiles but this is not going to affect the release number - really it is a backup measure for me to ensure work to date is backup up on the web servers.

The 2013.5 release is scheduled to go online still on the 1st Dec.


13 Nov 2013 - 2013.4 (Online)
As promised the task of road data updates has started and these minor updates (well the task is major but the result is sort of minor) are being released into the online product as they are competed. There are a great number of updates needed before the next major release of the 200K product but work is under-way.

All road names converted to title case.
Database fields rationalised to remove unwanted GeoScience fields.
Added new updated date field.
Set-up correct GIS environment to support road data management.
Converted the ExplorOzTile.map file to support new data select fields and naming changes.

Roads Updates
WA: Full re-alignment Forrest Hwy, Kwinana Fwy (North & South), Indian Ocean Drive and supporting nearby roads, minor realignments in the Perth City area.
NSW: Full re-alignment Pacific Hwy, Sydney to Brisbane including all new 2013 dual carriageway adjustments. Supporting side roads and minor regional city adjustments to support major update to Pacific Hwy.

These updates are now visible in the EOTopo Online system.

NOTE: Your browser caching may not push update all tiles to your browser as there is a 7 day cache setting so if you have recently used the Online system and looked at a certain area you may not get the latest tiles. You can clear your browser cache if you really want to see the latest tiles.
01 Nov 2013 - 2013.3 (Online & 200K Release)
Another few solid weeks on EOTopo and we have now released the latest update to the online map server system. In this update we have finalised the Geoscience data layers and installed all available layer into the product. One thing we found was the the standard filters applied to produce the NatMap products made some attributes and features not visible on the Topo maps. We have addressed this and updated the filters to support our production 200K series output desire. So you are in fact getting more data on the EOTopo than was shown in the Natmap Topo products.

We also increased the slopeshade display percentage for this release to make the relief really stand out.

We have also published a legend for the maps and this is available from the EOTopo Online page or if you want to have a look now see the EOTopo 200K Legend.

The tiles server is building the tiles on demand at the moment so some mapping tile displays may appear to be slow. If they are slow it is because you are the first to request the display in a certain area so in the background our map server will build the map and deliver the image to your computer (this takes about 10-15secs). Once it has built these tiles they are cached on our server system so that subsequent people who want the same tile will just get the image directly from cache.

Hope you enjoy the latest updates to EOTopo Online, all ExplorOz map displays will be implementing these updates automatically.
11 Oct 2013 - 2013.2 (Online)
Well it did not take long to roll from 2013.1 to 2013.2 What has changed? Well a lot has happened in the last 48 hours, including the loss of my master development copy of everything I have done for the last 12 years (thanks Skydrive I will never use you again). I was able to recover from several backup sources and as it stands I believe I am 95% back to current.

In terms of EOTopo however, I when I was testing the 2013.1 release I did not notice for several days that the palette table I was using (this is a colour reduction template to bring the images down in size and colour complexity) was the old one from the last tile set. This made the fancy new hill and slope shading look average. So decided to make a new template this morning and the result is back to awesome.

Whist I was rebuilding the template I decided to have another look at road labels as I was not happy with the labels as they were too hard to read. So in 2013.2 we have all new road labels using a different font, outline colour and size.

These are the main updates to the system and as at 12pm AEST 11th Oct the tiles are being rebuilt in the tile server - so for the next few days these tiles will be built progressively as people request areas of the map that have not yet been opened. If you see a pause in tile delivery this is most likely what is going on and it should complete the tile delivery within a few seconds so please wait it will reduce the load on the tile building programs.

Anyway hope you like the latest and most awesome release of EOTopo. TO view the full set in the new full screen viewer go to EOTopo Full Screen
09 Oct 2013 - 2013.1 (Online)
The online mapping server now supports the latest version of EOTopo. This new map set integrates the latest topographic map data for the whole of Australia with DEM Shaded Relief and ExplorOz data to produce the latest series of online topographic maps available for Australia.

Release 2013.1 includes the full unfiltered GeoScience S3 Topo 250K data, SRTM DEM data and ExplorOz places data. This new topographic map set has been designed to scale best at 1:200,000 and is customised to render on electronic devices. Additionally the maps have been set-up for the best possible rendition of road data to suit on & off road based travellers.

Paper specific data has been removed such as grid lines, map indexes and graticule's to keep the maps clean and free of elements that are not needed for maps used in digital devices

The addition of altitude colour, slope & hill shaded relief is a first in Australian online topographic mapping and provides a 3D look to a 2D map.

The ExplorOz Treks road network has also been added to the map set to provide the latest updated road network for ExplorOz supported treks. The treks data is supported via a dashed purple line. UHF repeaters and several other Places data layers have been integrated to ensure the positional data is as accurate and updated as possible.

Additionally the ExplorOz tile server that renders the data to the Internet has been updated to support the latest methods of tile generation via the production of tile grids on request. The tile grids are a 5 x 5 tile image that is then cut into the 25 separate 256x256 standard tiles. This method ensures the best possible label layout and a consistent colour blend across a range of tiles.

If you want to have a good look at the latest map set check out EOTopo Full Screen. This now replaces the base map layer shown in ExplorOz Places (and also ExplorOz Trek Notes, User Treks, EOTrackMe, Shop, and all mapping outputs) in topo view.
NOTE: If you notice errors, omissions or wish to supply any updates please provide as much information as possible and send this as email to updates@eotopo.com. We would generally suggest GPX format for any road data. Screen captures, or annotated images for any other error or omission reports. We will ensure that every submission is managed and added to the product.

Help & FAQ

The purpose of this FAQ section is to outline the different setup processes (and options) for buyers of EOTopo – simply find the information that applies to you.
Abount EOTopo Digital Maps
EOTopo is not an app - nor is it a mapping system. EOTopo is a digital map and data set. To use these maps you will need to have a device with GPS mapping capability (of which there are many options). Depending which device (and software) you use, the method you use to install the EOTopo files will vary.

If this is your first time using digital map files, or installing additional map files to an app or device, you may not have realised the intricacies of the process. Each device and mapping software option handles the map installation process differently, so the setup you need to perform could be quite different to the next person (unless they are using exactly the same setup). For this reason, you could get confused if you try to ask for help from other EOTopo users and hence we have prepared this article. Simply scan through the list of headings and jump to the information that applies to you.

When buying EOTopo, you must know what device you are intending to load the maps onto as this will determine which of the 4 options you should buy. The map files on the SD and USB are provided in OZF4 and ECW format, the download option also offers both of these formats, as well as MMR (Mud Map) format. It is most likely that one of these formats will be compatible with your setup but please check the mapping software on your device (or purchase/load) mapping software to ensure your device is capable of using one of these file formats.

Note however, that if you are an Apple device user, or if you wish to use EOTopo maps in the Memory-Map app, then you cannot use the OZF4 or ECW formats. Memory-Map has its own file format so please be sure to select the correct EOTopo product when you purchase. The Memory Map Starter Pack (download only) contains the files in a special Memory Map format.

All EOTopo products feature topographic maps in various scales and formats plus additional compatible waypoint files with over 80,000 POIs. A popular selection of these features (such as Caravan Parks) are embedded onto the topographic base map file, but to find all POIs you have access to refer to them on demand via your mapping software once you have installed the applicable files to your device.
Compatible Devices
To use EOTopo maps for trip planning and navigation you will require a device with either an external or inbuilt GPS Receiver as well as Mapping Software. Subsequently the EOTopo buying option that you select will also depend upon your device and software type.

Devices and Software Options:

  • Windows Laptop/Notebook (with an external GPS Receiver) or Windows Tablet - Requires either OziExplorer PC, TrackRanger or Memory Map PC

  • Android Phone or Tablet - Requires either OziExplorer Android, Memory Map Android or Mud Map Android

  • iPhone or iPad (Wi-Fi only iPad needs an external GPS Receiver) - Requires Memory Map iOS or Mud Map iOS

  • GPS Device with Windows CE - Requires OziExplorer CE (if not already loaded)

  • Hema Navigator - Is already loaded with compatible EziOzi Software Program

  • VMS GPS Devices - Is already loaded with compatible VMS Off-Road Software and OziExplorer CE*
    (*may be trial version and require an OziExplorer CE Licence purchase)

  • Mud Map M7 - Is already loaded with OziExplorer CE*
    (*this is not the current 2.40 version more details below)


External GPS Receivers can also be utilised by devices that already have an inbuilt GPS receiver to improve the device's battery life and GPS accuracy. Trial versions of many of the software programs listed are available for free download so that you can familiarise yourself with the program prior to purchase.
EOTopo with Hema Navigator

Already Own a Navigator Device:

  • Compatible with EOTopo SD or USB, The various models of the Hema Navigator run a custom interface of OziExplorer CE. If you have a HN1, HN5, HN5i or HN6 you will need to update this to the latest version of OziExplorer so that your device can read OZF4 files, the links below have all of the necessary instructions for your device model (this step is not needed for the HN7):

    Update OziExplorer CE on a HN1, HN5 or HN5i: Update OziExplorer CE for Hema Navigator

    Update OziExplorer CE on a HN6: Update OziExplorer CE for Hema Navigator

  • You will then need to transfer the needed map and name search files to the Navigator’s SD Card. As there is limited space on this card, you will need to transfer specific files. Firstly, find the “OziExplorer Maps” folder on the Navigator’s SD Card and create a “New Folder”, name it something like “EOTopo Maps”.

  • Then open the OZF folder on your EOTopo SD or USB, you will need to transfer the following files to the “New Folder” that you have just created.

    EOTopo 200K Australia.ozf4
    EOTopo 1M Australia.ozf4
    EOTopo 2.5M Australia.ozf4
    EOTopo 5M Australia.ozf4
    EOTopo 10M Australia.ozf4
    EOTopo 200K Australia.map
    EOTopo 1M Australia.map
    EOTopo 2.5M Australia.map
    EOTopo 5M Australia.map
    EOTopo 10M Australia.map

  • Then find the HNOZi Folder on the Hema’s SD, open it, and you should see a folder called “Name Search”. On the EOTopo USB or SD, you will also see a folder named “Name Search”, transfer the two files in the EOTopo’s “Name Search” folder to the Navigator’s “Name Search” folder. You can then use the functions found in Off Road Navigation on the device to load the EOTopo Maps, and EOTopo Name Search files.
EOTopo with Memory Map
The Memory Map product is available for use on Windows, Android and iOS devices. It is currently the only software option that allows you to use EOTopo maps on iOS devices (iPhone or iPad). It is important to note that the Memory Map software only allows you to use files in their proprietary format.

DO NOT purchase the EOTopo Maps on SD or USB, these files will not work in a Memory Map application. Instead follow the below procedure.

The first step in this process is to download the version of Memory Map that is required for your device.

There are then two options for the purchase and installation of EOTopo Maps:

Option 1 - In-app Purchase
If you have downloaded Memory Map to an Android or IOS device (or already have this program installed on your device), you have the option to purchase EOTopo maps in-app. This means that the payment and delivery of maps is handled by either Google Play or iTunes directly on your device (no need to connect to a computer as per the second option shown below), there is also no requirement to create a Memory Map account. Please note that this is only recommended if you are using these maps on one or more mobile device with the same operating system.

Option 2 - Starter Pack Transfer and Direct Memory Map Purchase
If you have installed the Memory Map for PC Software, or intend to use the maps on both a PC and Mobile Device (or mobile devices with different operating systems), this option involves the set-up of an account with Memory Map so that you can share purchased maps across all of your devices (subject to purchase of the appropriate user licence).

First of all, download the EOTopo Starter Pack*
(*Select the "Save As" option. Note that the EOTopo Starter Pack is a zip file, you will need to “Extract All” files for use).

Then follow the instructions found here (find the instructions for your Memory Map version in the list)


The below image shows the EOTopo Starter Pack Zip File, when clicked on with the right hand mouse button, a menu will appear to extract all files and save as an unzipped folder.
EOTopo with Mud Map App
The Mud Map App is available for use on Android and iOS devices (iPhone or iPad). This program only allows you to use files in their proprietary format (MMR). MMR format EOTopo files are currently only available with the purchase of the EOTopo Download product (are NOT supplied on the USB or SD).

The first step for set-up is to purchase the relevant Mud Map app for your device.

The next step is to purchase the EOTopo Download Option ($89.95 or $84.45 for Members) from this page: EOTopo 200K the download option is found under "Buying Options".

You will then need to download all MMR files from the EOTopo Download Page (you will be sent the link to this page following your purchase).

Once you have downloaded the maps, you can then transfer them to the needed device.

Instructions for Mud Map Android:
  • Step 1: Connect your Android device to your computer, it should mount as a disk and accessed via File Explorer.

  • Step 2: In file explorer, find your Android device and go to Android > Data > com.mudmap.android.mm2au4x4 > files. If the files folder is not there, create it (right click and select new folder > use "file" as the folder name)

  • Step 3: Open the app on your device and go to Menu > Maps > Import Maps > then follow the prompts.

Instructions for Mud Map iOS:
  • Step 1: Connect your iOS device to your computer and open iTunes.

  • Step 2: Go to Your Device > Apps > Under File Sharing click on Mud Map 2 > Click Add > Select .mmr files > Click Sync to copy these files to the device.

  • Step 3: Open Mud Map on your device and go to Menu > Maps > Import Maps > then follow the prompts.
EOTopo with Mud Map M7
Compatible with EOTopo SD or USB, the Mud Map M7 has an older version of OziExplorer CE which does not support OZF4 files. Mud Map do not recommend an update to the latest version of OziExplorer, instead they suggest that you use the ECW and .map files.

If you are planning on inserting the EOTopo SD for use with the device we would suggest the first step is to create a new folder on the SD Card and transfer the ECW and corresponding .map files into this folder. The ECW files are found in the ECW folder on the and the .map files are found in the OZF folder (there needs to be a corresponding .map file loaded for every ECW file).

You can then insert the EOTopo SD card into the M7 device and configure this new folder as an additional map file path in the CE program (as per CE instructions).

As with OziExplorer CE you will need to transfer all files found in the Name Search folder on the EOTopo SD/USB to the Name Search folder found on the M7 device (following the OziExplorer Data file path).
EOTopo with OziExplorer (Full PC Version)
Compatible with EOTopo SD/USB or Download, OziExplorer (Full PC Version) is a digital map viewing and navigation program available for use on Windows Laptops/Netbooks and Tablets. A GPS Receiver (either internal or external) is required to use this program for navigation.

OZF4 files are optimised for use with OziExplorer, so you will only require this particular format for use in any of the OziExplorer Software options.

The first thing that you need to determine is the destination folders configured in OziExplorer to source Maps and Name Search files from OziExplorer.

To find this, go to “Configuration” in OziExplorer, on the “System” tab it will display the file path for both the OziExplorer “Maps” and “Data” folders. From your EOTopo SD or USB you will need to copy the folder named “OZF” to your OziExplorer “Maps” folder, and the two files in the EOTopo's “Name Search” folder to the OziExplorer "Name Search" folder (found by going up one folder from “Data").


The below image shows the Configuration menu in OziExplorer, and the corresponding folders as found in Windows File Explorer. To go direct to the relevant folder, click on the "Folder" button next to the relevant File Path.
EOTopo with OziExplorer Android

Purchase Notes:

Compatible with EOTopo SD or USB, OziExplorer Android is a map viewing and navigation program available for use on Android Smartphones and Tablets. This program is not available for purchase from ExplorOz. To download and purchase OziExplorer for Android, please go direct to the OziExplorer Android Page.

ExplorOz have developed a custom interface (otherwise known as a "skin") for OziExplorer Android, called EOZi. EOZi is an add-on to the base program and is designed for ease of usability when using EOTopo maps in the OziExplorer Android program. At under $10, it's well worth it.

EOTopo Set-up:

The Configuration Menu in OziExplorer Android is found by clicking on the Show Menu icon on the far bottom left of the Screen, then click “Main Menu”, then “Configuration”, then “General Settings”, this will show you the Map File and Data File Paths.

You can either transfer the maps to the relevant folders as per the instructions for OziExplorer full version, or if you have limited storage space on the device, you can insert the EOTopo SD Card into your Android device and can change the file paths – for Maps configure this to the OZF folder, and for Data configure this to the Name Search Folder.


The below image shows the Main Menu, General Settings and Configuration Menu for OziExplorer Android. The Configuration Menu allows you to view/change the Map and Data File Paths.
EOTopo with OziExplorer CE

Purchase Notes:

Compatible with EOTopo SD or USB, OziExplorer CE is a digital map viewing and navigation program available for use on Windows CE devices. Windows CE is the operating system for many generic and branded GPS devices on the market a list of these can be found on the OziExplorer website. If your device has a full version of OziExplorer pre-installed no further purchase is necessary; if a trial version is installed you will need to purchase a CE Upgrade Licence; if your CE device did not come loaded with any version of OziExplorer, you will need to purchase the OziExplorer (Full PC Version) as well as the CE upgrade to be able to load this program to your device.

ExplorOz have developed a custom interface (otherwise known as a "skin") for OziExplorer CE, called EOZi. EOZi is an add-on to the base program and is designed for ease of usability when using EOTopo maps in the OziExplorer CE program. At under $10, it's well worth it.

EOTopo Set-up:

EOTopo Maps and Data can be transferred as per instructions for OziExplorer Full Version, however this program also allows you to configure multiple map file paths – this is useful if you wish to have maps stored in different locations (for example using external storage such as the EOTopo SD Card). To do this simply insert the SD card into your device and configure the "OZF" folder as one of your maps folders. Please note that only one Data folder can be configured so you will need to transfer the files found in the EOTopo "Name Search" folder on the SD to the default OziExplorer "Name Search" folder (found by going up one folder from "Data").


The below image shows how to navigate to the Configuration and Map & Data Files menus in OziExplorer CE, as well as the "Get Path" function that will allow you to add a new Map File Path.
EOTopo with TrackRanger
Compatible with EOTopo SD/USB or Download, TrackRanger is a digital map viewing and navigation program available for use on Windows Laptops/Netbooks and Tablets. A GPS Receiver (either internal or external) is required to use this program for navigation.

TrackRanger have developed a specific installer for EOTopo, simply follow the instructions found in the Installing EOTopo Maps to TrackRanger PDF.
EOTopo with VMS GPS
Compatible with EOTopo SD or USB, there are two navigation software options available on the VMS GPS devices.

The first option is VMS Off Road. VMS GPS devices have a “VMS Map Converter” which can then be transferred to your computer and used to convert the EOTopo ECW files to the correct format. Instructions are found on the VMS FAQ page, (scroll to the “How do I add new off-road maps section”).

The second option is OziExplorer CE (if trial version is installed you will need to purchase the CE upgrade licence). To use the EOTopo maps in OziExplorer CE, transfer the OZF4 and Name Search files as listed above for the Hema Navigator into the relevant folders for Maps and Name Search Data found on the VMS device or VMS SD Card.
Further OziExplorer Help
The information regarding use of EOTopo in the various versions of OziExplorer has been deducted by reading help files on the OziExplorer website, and by downloading trial versions of this software for testing. The three links below point directly to help files on Map Search/Configuration for each of the three software versions:

Lifetime Upgrade Program
The EOTopo Lifetime Upgrade program allows current owners of this product to purchase new version releases at a greatly reduced price. Currently, the discount is $75 off the shown price in the shop for the 2015.1 mapset, to access this discount simply enter the code:

EOTopo Upgrade

into the Promo Code Field when purchasing your selected format. This code is not limited to the format previously purchased eg. if you purchased on SD previously you still have the option to purchase your upgrade as a Download or on USB if that is your preference. NOTE: Ensure you are logged into your ExplorOz Profile when making your purchase, as this code only works when logged into the same profile linked to your previous EOTopo purchase/s.

EOTopo2018 pricing and details are yet to released.
Non-Compatible Devices
EOTopo is provided in the Raster Map format, and therefore cannot be used in devices that require Vector Maps. This includes Tom-Tom, Navman, Garmin and Magellan GPS Units, as well as most pre-installed vehicle Sat-Nav systems. There is one exception, the Garmin Monterra has an Android OS, so this could be set-up using the same process detailed in the EOTopo with OziExplorer Android section of this article.
Production of EOTopo Maps
  • A new MapScript program was developed by David Martin (I.T. Beyond Pty Ltd) to build tiles at 5000x5000pixels.

  • The 200K final whole of the country image is built using 37 x 30 tiles of 5000 pixels. This produces 1147 tiles and is over 80.1GB of GeoTiff files.

  • The 144K final whole of the country image is built using 50 x 42 tiles of 5000 pixels. This produces a staggering 2193 tiles and is over 153GB of GeoTiff files.

  • The GeoTiff files used for the raster map products use a projection of WGS84 (EPSG:4326). This projection is in most respects exactly the same as GDA94 and was chosen as it is the worldwide standard for Lat/Long projected maps.
  • These tiles are then processed into a Virtual Raster File. This is the bridging of each of the tiles into a single file so that it can be processed and rendered as a single image.

  • The State definitions are made using QGIS – an Open Source Geographic Information System. The states polygon vector files were built from the GeoScience base framework layer with a buffer set around the state borders of 0.1 degrees. This ensures that the state borders are fully visible on each of the maps.

  • Another process is then used written using GDAL - Geospatial Data Abstraction Library. This script cuts up the Virtual Raster into each state file.

  • GlobalMapper (a GIS Data processing application) is used to create the GeoTiff and ECW files. The ECW State files use a 10:1 compression ratio and the Australia single image uses 15:1 compression (this reduces the quality a little of the single ECW tile).

  • GeoTiff files were converted to the OZF4 file format (using the Neural Net Colour Reduction set at 70% and 256 colours) using the Img2Ozf program from OziExplorer.

  • The OZF4 files total 7.04GB, the ECW files total 6.67GB and the ExplorOz Places Name Search totals 10MB.

- Datum: WGS84 (EPSG:4326)
- Projection: Geographical – latitude and longitude

Geographic Bounding Box
UPPER LEFT X=112.8214505824
UPPER LEFT Y=-8.9737047371
LOWER RIGHT X=153.7385256655
LOWER RIGHT Y=-43.8423972383
COVERED AREA=15824079 sq km

UPPER LEFT X=140.8618525527
UPPER LEFT Y=-28.0574625534
LOWER RIGHT X=153.7385256655
LOWER RIGHT Y=-39.2984700000
COVERED AREA=1490991 sq km

UPPER LEFT X=128.9004800000
UPPER LEFT Y=-10.8658878240
LOWER RIGHT X=138.0990599969
LOWER RIGHT Y=-26.0986200000
COVERED AREA=1646244 sq km

UPPER LEFT X=137.8946600000
UPPER LEFT Y=-8.9737047371
LOWER RIGHT X=153.6987010041
LOWER RIGHT Y=-29.2789930169
COVERED AREA=3755777 sq km

UPPER LEFT X=128.9012600000
UPPER LEFT Y=-25.8963800015
LOWER RIGHT X=141.1028899182
LOWER RIGHT Y=-38.1607942767
COVERED AREA=1570545 sq km

UPPER LEFT X=143.7187423533
UPPER LEFT Y=-39.0984700000
LOWER RIGHT X=148.5984253999
LOWER RIGHT Y=-43.8423972383
COVERED AREA=214584 sq km

UPPER LEFT X=112.8214505824
UPPER LEFT Y=-13.5902843515
LOWER RIGHT X=129.1018600000
LOWER RIGHT Y=-35.2919118880
COVERED AREA=3983519 sq km

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