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State: Western Australia
Vehicle: no longer have 4x4!
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well travelled city born, from farming family. ex army Res. , lots of 4x4 , + courses. done tents, trailer-campers, c/vans x2 and fiat/jayco m/home. now have navara + jayco c/van. ( update: sold)
been east-west several times via nullabor. intend to do big lap. ( didnt happen)

WA born. Ex Radiographer, RPH 1973- yr 2010 approx. Snr and Occupational first Aid, CPR instructor, Computing Mentor,
Army:reserves, 3 yrs in ex commissioned ( 3 more yrs) : Lieutenant. various trips to NW, usually supporting 13 Bde via unit CP. ( Med Coy)
Mil veh exp: Unimog, G. vehicle (4x4) , parenti ambulance (4x 6).......
now retired, small unit and dreams of when.....

4x4 civilian : Mainly WA.Pinjarra hills, Wedge island tracks, Moore rvr/ Seabird, Pilbara, Exmouth Plateau, White hills + Preston bch, powerline trk ( mundaring) , Gnangara trks, ...............4x4 courses- sand(beach) and bush/mud. vehicle: Navara ( kitted) & military.

ARes: joined later in life. 7Fd Amb, then Med Coy 13 BASB ( Karrakatta , WA) basic tng, Medic-Nse tng, Nav,
LLOP's ( Kalgoorlie) , ROBC ( Portsea).......
AO- Pilbara. Deployments: K 89, K 95. both v.large joint ex. tng : Bindoon- variuos w/end ex, NBC, EN party, rifleman (qual) inc Armalite, 9mm SMG, 303, .22, Steyr. Navigation, survival (+ remote), RTP............etc.
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