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Unfortunately, car manufacturers don't always expect us to actually take our vehicles offroad - so when it comes to fitting out your vehicle for a major trip you replace your suspension to improve the ride so ... why not replace your seats? In this article we touch on the drawbacks of factory fitted seats and mention some facts about seat replacement.

Good Seat, Good Driving!

You probably sit on an ergonomically designed seat at work, so why settle for something inferior when you're out of the office? If you've never driven with a really good seat then you just don't know how good driving can feel.

Drawbacks of Factory Fitted Seats

Many vehicles come out of the factory with the urban driver in mind. If your driving involves long hours behind the wheel, or bumpy conditions then you will probably start to feel quite uncomfortable before too long, eg. Landcruiser 75, 76, 78, and 79 series utilise a 2 seater bench seat with absolutely no side support to stop you rolling around, particularly in offroad conditions.

Planning a Long Journey

If you are about to travel around the continent for a few months then it would certainly be a worthy investment to take a look at what alternatives you have for improving the seats in your vehicle. It's fair to say that any seat will get uncomfortable after a few days of continuous driving, but if the seat can be adjusted to shift your weight, even marginally, the effect can be quite astonishing - and this is one of the features to look for in aftermarket seats.

Facts on Seat Replacement

Changing seats in any vehicle is a serious modification that requires an engineer's certification to verify that the seat, base frames and the installation meet the Australian Design Rule requirements. Although possible to obtain yourself, this is often difficult and costly to arrange.

Ensure that the seats you choose meet all these specifications and will ensure that your insurance company will accept both the seat and the fitting as an approved modification.

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