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Over the past 9 years the ExplorOz website has grown to an unbelievable scale, with the Forum alone, attracting in excess of 800,000 posts and currently holding 46,000 registered users. For many years the Forum has been run on mostly a self-moderated basis. Over the years however, this task has become too demanding for the small team of staff in the ExplorOz office. It was agreed that a new team was required to cope with demand. In October 2008, ExplorOz called amongst its Members for volunteers to join a team of Forum Moderators who quickly became affectionately known as the ModSquad.
Even though we have moderators, the bulk of the responsibility for maintaining a friendly Forum lies with you, the user. It is expected that all Forum users will read and accept the Forum Rules and follow these guidelines.
The purpose of ModSquad is to ensure that the Rules are not broken and to be able to take action when they are, however moderation DOES NOT mean "monitoring". In fact, our Moderation Policy is designed around the idea that the people using the Forum will alert the Moderators when they feel something needs attention - when a rule has been breached and a post, reply or followup needs removal. This is backed up periodic checks by the Moderators, but only when time permits.
To alert a moderator simply use the Alert Moderator button located immediately beneath the post in question. This will send an email to all moderators (via the address). Please be aware you may not receive a personal reply due to the volume of activity, however all alerts are dealt with as quickly possible. It just depends who is available at the time. This may sometimes give the indication that moderation is inconsistent, but Moderation should be seen more as a support role than a "policing" role.
Please ensure you are familiar with the Forum Rules and have read and understood the Moderation Policy... but above all - enjoy the Forum !
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